8 January 2012

Quantitiative research Supersize me !!

What is quantitative research is all about satistics , tally charts , facts , and graphs so maps , bar charts , pie charts and etc , that show data of information but in statistics (numbers this can represent information with the main facts.)

Good things about Quantitative research !!

. It shows data easily with facts coming up on screen

. It can show reliable information with statistics that has been backed up

. It can show accuaracy of the data , that is true .

. It can be so much easier than loads of writing , it can show the main data of statistics .

. When statistics come up on screen they may be animated it makes more fun

. Reduces bias

Disadvantages of Qunatitative data !!

. Statistics need to be constant of updating because you have all these statistics on the internet from ages ago of random stuff that happened in 2002 , 2004 , and they don't update it to this year.

. Statistics don't show you the meaninng of feelings , motivations so an insight into that persons life.... It just gives you the fact information which  apart from that is as good use of source.

. The information (statistics ) doesn't give you much in detail as it is just numbers .

. It doesn't really tell us about peoples emotions , how they actually feel within a subject.

. It reflects there experience but not nessarrey of the subject .

Example !! Super size me !!

In this documentary of super size me it shows the people of America which the US is the fattest nation in the world. There is a voice over at the start saying "1 million people are officially obese including more 60% of adults." It represents the data by showing us a map of how many people in 1988 - 200 has doubled the amount of people are obese. It also shows us  kids who have reached the underweight staged and has now became  obese and adalesents who are 3 times overweight .More than 1/4 people in Mississippi are obese more than  25% population is obese . The map was animated so that shows a good way of understanding how many people so kids, adults who are obese with the colour coded colours, it makes it recognizable easily. It gives that fun factor in way.It shows a close up of a man smoking , the voice over-  "it is second into obesity of deaths of preventing smoking." It comes up on screen 400,000 deaths are associated with bad illness . It has an image of  a lady who is trying to walk but you can see how obese she looks. She is associated with a wheel chair so that kinda relates to the facts of the number, that people who are fat and who smoke will have some sort of illness if they carry on eating fast food. If they can't fight the illness then they are likely to die.  People in America visit  fast food restaurants so MC Donald's is a very popular one which 1/4 people have one for breakfast lunch and dinner well all day as it shows on this documentary (no offence though).  By having this all the time it can cause major liver and heart problems.

 In 2002 (law suit) few American people did get fed up with their weight as they sued MC Donald's .It comes up with this image of MC Donald's character which looks like it's came of a news bulletin or something . The quote that was used " Sued the Bastards" this connects to the audience it makes it interesting and informs the audience of what's going on. I think it's stupid really because it's there own fault for getting to a stage of obesity. They have a choice if they want to eat  fast foods  but they choose to eat them. So it's not really the company's fault to be honest.Well if they ate less of  eating fatty food then they may see some progress and not reaching to obesity .(No offence though).The next bit is where they show a diagram of a 14 year old girl and a 19 year old girl and it shows how slim they were and as they ate fatty foods (MC Donald's) they became obese . So the 14 year old girl - is 4 ft 10 and puts on weight of 170 pounds and the 19 year old girl is 5 ft 6 and puts on weight of 270 pounds . The way they do this is animated so it's like a drawing and it animates up from being slim from a young child and then to obesity where it reaches to large drawing . It shows a very good understanding of how it works of being young then you turn into this horrible size. Animation makes it interesting to watch bring more fun on screen . Then you have like images(archive footage with cutaways) of fat people outside hanging  around  out of a restaurant and shows the most popular fast food place is MC Donald's, 1/4 visit MC Donald's .

 The next shot is where it shows you a map of showing 30,000 fast food restaurant of MC Donald's over the world and over 100 countries which goes goes over 6 continents around the world,so it's very popular.  You  can see that it's kept to MC Donald's colours in the writing at the bottom of the screen it says 46 million served daily so all the American people visit fast food restaurant and it's more of the population of Spain. It shows you pictures of different MC Donald's restaurants  so in town , air ports , hospitals and etc so there everywhere you turn . Then you have images of  fat people , getting fast food which looks horrible I do like MCdonald's  don't get me wrong but it's very fattening the foods and has alot fat in it which I don't want to look fat as it can make you and it's not very good.So i',m sticking to my healthy option and eating healthier as it so much better to have a balanced diet and with exercising too is a good way to keep you fit and healthy.

You have the guy Morgan who is going to try this out by getting some medical advice first , he went to see three doctors about fasting. This is a research method of Qualitative research as it is do with getting 3 experts advice on their own opinions about the matter and you find out facts as well. He went to a GP .Health , blood , Exercise , walking experts to help him how it will affect him and waht will happen so like moodswings , chloestrol will go up hell gain weight and etc. , to find out the information of his blood , his health change , his blood , walking and that lot . So it shows you quite alot of good advice the doctors have giving to him for him to be aware of when he is fastening.

In this second part he starts his fastening ...... Morgan asks people do they eat fast food the man says "once in a while" , "how often" "about 2 times a week" , then he asks this young guy how many times he has MC Donald's he was like "4 5 times a week."  This is known as vox pots as he asking people when they eat fast food ,so this is research method of Qualitative research as is finding out peoples opinions . I think having MCdonald's all the time like the guy above says he has one 4 , 5 times a week .....That is bad and that will make you fat having it for breakfast , lunch and dinner. It will make you chloestrol and your blood go up so it's not really good aand you will see a change in your life my eating MC donald's all the time . If you have it all the time it will make you sick which isn't good and then you start to develop illness along the way which won't be good .... So a balance diet is good =)

The final result !!!

So after the binge of fast food after 6 weeks after eliminated super size got him and he had changed in the way he feels , the way he ate , his apperance slightly , weight  , blood , cholestrol levels and etc . So day 1 his body fat was 11%  and by day 30 he gained 18% of body fat and he now he weighes 24 pounds and his cholesterol level has gone up to 230 it went up to 64 points . His liver was turning into fat , he was so under national average weight of men, which is 22%. In this diagram it's well animated as you can tell how he started of by day 1 with him being slim and then by day 30 it changes to where he has put weight on so you can tell the difference in what has happened to his body weight . It shows a clear understanding of how it happened with the key information and numbers with the main facts of the change . He doubled his heart rate 2x .... he felt depressed and exhausted most of the time and  there were changes of his mood swings and his sex life was nil. He got massive cravings , but when he didn't  he had headaches. He asked the docs if people should eat fast foods , one was like "no" and another one said "it should be balanced diet and overall exercise and healthy diet." "It does cause heart problems and livers disease."( by the girl doctor) .

 It comes up with a news bulletin out of a page showing that schools have banned sugary stuff , this went around the world of San Francisco , New York and Texas.Detroit is now the fattest city in a America . 9 overall jumped up 3 places into the top ten. Now MC Donald's is bringing in a new premium salad  ....  So a healthy option which is always good to have instead of eating fatty foods.Then they have this new cheese burger called the MC Grill but it has more sugar than the cookies. In the cookies it has 751 grams of fat in them . This came up on the screen animated with the MC Donald's colours in the background with the cookie box of the MC Donald's characters with sticking to the logo and the colours . The colours are reconizable as we associate MC donald's with the red , yellow the big M and the characters. We see it all the time wherever we go.The new chicken salad they introduced has more calories then a big mac and 51 grams of fat . There 79% daily fat in take recommend....

Morgan took into 30 pound of sugar = 1 pound a day and 12 pounds of fat . You can no longer sue the companies for obesity as it is not there fault. In 2004 March time congress of the cheese burger bill it makes it illegal for people to sue them . It has pictures of fat people and MC Donald's with the voice over going on . By having allot of people going into MC Donald's they make millions of money as people are in and out of there all the time . Then at the end it came up with the captions of the previous interviewers of what happened to them . Morgan got his cholesterol and liver function back up to normal in 8 weeks. It took him 5 months to lose 20 pounds of weight. In May MC Donald's they actived the go adult happy meal .The voice over tells us the facts of the information with the use of diagrams , maps , relevant archive footage , where the map zoomeds into look at the detail of the facts  with the animation and colour coded colours . This information gives us Quantitative research with good use of numbers , facts , graph data . The open sequence is with the kids singing the tune song of MC Donald's which the kids have grown up with from a young age (child hood.)   MC Donald's is popular which everyone enjoys happy meals for kids because you get a toy with it  so that's kinda fun of it oooh you get a toy which kids love. The cartoon roars in the kids to make them have a MC Donald's .

Do they do it well??
I think they do do it well with the use of animation of maps , diagrams (colour coded colours) and drawings . It makes the audience want to look at it as it's tells us the facts of whats happening so the change from one stage to another . The colour coded colours shows a good way of knowing what's happening in each country and with the use of percentages and the colour changes throughout . It makes it understandable for the audience who is watching this and it makes it easier to read . With the visual element it shows you whats going on with all the facts that gives us the key information . The visuals are better than too much information as it could be to much but without to much information makes it easier to understand especially with the animation of it  brings the fun factor in. The use of images (archive footage) used  in this was good as it showed you America was well known for it to be fattest place for American people who love their fast food . It showed you how MC Donald's is the most popular place of fast food restaurants and that there is so many of them around the world over six contents that is allot . It showed you a research method of Qualitative research with Morgan asking people of how often they eat fast food so it good way to find out peoples reviews and opinions . It showed really good opinions , recommendation from the 3 doctors he saw with giving him medical advice and what will change of his body so it's good he went to see experts about how fastening will affect him when he does it .  I liked the animation of him from day 1 he was slim and now he got to day 30 to this fat stage and how his body changed over the month... It shows you what happened with the key facts is always good to show on diagram of what he gained , cholesterol and body fat wise and etc ..... Good use of archive footage's an cutaways. I liked the animation of the drwing of the young girl and the 19 year old girls as it tells you there height and the use of animation it soon turns up to being obese. I t shows a good way from being slim and turning into this horrible thing . It shows you have it works so I thought that worked well. But overall It was a good documentary with good use of qualitative and quantitative research .=)

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