23 January 2012

Thriller Assignment Codes and Conventions !!

In Bourne Identity at the start of the thriller movie we are associated with a character Called Jason Bourne who is the protagonist .   We have our handicap as he has amnesia where he can't remember things . Bourne is on a mission to find out who he is so his identity he doesn't know who he is , where he is , where he's going etc .

 When we first meet Bourne properly he is wearing a brown  jumper and trousers, but soon as he know the police and the government are after him he changes his appearance to hide his diskies. Where he is looking very smart , dark black jacket , black trousers , good looking , troubled and hes alone until he meets a girl called Marie .It shows Bourne's actions like it's on a time limit race against the clock as the government are after him as he used to work with CIA , he has killed some of he's people that he works with but he doesn't know as he can't remember . Along the way Bourne has killed people so enemies police , that have been set up by Conklin who invented the tread stone( governent) keep sending people to kill him (Antagonists along the way) .It shows that Jason Bourne is a dangerous man , hes killed people along the way ,he doesn't know what he is doing,  it creates enigma about himself of who he is and as we start to learn about his character we start to know who he really is and so does he  he's put Marie's life at risk , hes crazy , it shows he got a violent character, angry when people don't do what he says . The characters build up well because when we first meet Bourne he doesn't have anyone really , it makes you feel sorry for him , he got no one to talk to , but that changes when he meets Marie.

Who helps this confuse , amnesia guy Jason Bourne , at first when she first meets him which is outside the Americian embassy she thought he was a bit weird as he wanted to go to Paris but he paid her so not that bad . Marie young sweet girl , she talks allot but Bourne wasn't really listening to her at the start until she realizes that he has amnesia so she was like talking for ages without him listing ha ha . They soon end up in Paris , they go to this cafe , shes confuse of why he he doesn't know who he is .....Then they arrive in Paris .Marie is shocked that he has this apartment she can't believe it's his . Her appearance she just wears normal casual clothes, she goes to have a shower , she makes herself at home . She soon realize's that he is part of the assassination plot so therefore she has to change her appearance so diskies herself so it makes it hard for the government to find them . Marie panics when  this guy with blonde hair has images of her and Bourne and they travel around the city to escape from the government treadstone  . They soon have a romantic moment which you can't really tell from the start if she likes him so female interest in the protagonist which is common in thriller films everyone loves a bad guy . Marie then realizes that he is dangerous he kills people but that what he has been trained to do so she goes of with her brother to get away from the danger that he has created. Marie's character they she seems to get on with Bourne really well since they met .It's good that Bourne's got a friend but in a way assistant to help gain his memory and to help him out to find who he actually is . It's nice that she helps him out and sticks with him but when Bourne realizes it gone to far he tells her to leave to protect her really as hes a dangerous source . She meets Bourne again soon unexpected !!

Wombosi  (Antagonist)( American man who Bourne was meant to kill he was told to kill him on his yacht when he was asleep but Bourne didn't as his children were awake . He failed the Mission of killing Wombosi this when he went after Bourne to kill him which he shot him in the back twice . Wombosi is after revenge he is after him to kill Bourne as he tried to kill him back on his yacht . But he fails to do so after he is shot my assassin from his own home . He was smartly dressed he wore a suit , he looks scary , threatening if you push his buttons , angry , annoyed and he's black . You don't feel anything for him really he get shot soon .

Wormbott -
Is a man who is working with the government , he is so desberate to get Bourne in . He get's so angry that he hasn't got Bourne in yet. When he doesn't get what he wants he starts to go crazy . Bourne fails there mission to do so . But Wombott is the guy who created the treadstone, so the programe he was the one who trained Boune as a higly assain he is well trained. But soon or later Wombott gets one of his men to kill Conclink as this is quite a surprise you would'nt of thought that Womboott would get his men to kill Conclink . Wombott - he smart wheres a suit , easily can angry , annoyed over little tasks , he get extremely angry when he doesn't get his own way . I would say he is a protagonist , beacuse I don't think he wants to kill Bourne , he wants him to be alive and he wants him to be brought in from the outside of the world .

Government (embassy) Antagonist
So the government are out to capture Bourne , to track down his everyday move , because he escaped from the agency. There trying to kill him because The agency has done allot for him , Jason Bourne wants to leave the agency as he doesn't want to be part of  killing people anymore . So the government thought if killing him first if he does intend to leave then Jason Bourne won't tell the world what the government had planned to do. So it stops Jason Bourne from telling their top secret of there plans . The government are very smart , in black suits , smart clothes , loads of money  . There bad people as there getting the police involve , embassy , out on the streets to kill Jason Bourne from him revealing their secret before he starts to remember who is . All on hands on deck they have communication through the ear pieces to keep in contact with Conklin (government) they have weapons on them so guns for forceful action this creates tension suspense keeping you guessing of what's going to happen .  The government have allot of people on board they have the police , American Embassy team , they all work together , they look very threatening , scary with the use of their weapons on them as there in a big group with different departments on the case of getting Jason Bourne. The Protagonist is being used by Antagonist the government as they created this training program and  now their after him before he tells the the truth about the governments secret . Antagonists you don't feel anything for them there just out to kill Boune which is horrible to think of that . There getting all these people working with the government to get him but he fails there traps they planted for him . He's very fast Bourne it's unreal the speed it so realistic .    

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