14 January 2012

Dead Calm notes !!

Dead Calm were associated with this women and this man ,

On this boat on a nice sunny day , his wife goes for a swim , she comes back all loved up cuddling romantic scene.

The women notices something from the distance a boat  she tells her husband .....

Then we get a high angle shot of this person on a boat who we don't know ....

We see the dials of the map of where the boat is traveling , radio for communication !!

This guy when hes rowing we don't see his face he's got his back turn to us so it makes it a mystery who this guy is

Soon as he reaches their boat , he goes straight down in the boat under deck he's sitting down we have a low angle of this and a high angle to the women and the man ....

The guy seems really edgy , mysterious , nervous , shaken up, we don't know who he is ??

The colours are vibrant colours.

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