23 January 2012

Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions!!

I think more adults watches thrillers  but teenagers too as it plays with your mind and keeps you guessing of what's going to happen. A thriller is good if your into action films ,crime so murders investigations finding out who committed the crime, mystery's are good if you like to keep guessing whats going to happen . A thriller is also good if you like to feel like your seating on the edge of your seat , so something that you don't know what's going to happen is always good which can make you jump out of your seat unexpected . Adults probably like thrillers more as it can be very much of a thriller , with the violence , adrenaline , the suspense of it all , the tension within the music getting louder and louder to that specific moment understanding , they probably find it more interesting to watch , they maybe more into a thriller than a teenage as a teenage might just like the action scenes like the car races , the speed , fast cars , actors , actress , explosions fight scenes really . The content can be quite explicit material as it can have some bad language used at times with the use of nudity  which there parents may not allow their children to see even if they are suitable to the age rating of the movie .

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