14 January 2012

Thriller Project!! - (characterization) notes!!

Character (characterization) so cast

Protagonist is the good guy
Antagonist is the bad guy

So the protagonist is not aware of who is the actuall goodie + bady and the viewer dosen't know either .

Character - archeghas
=false hero !! e.g Memento so natalie

Handicapped = protagonist so the film Memento the guy Lenny as he got something wrong witth him (forgets things) mental

Pile Sheldon - Miseralie so the protagonist has broken legs other examples bone collector , real window .

Picaresque - define lower statues of a character so for e.g charming can be witty , so he can be put out of a difficult situation .

Unaware hero - protagonist stumbles into a plot consitancey thriller for e.g the awakeing , mistaken identity .

Unrealiable character- Memento so Lenny was unrealiable so flaud through the handicapped .(bias)

Antagonist - mental handicapped , stalker , false villian ,

- Govenment

- FBI agents ,

- Companies - congromerates
unware hero , find something out about the government

- Manipulators  - phone booth

- Crinimals = murder ,assants kidnappers so the film taken

- Absent villian

- Supernatural

- Handicapped )deformend ( mental )

- Anti Hero - Is a  main character in a dramatic or narrative work who is characterized by a lack of heroic qualities such as courage

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