14 January 2012

different types of thriller's !!

With a thriller some people get mixed up with the two as some people think it's the same thing but it's not . With a horror it's to make you scared  with all the guts , blood , the gory visual elements, but in a thriller it plays with your mind , it keeps you guessing of what's going to happen next so for e.g the tension within the music , excitement ,  and suspense are the main key elements in a thriller that creates this dynamic .

What are the most well known sub genres ??
Well with  a thriller you get all different types of sub genre , that creates tension , the narrative side of the story , visual elements , suspense etc, but they all vary in their own ways but they still make up to a thriller of what you would expect anyway.

Conspiracy Thriller - Is when the protagonist ( hero , the good guy) , are armatures , or journalist investigators , where he finds himself on task , but then soon realizes that he has entered into a deep situation  where the protagonist has to confront his enemies , with the biggest threat to make a run for it . Examples snake eyes ( 1998 flight pan (2005) awake (2005)

Action Thriller - Is when were introduced to our hero's, who is therefore put into a dangerous situation and enemies , which they have to find a way out with all the suspense , the tension going on with violence so for e.g people shooting , fighting , with making you think of what's going to happen next sort of thing , in some films it can make you hang on so keep you guessing !! Examples the Bourne Ultimatum (2007) , Bourne Supermarcy (2004),  Inception (2010) , Bond films , Dark Night (2008) ,

Supernatural Thriller - Is when it brings something different of  mixed elements to our screens , with all the suspense , tension  and twists . Sometimes Protagonist , or Antagonist , may have like these super natural powers which may make them turn into a different form , so for e.g were wolves , vampires , zombies or even into a big fiery monster so for e.g Fantastic Four (2011) , Breaking Dawn  (2011), Vampires Assistant (2010) Legion(2010)

Crime Thriller - Is basically a form of both fusions of a crime and thriller will all the suspense , tension going on  . Thriller films are a suspense of  successful or failed crimes . These films main focus on  the criminal(s) , rather then the police people . Crime thrillers are also recognizable with psychological to it that emphasis into the action parts to create more depth into a crime thriller . These films include , FBI , murders ,  serial killers , robberies , chases and heist . Ocean 11 ( 2002) True Romance (1993) Outrage 1998)

Psychological Thrillers - Is which the conflict between the main character is mental, emotional  rather then physical , which leads into a violent resolution which can play with our minds  within the two characters were associated with . This can involve deceptive games that are going on with the two characters which can be bit confusing of what to believe which can re in stake that with not believing it that it turns out false in the end. This can often can incorporate elements of mystery , action and drama . So for e.g Memento 2000 , (Orphan 2009) Se7en (1995)

Drama Thrillers - Can consist of elements of thriller, so the film will be much slower paced and also involves the characters emotional side showing more emotions, psychologically , and maybe sometimes of physical . This will come with the plot and with it's twist and turns .Example The Interpreter (2005)    

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