14 January 2012

Thriller Notes !!

Thriller - To make you think , keep you guessing of what's going to happen next with violence implied .
Mystery , Suspense , and Dramatic  Irony in thrillers .
Horror - Scares you with the more visual parts , so for e.g guts , blood , gory details etc . 

Narrative - How the story is told ( Story Structure)

Robert Mckee's conventions of a thriller

Protagonist - The person were associated with that gets into our heads , (good guy)

Antagonist - The bad guy to hurt and stop the protagonist

Suspense - Is to keep the audience hanging on , keep them guessing of what may happen so for e.g feelings of excitement or anxious of uncertainty.

Theartre of the mind - Is to make you think to imply creating questions for the viewer .  

Make it personal - Make it interesting , personal  to lose at the end to the protagonist

Protagonist must be at the mercy of the antagonist - so for e.g Bond films

Twist / Turns - Prizes along the way that the audience don't know .

Mystery !!

Closed Mystery  - Who the killer is ? so for e.g the game cludeo

Open Mystery - We start to know who committed the crime

Suspense is about holding back the viewer to keep them guessing

Dramatic Irony - Is where the viewer knows more than the characters
We might know how the story ends .

Therefore our focus of attention is concern for the characters involved

Mc Guffin - Is where it brings the plot forwards , Mc Guffin is a device or plot element in a movie that is deliberately placed to catch the audiences attention .

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