23 January 2012

Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions !!

The story Of the Bourne Identity is basically about a trained assassin who is working for a top secret US government , he does his job well which is killing people so the people he works for . At the start of  the film we see this person who is in the water drowning , but we can't see who it is , so it introduces to theater of the mind where it imply 's questions of what the audience are probably thinking . So questions like Who is that person , What is the person doing in the water , what has happen to that person and is that person dead or alive . As we see him in the water we can't tell if it's a man or women so it also creates a enigma so it's a mystery of who this person is until we proceed further into the film . A fishermen spots the person from a distance , all the fishermen help him on board . Under deck a man lays him on the table and finds out that he he has got a bullet and a device sewed into his hip. When the man cleans the device there's a red light it has a bank account information on it. I think that's pretty cool to be honest who ever came up with that idea is very creative and its unusual but it's good idea . Soon Bourne seems very angry , confused distressed as he doesn't seem to know who he is , where he is , what happen to him he can't remember anything . So Bourne try's and finds out who is , what he is doing here . He goes to the embassy bank , opens up a box with money in it , gun in it , passports with his name on it but also with his picture under a different name .... So this creates enigma of who is this guy , what does he do , also theater of the mind it imply's questions for the audience what is the box , who is this guy , what does he do and why he has got two different identity . The government try and hide the truth about him and who he really is by giving him a  identity by a different name .

We start to know who created him so the government are after him to kill him . We start to learn that he failed his mission of murdering an american guy called Wombosi which he failed to do . He refuses to do this as his children were wake and so Bourne didn't want to kill him when his children are awake. That's how he got his two shots marks in his back as Bourne tried to escape from Wombosi (americian guy). Soon he meets a young women called Marie , he asks her if she would take him to Paris . He said he would pay her for the ride so $10,000 euros . She finds him a bit weird , but she does take him  to Paris .  He want's to go to Pairs as that was where he was brought up he want to try and recap his memory of who he is .Most of journey she was talking  away about her life , he wasn't listening at all I found that funny ha ha . But soon find  Mare finds out he has amnesia she didn't look that impress when she found out . When they arrive at the apartment Bourne doesn't notice his a apartment. Marie can't believe it's his apartment still shock well both of them really . Marie soon makes herself at home as she goes  for a shower .

Twist - When this french guy comes through the door on a rope ,  the audience wouldn't of expect that to happen ,you can hear the glass smashing on the floor, you  hear the loud noise coming from the gunfire which is very strong piece of machinery. It just happend so quick this is where the fast pace of the action starts to kick in as the french guy try's to kill Bourne. The punch up fights in this film are so quick very fast paced , french guy has a knife in his hand you can hear the sharp noises it creates tension of who going to get stab? . There instrumental tension in the music , you get close ups of them fighting , you can actually hear the punch noises that what makes it realistic to watch. Bourne is very skilled when he fighting with this guy. Bourne who is very fast , defensive shows a good fight between him and his enemy (antagonist). He's dead so Bourne is very dangerous source but he is trained to kill people and the people he works with along the way ..  Marie gets so nervous , she panics as the guy has photos of them she is confused of what is going on.

Another unexpected twist is when the guy is on the floor he just runs out of the window and jumps out weird but the audience wouldn't of expected that it was so quick  very bizarre. Then you have the action of the fast pace , police are after them so the car chase , adrenaline ,  this creates tension in the suspenseful music is created sirens are going off, whooshing sound of the cars , sound of police sirens , cars crashing into each other , losing control of the wheel , screeching noises , skidding noises etc are all part of the action film , it makes the audience think are the police , government are they going to get them it definitely creates suspense to keep the audience guessing of what;s going to happen next. The government try and get  him before it to late , but Jason Bourne is so quick and so fast it's hard to capture him .

 Soon he meets the guy Conklin and he asks him for some answers ,  of who is he , he doesn't know what he is doing , but he soon remembers after having a flash back of Wombosi of what happened on his yacht as he tried to kill him . Bourne tells Conklin he is done with the agency. Ambott is one who got Conklin killed he was in charged with Treadstone but now it has demolish and has been terminated .The audience wouldn't of expect that Ambott would of got Conclik killed as they worked together so that created tension of the gunfire going off . An unexpected surprise is when Bourne visits Marie in her new business I wouldn't of thought he would of came back as he had allot on with the government after him . Well films are full of surprises .

Make it Personal

I would say it's personal from the protagonist from revealing information about the government top secret . As Bourne is a trained assassin he knows the governments movements , information of what noon else knows . If he revels anything about the government so there plans of what there trying to do . Then the Antagonist loses everything what they have kept a secret from now. It does make it interesting I think as the government are doing some skill full stuff and there hiding stuff away what they don't want anyone to know . It does link in to the protagonist as he is a part of the program  he is trained which the government has created him to be very skillfull. No one one knows that the government has trained him to kill if anyone knew that that the government will be destroyed .

Mc Guffin

- I would say it has Mc Guffin in as it Jason Bourne does struggle to get him self out of a situations but he soon puts in all the action parts in it with the punch up fights , he is willing to scarf ice his life on finding out who he is , so his identity and what he does.  He knows the government are after him and he's willing to take that risk of danger to search for what is he doing , who he is. Mc Guffin is a highly device that is put into position to make the audience notice in the film. He try's to remember it gives us little hints along the way of who he is so the antagonists along the way which are out to kill bourne and he is very highley trained which he killed people who he works with and that what brings the plot forwards we start to know who he actually is . We have a news report of Wombosi that gives us a link to what Bourne has done  before , what he is , he soon knows that he is a trained assassin .

In my thriller movie - Bourne Identity-  it doesn't show that protagonist with the antagonist of seeing them die sort of thing so itn this James Bond film I looked at you have the protagonist who is James Bond , you have this villain so the antagonist who doesn't really like Bond he want's him dead . So here you see the protagonist at the mercy of the antagonist so protagonist is got to be there to justify the death of the antagonist to get revenge of that person so the antagonist.

Dramatic Irony !!
In Bourne Identity it does create dramatic irony as it does shows us more of who Bourne is . We start to know as the government , police , assans who cretaed him are after him . This where Bourne has amnesia as he can't remember what he is doing . He doesn't get why the police are after him as well as the government .Us as the audience know more with the use of his identity , passports at the start, you can see who he is as the film progresess.  We know that he is a trained assian , but he doesn't know who he is and who and what he does untill later on in the film .

Open mystery - When Bouren and Marie walk down the stairs after being attacked upstairs after a french guy . Then they slowly make there move downstairs and they see the old women on the table that has been shot but it remains a engima of who comited the murder ??. It creates Theartre of the Mind where it implys question that audience are thinking who shot her ? why did they shoot her ?

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