25 January 2012

childrens drama - editing evaluation !!

In Adobe Premier pro, this is the software we used to edit our children’s drama. The settings we had it on dv-pal in widescreen  48kHz. We imported the footage into premier pro.  When we imported our work into Premier Pro we put as a new project. You go to File, then you go down you click Import button. It will bring up a box  so what setting so the format you want it in which I said up top,   you put the name of your group and you save it to the e drive and then you find your footage to put in to the project . At first we drag one footage clip to the timeline, so we can watch one by one and cut out the bits we don't need, and then we put it into order. That way it would look better so we can actually see which part of the clips we needed and which parts to edit. Instead of us putting all the footage clips on the timeline we just dragged the footage from the left hand side column and we would watch the clips and then we decided on what bits go where. We had to put it into order, we discussed what parts would look right, we put into order.

Problems did occur with the computers, they kept freezing, it was so annoying then we had to keep restarting the computer which was so annoying some of are work went missing so we had to go out and re shoot some scenes to get some more variety of shots, our files were like muddled up as well so it was hard to find the files, but they probably got deleted due to computer kept crashing .The title sequence we used was a shot that they filmed when they were at Netley Beach. We used this to create a title sequence which we used from 1001 fonts we were aiming to find like a pirate look of a title. As our Drama was to do with pirates. We were browsing through which ones looked appropriate then in the end we found one. Then we downloaded it in to our folder on E drive. The next stage was too insert it into adobe Premiere Pro but it came up with a yellow background which we didn't want. Then I thought of using Photoshop to get rid of the yellow background because Photoshop is a good programme to use for this sort of thing of getting rid of something that you don't want .I opened up our font in Photoshop I used the magic wand to select the letters then pressing the delete button to get rid of the yellow background. Then I inserted that into Premier Pro but it was coming up with a white background on the shot of the lightning affect this transition we used in premiere pro that’s where we put our title on that as it was our open sequence. It looked really good and affected .Then we used this lumity key to get rid of the white background by turning the numbers down a bit then hiring the numbers.

The title for our children’s drama is pirates lost in time. We  all came up with different ideas  for our children’s drama but we thought the pirates one was a good idea we discussed the pirates enter this world where they have never been before and they get lost as it's a new world to them there’s this a boy who has ran away from his friends but he gets lost in the woods We thought it be good idea if it could relate to children , so how being nasty to someone isn’t nice , it teaches children what’s right and wrong things in life. It hopefully can relate to children who watch this. The open sequence shot I thought was really good of Kieran, Claudia, Shannon where they have used a lightning affect with the electric shock sound from free sound which we downloaded to create the affect of them going into this world to help kids, with the use of flashing striking affects of them moving that was good with this affect we used. The tool we used was opacity tool to change the brightness of it the use of the lightning tradition to create this affect. This shot was also quite blurred as it dipped to black into the next shot.

The next shot we used long shot of the pirates with a voice over of Shannon saying one step put your right leg in and etc. To give it that sense of humour (trying to be funny). In the background you had the sea which was nicely set in the background which identity’s where they are and it sets a good shot of it describing what is in the background. Then we had a mid shot of the pirates on the beach dancing in a form of way which was funny, this dipped to white, Kirean who starred in was a good actor I thought very good. Then you had a shot of them hearing something in the woods then you have the captain talking "the only thing that’s going to help me go on around here is helping me find by treasure. That dipped to white. Then you had a mid shot of the pirates with like happy music in the background which then turns into a blur. With these clips we did edit it by using the razor tool to cut away the bits of people talking etc. Some of the footage did go on for a bit so we did shorten some bits. We did use the audio levels to turn up the sound because some of our footage you couldn’t really hear it so they had to go up, some of the sound was very loud so we changed the audio levels a bit. You get some of that screeching sound which isn’t too good.  Then you have a mid shot of the pirates as they hear something in the woods with Claudia speaking, which then the camera pans over to the woods where there is something shouting help which creates an unknown person, it works well with a panning shot which makes it mystery in a kind of way. You have this eerie music in the background of creating the unknown of the woods which makes it creepy with the help noises coming from the woods. Then you have this dip to black, and then you have like happy music to create a good vibe. We thought as a group it be good to have some chirpy happy music which children like it gives that happy, energetic feel.

 The next shot is a long shot with the pirates walking through the wood which is kind of blurred. (This is a behind long shot) the pirates are very anxious of the noises in the trees. This shot shows the focus of the characters and the detail in the environment their in with a full wide length of the background and characters. Then their was another long shot of them as you see them in front of walking into the woods and you can see their facial emotions as they hear something in the woods sobbing noises .Then you have a close up of Claudia with like sobbing noises coming from Adam. Then you have an over shoulder view with Adam sobbing against a tree. It creates a nice shot of Adam as Claudia and Kieran talking of who there talking to. Then you have a close up of Kieran which then dips to white with Adam saying in a sarcastic voice saying "Oh what's this then fancy dress?”  I thought this was quite funny when Adam said that. Then we had a side shot of a mid shot of Kieran as he draws his sword to him. Then you have a close up of Adam of showing his emotions that he is really sorry of why he was nasty to his friends. This is a great shot to capture emotions. Then the next shot is a side shot kind of mid shot of Shannon giving Adam the device to turn back in time. Then you have a shot of 3 of the pirates "Arrgh" with like happy music in the background. Then you have a mid shot of Shannon giving Adam the device (Kieran who is out of shot). For this shot we did use an transition affect of lightning of when Adam types in the number into device... We made the lightning affect brighter by changing opacity of it and changing the lightness of the flash which overpowers to make him vanish to travel back in time...So I thought this worked well with this shot. This then dips to white. Then you have happy music because they have helped a young boy to be nicer to his friends and he’s goes back in time to change back what he has done. Then you have a long shot of the pirates in the woods going back onto the beach. Then you have the credits at the end that run which dips to black overlapping each other. With the happy music in the background. 

The editing we  kepT to our footage at Netley Beach because we need that for the first scene because there not a beach at Fareham so we had to keep that bit ... The footage after that we had to delete because it was the same use of shots, it does look better with a different variety of shots it makes it more interesting then just the same shot throughout. So that’s why we had to re film to get some more different shots .The rest of editing got to be done 9th December for the final rough cut we've done the first part of edit but we just need to crack on with the second part to edit as it took a long time to sort these parts out as it was all muddled up so that took some time and then the renaming part that’s so annoying. So were going to get on with editing today 8th December the day before final cut this afternoon. Me and Shannon will be cracking on with that to edit second part with adding some transitions and cutaways to add to it. The transitions that be good for a children’s drama will be like dissolve and side away, dip to white and dips to black transitions because that’s what you would expect to find in children’s drama. We use more of variety shots in our children’s drama; we used over shoulder, mid shot, long shot, close ups. We did use dip to white transitions, dip to black transitions. We used these because there more suitable for a children’s drama. Dip to white is good to use to make a person disappear, and using a dip to black makes it like you’re travelling back in time. We wanted to make it funny so at the start with Shannon voice over, we just trying make it funny with the stretch movements, which we decided on together. It gave it some sense of humour which we anted in there. Also with the funny movements on screen dancing to make children laugh.  Which I think we did create added some funny bits sense of humour in. We thought it be good to film in the woods with a kid gets lost and then he gets the chance to change things with the help of his pirate friends. We all was thinking what could we use for someone travelling back in time, we thought of a device that could travel back in time. We were having ideas of like a box, device, magic powers etc. We thought that a device could be good he can have it in his hand then he can vanish with the use of a dip to white. This is good to use to make people vanish. 

The skills I have learnt are:
The skills were basically already learnt from last year because we used Premiere Pro last year so I’m quite familiar with the tools and how to edit and cut. The use of traditions for children’s drama in use of the correct format. The use of getting rid of something in Premiere Pro so by turning the numbers down with the use of the lumity key ....I didn't know that.... To be organised, to get things done when it reaches the editing part. Don't leave everything to the last minute as that’s not good to do, then trying to get it done. We weren’t very organised with our footage as it was like everywhere because we had some of our old footage on there from before it was so confusing which footage is which. I’ve realised being organised is very important to keep  it into one folder My input was, shoots some bits, editing, use of the correct transitions for a children’s drama etc. We had Georgie, Claudia charge in the sound but we all had input to that of would be suitable for a children’s drama. Shannon did some editing putting footage into order editing some bits. We all had a go at editing process.

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