12 January 2012

Qualitative research!! - different examples !!

Qualitative !!

e.g , Biography , Interviews , Vox pots , beliefs , surveys , questionnaires and diaries

Good points about Qualitative reseach !!

. You can find information about peoples experiences so if you have an one to one with someone  you can find out a bit more about that person so an insight in their life.

. You can find out alot of information of someone in full detail with vaild information from their life .

. You can find easily acessible information so for e.g if you wanted to find out a bit more about The Wanted (boy band) ( I love them). You can go into a book store at pick out their biography and find out more about them . So it's easy to go to a library to find stuff out about an actor ,comedian  and writers etc.

. With doing an interview you can also go in depth about talking to someone about their experiences , feelings , emotions which can be a touchy topic if it's something personal to them. You may see their emotions showing when they actually talk about a topic which maybe upsetting so something that happened in their life .

. Vox pots is a good way to get peoples opinions about something , by walking up to them and asking something that you want to know about or ethier asking their opinion about the subject .

Diraries - Are good way to express your feelings and how you feel emotionally when its written down you intend to write allot, maybe to do with experiences that you have to face or you have done that have happened in your life.

Disadvantages !!

. Sources are subject bias , as the contenet may reflect on that person life with strong opinions of that person .

. It can question the authecity and credibility of the response given.

. Background information can be missing so for e.g the person may give you in detail about their expereinces and etc but may not give the actual background material as it could be a delicate subject .

. You can't really use qualitative research in statistics data as theres alot of information about a person so it be hard to put into a graph .

.  For e.g  if your working for the BBC , and you go and find information about a old person story  , then it may take some time for that person who is the interviewee to gain full trust on the person so the interview . They could be telling them something maybe disturbing to them and it might be hard to tell their story... So it may take some time for trust building to take action , this is the main thing to work on .

. The data that is given maybe in accurate so they maybe making it up on the spot  or maybe biased.

. You'll have to make up your own mind if you believe the person giving the answers (maybe untrue what there talking about .


Questionnaire is a good way to find out what people think of something, so bascially give their own opinion so for e.g the person who's creating the questionnaire might be selling a product so in a shop he want's to find out what people think of the product if they would use it, do they like it  to do this they would tick the boxes that are sustainable to their answer . It's a research method of what you want to find out about something by handing out as many questionnaires as possible to find out and gather information of what people think. It's good way because you can get different opionions about a product just an example , everyone will have different opinions to each other so it's good way to see how other peoples opinions are different to one another. Questionnaires are easy to fill out it will take less than five minutes as you just have to tick the boxes or it may have a  open question that might ask what you think of this product ? so it's given you a chance to write what you think of it express yourself if you like it or not . Bascially questionnaires flow nicely after each other so male or female , then you would have the age group your in ,tick boxes so for e.g do you use the product  regularly? This is a form of a closed question, so twice a day , once a week . often , regulary , now and then, it makes it flow in a good way because that what you would expect for questionnaire to flow nicely . Questionnaire you can gain alot of data which can be used as evidence if used for a project or something  you can show you have asked people to fill out your questionnaires by getting different views and opinions of finding information about a product .

Diaries are good way to write down everything that happened in your life, keeping up to date with it . It can be very personal to that person writing a diary about their life, it can show emotions so images can represent how a person feels whether there happy or sad it can show a visual element of that .It's good way to express yourself in a little diary like this , it's yours you can write whatever you like. When people are writing they feel they can write allot of stuff , sometimes it's better to write then tell someone how you feel because you can actually feel emotions inside you  when you read something personal about someone . It can tell an insight to a persons life of a story how it started , middle and how it ended so it's a good form of qualitative research.

Biography's are good to find out more information about who they really are , success , whats it like being in boy band, the guys them self more then you already know etc. It tells you a good insight of what there life has been like over the years. Some people can be influenced by them , so there music they can be aspired by them of there success and how they have reached today . It can tell a story just like a diary when they write things that have happened in their life and they express themselves so much which tells the start to middle to end . It's good if you want to know more in depth about the band . People find it easier to write because then it's out for everyone to get which they can enjoy and find out information they didn't know before which can be quite interesting . It's good use of qualitative research .


Here is another example of Interview that has been done by the BBC interviewer ( Nicky Triggle) health coronspondent  BBC News. Interviews are a good way to find out a bit of what's happening to the NHS and how the hospitals told to improve productivity,  getting an insight on the people who work within the NHS and what they think of this and is it possible for this to happen. Interviews can tell you alot of information especially if you get an interview with someone working at NHS hospital whether it's a doctor or nurse , you still get an insight in what they think of the situation and giving there opinions about this situation .The information giving is like an questionnaire but instead you are being interviewed by someone which you can give full information in depth what they think and can give you a good gather of information by someone answering the questions which the interviewer comes up with to give (expression what they feel about this situation. Interviews are good way to get more of a personal response , then a questionnaire you write in all down but when giving information so the interviewee giving it across it's so much better because you're getting an insight in what there saying and some of it can be quite interesting in what they have to say .

So with the BBC interview ( Hospital about inproving the productivity)
So a report by the Nuffeild trust higlhted a cost area where productivity can be made which the hospital has to go through the trust too see if they have enough money to improve on the productivity. They have to make a saving by 2015 .What they want to happen is a  full improvement on the productivity . So for e.g cutting lenghts of stay , more into case works on surgery side of work and improving ways for goods to be brought in .  Statistics are involved so savings can be made in HR finace , so 70% accounts . Report point of view says " to get skill  mixes right to try and limit staff working overtime so that will improve on savings so costs striking back to improve on the productivity . To tackle sickness rates , so staff being absent or ill they can't lose their staff as they need as many hands as they can especially if it's good doctors they can't afford to have them absent . We need as many docs and nurses who know there stuff to a professional standard. Between January March  2011, average sickness rate was 4.24% falling from 4.48 for the same period inn 2010. This is quite a bit it went down from. Use of Quantitative research with the use of statistics so figures.

To do this one person says they need to cut back on patients services , meals , canteen , laundry ,television rooms , and trolley service and etc . It's really a hospital where docs and nurses look after the patience when there ill but it's like a premium hospital so for e.g games , TV rooms , meals that the nurses bring to patients even thought it's nice to have these stuff but cut backing on this will improve the rates of these to improve on the more important stuff so medical improvement on the works of surgery and how to kill these sort of illness , and improving more than the body which they know how to do for e,g nose , knee , shoulder etc . Improving on bringing goods in that can help patients more in effective way to improve the equipment better .

Judith Smith, head of policy at the Nuffield Trust, said: "It is very difficult to justify cuts if inefficiencies in areas such as rates of day case surgery, length of stay and the purchasing of hospital supplies remain untackled.

 David Stout, of the NHS Confederation, which represents managers, said the Nuffield Trust was "absolutely right" to flag up the need to improve productivity.

Health minister Simon Burns added: "We agree the NHS should and can be more efficient and improve the quality of its services at the same time."

These are good examples of peoples opinions to get there own opinion on the matter they all seem to agree with  the improvement of productivity and improving services in the NHS in a effective way . So you can see that it will make a huge impact on the staffs lives and the patience lives to improve on the services that are in the hospital . The docs and nurses can test their knowledge and to improve on more on the surgery side of things that they are probably capabale of as they probably have been to medical school or uni to understand  the medical terms , the body , organs , how they work , the best operations, surgery and that lot . So they can put there experties into action which I'm sure they can do . If there real doctors and nurses then they can do anything really .Latest data shows that patients spend 7.2 days in hospital on average - higher than the international average and twice the figure in Denmark. Improving discharge arrangements, particularly at weekends, would make a big difference because you get all the alcoholics in on a Friday Saturday night and there taking the beds of people who need it most . So they should just go and sleep it of really instead of the doctors and nurses wasting there time on people like these, someone could be dying or needing there help more. Instead of having people coming in because there got bad cold , or there arm hurts or something that's not death threatening well if it's broken a bone or something then that's fair enough see a doctor but real illness should be dealt more something that needs to be treated .

How well have they done it ??
Well I think they have done there research good , it's got statistics data in there with fact numbers of information of savings they need to reach is 20 billion in 2015.We had an interview done with one of the BBC Respondent Nicky Triggle who has interviewed the NHS about what they think of improving productivity to get there intake on the situation that has been put forward. I think it be good that they start saving for the new improvement it be more effective way to improve on surgery dynamics , bring goods in that can be more treatable for the patients . For this to happen yes cut backs I think would have to be made , because they don't need all these premium items , services it costing them more for the stuff if they cut back on these then they probably would have some money for in the trust fund to help improve on productivity . So they should reduce the amount of these not necessarily get rid of them all but some , then they can think more on the patients on treating them effective way of treatments , reducing the sickness absence ,discharging patients if they don't really need to stay overnight . This would make sense if they thought about it twice and dealt with proper situations. It's good they had Qualitative research used to find out about the NHS ,  people who work within the NHS what there view is on the situation , so peoples opinions they all said it be good idea to improve on productivity so they all think it's best to do for staff and patients . Good use of an interview that has been taking place finding out information in this improvement of saving money, peoples opinions , saving money for the new improvement and cutting back cuts even though it can be hard in financial element within the NHS. There was good use of key information and statistics data that backed up evidence so overall it was good .

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