25 January 2012

Ideas - Thriller

Black And White
Mystery - Man goes missing
Sound Effects

Thriller Ideas!!

Group !! - Sedtin ,Hannah , Ben  Me =) xx

Me - Idea !!
A guy has a flash back , of his life when he was younger - so when he used to drugs , and he used to get in involve with the police . He sees two guys selling drugs to these girls ... The guy goes over to the two guys ask them if they have any drugs on  them there like no , seem a bit edgy , weird ... The guy asking them about the drugs, he has a badge making him look like he is the police  but hes not but the two guys don't know that . Then he goes and follows the two guys , then this is where the fast cars ,action , police , tension starts to kick in . Then we thought how we going to get the fast cars , sounds a bit of action thriller , then a policemen to Starr in it =/ how would we pull it off .. .... 

- A board game so a bit like Jumajji , where a group of teenagers are playing the game , where things start to come out the board game , they have to do some missions to find out who the murder is. Then I was thinking it's more of a video game with the use of animation so not so much of a thriller . 

- A guy who has dream about his lost brother who he thinks is dead  , you see flash back of him in his head , you can see it disturbing him , plays with  the mind is he dead or alive??  

We can have a group of investigators who are at a crime scene , where there are people dead , who have been murdered, you get one person who there who seems distressed, vulnerable he cant remember what had happened so if he was there or not?? , or who he is it makes you think is he the murder or not?? 

Development on this Idea !!
 A group of people go round someone''s house, dress up party. A member see another person and recognizes them, Theartre of the mind is used by creating questions for the audience . Who  killed that guy ?? Why did they kill him?? Some one roles a dice and the lights goes off and someone is found dead. But can be faking the death, the mystery.Then we were thinking how we going to get loads of people we would need a lot and a free house well a big house =/ xx 

A group of people playing with legends/myths about conspiracy.Where one member dies at a time. Silent death. Then how were we going to create these legends and myths we thought id be hard to do =/ xx

Hannah Idea !!
A person gets given an item and it becomes a life and death issue. The person goes out and find information about the item, figuring out what it is and what it does. Like memento or abduction. 

Sedtin Idea !!
One day a person gets a doll, they love it to pieces for a peirod of time. Until one day they got bored of it and the doll gets forgotten, then during one night the doll comes alive and creates illusion where another member kills. At the end they manage to get rid of the doll and the doll ends up with another family. Then it was like how we going to create this doll we were thing it be hard to do then it's use of animating it =/ xx

A guy had a accident and end up in a coma. Within the coma he has a dream but he believes it is the real world. A series of event goes on and if he gets hurt, such as a cut on the arm, he real body gets a cut on the arm. Such as a test within the dream and will he ever wake up again.

childrens drama - editing evaluation !!

In Adobe Premier pro, this is the software we used to edit our children’s drama. The settings we had it on dv-pal in widescreen  48kHz. We imported the footage into premier pro.  When we imported our work into Premier Pro we put as a new project. You go to File, then you go down you click Import button. It will bring up a box  so what setting so the format you want it in which I said up top,   you put the name of your group and you save it to the e drive and then you find your footage to put in to the project . At first we drag one footage clip to the timeline, so we can watch one by one and cut out the bits we don't need, and then we put it into order. That way it would look better so we can actually see which part of the clips we needed and which parts to edit. Instead of us putting all the footage clips on the timeline we just dragged the footage from the left hand side column and we would watch the clips and then we decided on what bits go where. We had to put it into order, we discussed what parts would look right, we put into order.

Problems did occur with the computers, they kept freezing, it was so annoying then we had to keep restarting the computer which was so annoying some of are work went missing so we had to go out and re shoot some scenes to get some more variety of shots, our files were like muddled up as well so it was hard to find the files, but they probably got deleted due to computer kept crashing .The title sequence we used was a shot that they filmed when they were at Netley Beach. We used this to create a title sequence which we used from 1001 fonts we were aiming to find like a pirate look of a title. As our Drama was to do with pirates. We were browsing through which ones looked appropriate then in the end we found one. Then we downloaded it in to our folder on E drive. The next stage was too insert it into adobe Premiere Pro but it came up with a yellow background which we didn't want. Then I thought of using Photoshop to get rid of the yellow background because Photoshop is a good programme to use for this sort of thing of getting rid of something that you don't want .I opened up our font in Photoshop I used the magic wand to select the letters then pressing the delete button to get rid of the yellow background. Then I inserted that into Premier Pro but it was coming up with a white background on the shot of the lightning affect this transition we used in premiere pro that’s where we put our title on that as it was our open sequence. It looked really good and affected .Then we used this lumity key to get rid of the white background by turning the numbers down a bit then hiring the numbers.

The title for our children’s drama is pirates lost in time. We  all came up with different ideas  for our children’s drama but we thought the pirates one was a good idea we discussed the pirates enter this world where they have never been before and they get lost as it's a new world to them there’s this a boy who has ran away from his friends but he gets lost in the woods We thought it be good idea if it could relate to children , so how being nasty to someone isn’t nice , it teaches children what’s right and wrong things in life. It hopefully can relate to children who watch this. The open sequence shot I thought was really good of Kieran, Claudia, Shannon where they have used a lightning affect with the electric shock sound from free sound which we downloaded to create the affect of them going into this world to help kids, with the use of flashing striking affects of them moving that was good with this affect we used. The tool we used was opacity tool to change the brightness of it the use of the lightning tradition to create this affect. This shot was also quite blurred as it dipped to black into the next shot.

The next shot we used long shot of the pirates with a voice over of Shannon saying one step put your right leg in and etc. To give it that sense of humour (trying to be funny). In the background you had the sea which was nicely set in the background which identity’s where they are and it sets a good shot of it describing what is in the background. Then we had a mid shot of the pirates on the beach dancing in a form of way which was funny, this dipped to white, Kirean who starred in was a good actor I thought very good. Then you had a shot of them hearing something in the woods then you have the captain talking "the only thing that’s going to help me go on around here is helping me find by treasure. That dipped to white. Then you had a mid shot of the pirates with like happy music in the background which then turns into a blur. With these clips we did edit it by using the razor tool to cut away the bits of people talking etc. Some of the footage did go on for a bit so we did shorten some bits. We did use the audio levels to turn up the sound because some of our footage you couldn’t really hear it so they had to go up, some of the sound was very loud so we changed the audio levels a bit. You get some of that screeching sound which isn’t too good.  Then you have a mid shot of the pirates as they hear something in the woods with Claudia speaking, which then the camera pans over to the woods where there is something shouting help which creates an unknown person, it works well with a panning shot which makes it mystery in a kind of way. You have this eerie music in the background of creating the unknown of the woods which makes it creepy with the help noises coming from the woods. Then you have this dip to black, and then you have like happy music to create a good vibe. We thought as a group it be good to have some chirpy happy music which children like it gives that happy, energetic feel.

 The next shot is a long shot with the pirates walking through the wood which is kind of blurred. (This is a behind long shot) the pirates are very anxious of the noises in the trees. This shot shows the focus of the characters and the detail in the environment their in with a full wide length of the background and characters. Then their was another long shot of them as you see them in front of walking into the woods and you can see their facial emotions as they hear something in the woods sobbing noises .Then you have a close up of Claudia with like sobbing noises coming from Adam. Then you have an over shoulder view with Adam sobbing against a tree. It creates a nice shot of Adam as Claudia and Kieran talking of who there talking to. Then you have a close up of Kieran which then dips to white with Adam saying in a sarcastic voice saying "Oh what's this then fancy dress?”  I thought this was quite funny when Adam said that. Then we had a side shot of a mid shot of Kieran as he draws his sword to him. Then you have a close up of Adam of showing his emotions that he is really sorry of why he was nasty to his friends. This is a great shot to capture emotions. Then the next shot is a side shot kind of mid shot of Shannon giving Adam the device to turn back in time. Then you have a shot of 3 of the pirates "Arrgh" with like happy music in the background. Then you have a mid shot of Shannon giving Adam the device (Kieran who is out of shot). For this shot we did use an transition affect of lightning of when Adam types in the number into device... We made the lightning affect brighter by changing opacity of it and changing the lightness of the flash which overpowers to make him vanish to travel back in time...So I thought this worked well with this shot. This then dips to white. Then you have happy music because they have helped a young boy to be nicer to his friends and he’s goes back in time to change back what he has done. Then you have a long shot of the pirates in the woods going back onto the beach. Then you have the credits at the end that run which dips to black overlapping each other. With the happy music in the background. 

The editing we  kepT to our footage at Netley Beach because we need that for the first scene because there not a beach at Fareham so we had to keep that bit ... The footage after that we had to delete because it was the same use of shots, it does look better with a different variety of shots it makes it more interesting then just the same shot throughout. So that’s why we had to re film to get some more different shots .The rest of editing got to be done 9th December for the final rough cut we've done the first part of edit but we just need to crack on with the second part to edit as it took a long time to sort these parts out as it was all muddled up so that took some time and then the renaming part that’s so annoying. So were going to get on with editing today 8th December the day before final cut this afternoon. Me and Shannon will be cracking on with that to edit second part with adding some transitions and cutaways to add to it. The transitions that be good for a children’s drama will be like dissolve and side away, dip to white and dips to black transitions because that’s what you would expect to find in children’s drama. We use more of variety shots in our children’s drama; we used over shoulder, mid shot, long shot, close ups. We did use dip to white transitions, dip to black transitions. We used these because there more suitable for a children’s drama. Dip to white is good to use to make a person disappear, and using a dip to black makes it like you’re travelling back in time. We wanted to make it funny so at the start with Shannon voice over, we just trying make it funny with the stretch movements, which we decided on together. It gave it some sense of humour which we anted in there. Also with the funny movements on screen dancing to make children laugh.  Which I think we did create added some funny bits sense of humour in. We thought it be good to film in the woods with a kid gets lost and then he gets the chance to change things with the help of his pirate friends. We all was thinking what could we use for someone travelling back in time, we thought of a device that could travel back in time. We were having ideas of like a box, device, magic powers etc. We thought that a device could be good he can have it in his hand then he can vanish with the use of a dip to white. This is good to use to make people vanish. 

The skills I have learnt are:
The skills were basically already learnt from last year because we used Premiere Pro last year so I’m quite familiar with the tools and how to edit and cut. The use of traditions for children’s drama in use of the correct format. The use of getting rid of something in Premiere Pro so by turning the numbers down with the use of the lumity key ....I didn't know that.... To be organised, to get things done when it reaches the editing part. Don't leave everything to the last minute as that’s not good to do, then trying to get it done. We weren’t very organised with our footage as it was like everywhere because we had some of our old footage on there from before it was so confusing which footage is which. I’ve realised being organised is very important to keep  it into one folder My input was, shoots some bits, editing, use of the correct transitions for a children’s drama etc. We had Georgie, Claudia charge in the sound but we all had input to that of would be suitable for a children’s drama. Shannon did some editing putting footage into order editing some bits. We all had a go at editing process.

23 January 2012

Thriller Assignment Codes and Conventions !!

In Bourne Identity at the start of the thriller movie we are associated with a character Called Jason Bourne who is the protagonist .   We have our handicap as he has amnesia where he can't remember things . Bourne is on a mission to find out who he is so his identity he doesn't know who he is , where he is , where he's going etc .

 When we first meet Bourne properly he is wearing a brown  jumper and trousers, but soon as he know the police and the government are after him he changes his appearance to hide his diskies. Where he is looking very smart , dark black jacket , black trousers , good looking , troubled and hes alone until he meets a girl called Marie .It shows Bourne's actions like it's on a time limit race against the clock as the government are after him as he used to work with CIA , he has killed some of he's people that he works with but he doesn't know as he can't remember . Along the way Bourne has killed people so enemies police , that have been set up by Conklin who invented the tread stone( governent) keep sending people to kill him (Antagonists along the way) .It shows that Jason Bourne is a dangerous man , hes killed people along the way ,he doesn't know what he is doing,  it creates enigma about himself of who he is and as we start to learn about his character we start to know who he really is and so does he  he's put Marie's life at risk , hes crazy , it shows he got a violent character, angry when people don't do what he says . The characters build up well because when we first meet Bourne he doesn't have anyone really , it makes you feel sorry for him , he got no one to talk to , but that changes when he meets Marie.

Who helps this confuse , amnesia guy Jason Bourne , at first when she first meets him which is outside the Americian embassy she thought he was a bit weird as he wanted to go to Paris but he paid her so not that bad . Marie young sweet girl , she talks allot but Bourne wasn't really listening to her at the start until she realizes that he has amnesia so she was like talking for ages without him listing ha ha . They soon end up in Paris , they go to this cafe , shes confuse of why he he doesn't know who he is .....Then they arrive in Paris .Marie is shocked that he has this apartment she can't believe it's his . Her appearance she just wears normal casual clothes, she goes to have a shower , she makes herself at home . She soon realize's that he is part of the assassination plot so therefore she has to change her appearance so diskies herself so it makes it hard for the government to find them . Marie panics when  this guy with blonde hair has images of her and Bourne and they travel around the city to escape from the government treadstone  . They soon have a romantic moment which you can't really tell from the start if she likes him so female interest in the protagonist which is common in thriller films everyone loves a bad guy . Marie then realizes that he is dangerous he kills people but that what he has been trained to do so she goes of with her brother to get away from the danger that he has created. Marie's character they she seems to get on with Bourne really well since they met .It's good that Bourne's got a friend but in a way assistant to help gain his memory and to help him out to find who he actually is . It's nice that she helps him out and sticks with him but when Bourne realizes it gone to far he tells her to leave to protect her really as hes a dangerous source . She meets Bourne again soon unexpected !!

Wombosi  (Antagonist)( American man who Bourne was meant to kill he was told to kill him on his yacht when he was asleep but Bourne didn't as his children were awake . He failed the Mission of killing Wombosi this when he went after Bourne to kill him which he shot him in the back twice . Wombosi is after revenge he is after him to kill Bourne as he tried to kill him back on his yacht . But he fails to do so after he is shot my assassin from his own home . He was smartly dressed he wore a suit , he looks scary , threatening if you push his buttons , angry , annoyed and he's black . You don't feel anything for him really he get shot soon .

Wormbott -
Is a man who is working with the government , he is so desberate to get Bourne in . He get's so angry that he hasn't got Bourne in yet. When he doesn't get what he wants he starts to go crazy . Bourne fails there mission to do so . But Wombott is the guy who created the treadstone, so the programe he was the one who trained Boune as a higly assain he is well trained. But soon or later Wombott gets one of his men to kill Conclink as this is quite a surprise you would'nt of thought that Womboott would get his men to kill Conclink . Wombott - he smart wheres a suit , easily can angry , annoyed over little tasks , he get extremely angry when he doesn't get his own way . I would say he is a protagonist , beacuse I don't think he wants to kill Bourne , he wants him to be alive and he wants him to be brought in from the outside of the world .

Government (embassy) Antagonist
So the government are out to capture Bourne , to track down his everyday move , because he escaped from the agency. There trying to kill him because The agency has done allot for him , Jason Bourne wants to leave the agency as he doesn't want to be part of  killing people anymore . So the government thought if killing him first if he does intend to leave then Jason Bourne won't tell the world what the government had planned to do. So it stops Jason Bourne from telling their top secret of there plans . The government are very smart , in black suits , smart clothes , loads of money  . There bad people as there getting the police involve , embassy , out on the streets to kill Jason Bourne from him revealing their secret before he starts to remember who is . All on hands on deck they have communication through the ear pieces to keep in contact with Conklin (government) they have weapons on them so guns for forceful action this creates tension suspense keeping you guessing of what's going to happen .  The government have allot of people on board they have the police , American Embassy team , they all work together , they look very threatening , scary with the use of their weapons on them as there in a big group with different departments on the case of getting Jason Bourne. The Protagonist is being used by Antagonist the government as they created this training program and  now their after him before he tells the the truth about the governments secret . Antagonists you don't feel anything for them there just out to kill Boune which is horrible to think of that . There getting all these people working with the government to get him but he fails there traps they planted for him . He's very fast Bourne it's unreal the speed it so realistic .    

Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions !!

Form !!

Bourne Identity is a sub-genre of a thriller with all the action pack , government , agents , guns , police chase , fast cars , explosions , identity , fall in love , adds suspense , tension etc

cinematography can show a real in sight into film with the camera movement and structure of how film is successful it shows the meaning of film more . There are allot of different shot used in the Bourne Identity which I have explained below and what there used for . Most common shots are , point of view , over shoulder shot , close ups , mid shot , long shots , low angle , high angles , panning and etc .It shows you the depth of the film with all the different camera angles used . It makes it interesting to watch when different camera shots are used makes the audience interpitate more from it and get a whole perspective from different points of views from the camera angles . A long shot has more dramatic power on a large theater screen but when your watch in on TV it creates a less powerful shot .

Background lightning - it shows separation into the subject and the background , the light is in a lower intensity , At the start you get the thunder , lightning , the wind whooshing away , the color very dark blue that when you see the body  (Bourne) in the Meditterian sea. The music is very instrumental music then use of rhythmic music to create tension and suspense  .When Bourne steps of the boat the colors turn to a dull grey it creates that late 90s look where the colours have bben washed away with the use of the rain and the thunder ,Bourne he just so confuse . Low lightning in the basement where it's all yellow to distinguish the darkness from the outside .  You have the bright lights from outside and inside the interior of the buildings.You have a nice panning shot of the blue sea looks freshly clean. Fast pace of the rock music with black lines of the credits so at the end of the film like it a enigma so a mystery with the lines going up and down sort of way . Use of bright colors in the interiors of buildings you had the red carpet so swirling view from the camera angle . Point of view shots of from character point of view of the bright lights ahead from the car that created soft instrumental music. You have dim light of the laterns , when Boffot gets one of his men to kill Conklick killed the lightning is vey dark as like on a side road . the guy looks very scary , tall , dark hair . You get behind shot of the guy where he triggers of with his fire gunfire you can see the fast power from the gun he is dead .

Mood lightning - it is related to the still photography where it is creative ,You have the agency Virginia that was a still image giving you full detail in the perspective of the building this was a long shot view , you had long shots of the boat , you get a nice still image of the blue sea long shot again with instrumental music .
You have still image of the sun and the building with two contrasting colors so yellow and orange , it makes it really bright , and makes you feel happy as the sun is shining . It makes it more appealing from a distance .You have a dim light from outside the apartment this is where Konclick is about to get killed , it creates dramatic tension , suspense with the silence  It makes the audience think what's going to happen. You can have a still image of Paris at night with lights from the streets and lanterns it makes it look so beautiful to look at from a distance, You have a nice shot of Eamon's house Marie's brother , where it's silhouetted into the dark with dark blue colors creates that dark spooky feeling .

ファイル:Capitol building over reflecting pool - desc-long shot - from-DC1.jpg This shows an example of what a long shot is!!Giving you full view of background foreground with giving you a nice shot of the subject what you are focus on .  Giving you full detail in the perspective of the image . You have the interior of the building with the use of the building reflecting over the  pool . You have light calm blue sky in the background which sets it of a good long shot .  

 - This is an example I just used to explain what a close up is, which gives you a good focous on the detail where it's tightely framed of the body of what is going on .

  Low angle is where you see the small detail into the action ,  it gives you sense of confusion of what's going . It can make people look poweful .

 High angle it gives you more depth of an interior - here this image is a bulding you can get the full adjustment of lines perspective of the building .

 - this example of a  extreme close up - further depth into the detail of flower or anthing that is extreme close up.

 - Over Shoulder View shot - is most common when you see people talkingto each other so you get the full coversation of the people talking which changes overview shoulder when someone else is talking .

 This is an example of a panning shot , from right to left to give you a full frame of the subject so the motion of the vechile.

 example of point of view shot so from the persons point of view so what there actually looking at from there perspective .

This shows a twirling shot of the stairs , it gives you depth from a low angle but not as powerful it creates twirling look from the camera . Which creates a good look in a spiral way .

 Mid shot - gives you a shot of the waist and the face by leaving out the feet , by concertrating on the action that can happen in a image or it focus on the background and the girl as well . It's a good way to indtroduce your people and the subject your focousing on .

The layout and the structure of it the lighting for the opening sequence was quite dull blue of the sea , you had a good long shot of the sea and the boat you can see the shimmering affect of the water glistering . This shows good depth into the water with the use of different dark blues. You can hear the waves whooshing up and down with the rain rushing down heavily.  On top of the water it looks like a shadow but it's actually a person drowning . This good as long shong like I said it's like a shadow bit like a sillouhette drowning gives you depth into the water and the person. The man on board is under deck where the lightning is very dimly lit which lacks into brightness as where it's all dark from the outside with the rain and thunder . What I thought was clever is when the government put a device that has been sewed into hip which has a bank account information on it when the man shines the red light this is very clever to do . It also shows close ups of the guys hands so you can actually see what he is doing with more insight into what his hands are doing . There was cut aways which you see the man facial exmotions of the sweat coming of his head then it cutaways back to him cutting to the guy. It to show his reaction and hand movements . Here you get a close up of the man using his tools and cutting into his body to get the device out. You see marks -lines on his body to give you full detail into what the man is actually doing/getting out of his body.

At the start where he's in the Embassy he has to scan his hand into the system he goes into this room where he's got passport ,money guns the background music builds up tension with the suspense music when he looking in the box. You get an extreme close up of when he looking at his passport where it says where he from.Then he escapes , he looks edgy everyone's looking at him as he stolen the money. The use of CCTV close up of Bourne he keeps looking around him, shows that hes nervous . More punch up fights that look very realistic , the action is so fast paced everyone's in the Embssy is scared because Bourne has gun he is armed and very dangerous. The crowd feeling uneasy as there someone with a gun, fast pace is created in the tension in the music slowly getting louder alarms going of makes the protagonist feel alarmed it creates suspense. Music gets louder now creates tension theartre of the mind is he going to make it out , are they going to capture him as there  loads of embassy armed men outside in position. Use of bright lights , low lightning in the basement . You can see he is struggling  to hold on , you get close up of his feet of the bar dropping so the movement into the action where he slips.You see the fast pace, he's out of that window so fast , you have a low angle of  Bourne looking down from high up. High angle shots of the building so the interior of where Jason Bourne is hanging on the outside of the building , then the camera slowly zooms up to him where it focus more on the action up ahead . Jason puts a device onto the van , so he can hear into the conversation.

You have a cutaway of jason Bourne getting ready to go and meet Conklick , then you have a long shot from the car view then a mid shot of concklick giving you different angles from the target . Boune is diskies as you see all of the cars alarms are going off, as he can the cops are hanging outside giving Conclik communication through  a ear piece. When Conlick meets up with Bourne the second time due to failure with the first one , there in the room  suddenly the lights go off to blackness suspense is created here and tension where it's just silence. You see Conclik with his gun in his hand he slowly moves to the door you have close up of the door handle suspense is created here with silence and tension then bam Jason Bourne is right behind him  you wouldn't expect him to behind you would think he was behind the door as that was are main focus. This is what a thriller is all about the excitement , the tension , the silence , suspense,  there fast paced involved with the police scenes so for e.g the police car chase with suspense tension  going on , you wonder if the police are going to catch Bourne , you can see inter cuts between Protagonist and the police . You can hear the skidding noises of the car , rock music is playing , crashing into each other ,  tire screeching noises , cars honking repeatedly point of view of Bourne's fast driving , fast skidding noises, gritter of Bourne losing control of the wheel they go through this alley down the stairs fast , with the sparks coming of the car it makes one of the policemen on their bike skid of and crash ouch .

You have camera shots like long shots to capture the whole interior of what's involved in the background which gives depth into the image, you have the use of mid shots so certain part of the subject but more into the detail when giving impressions of the whole subject so for e.g puch fights shows the expressions of there faces how there highly good with the use of the . You have close ups of peoples facial expressions so for e.g their emotions of Marie's face that she looks nervous , you have over shoulder view shot when people are talking so for e.g when there in the car it switches from character to character to them having a conversation .  There was also panning shots of outside ,  it gives you that wide angle shot when the government where having a meeting panned over to the right to see the rest of the governors. Panning shot of the the trees, which pans over to the left to give you full angle of the shot.With the car you have a high angle view of that in the background gives you fast motion of the whooshing by . The music they have is like a soundtrack in the background but it's soft music then it goes into the voice of the train station. Error when he's in the train station behind shot the camera jitters away so wonky so it lacked confidence in that bit. You have mid shots of peoples feet then slowly moves up to their body to who they are the police , then you get the quick fast punch up fights with the punch noises which make it very realistic to watch  very fast paced.

How the camera involves it pretty good as it's so fast to capture all the action all around whats going on it gives that good use of speed to capture the action as the camera inter cuts very fast with all the action happening around as well as the characters .Quick shots of flashes , lazier noises of locations that the government look for on their computer screens close ups of that . Twirling of the stairs of the interior , fast pace of action , knife noises , blood but not allot , It shows Bourne is very skilled .It creates false hope as Boune paid the man to see Jhon Cane body but he wasn't there they got rid of the body . The news paper shows that a man tried to kill Wobosi on his yacht Wombosi chased him of the boat and shot him twice in the back so that's how Marie knows who he really is he a train assinate. Marie try's to escape but she doesn't get very far shes very scared , she doesn't know what to do as her life is in danger . Tension is rising between the two characters .  When we see one of the assans antagonist on a building , we see him and his gun in position, we can see from the point of view from the gun of who he is targeting on. We see a shot of Wombosi on the stairs long shot used of the stairs so the window the colors are quite colourful . The assan antagonist pulls the trigger and bam he's been shot Wombosi .Also where Jason Bourne is in the hay of feild and the assain (antagonist is there somewhere the gun goes off we can see inter cuts between the two characters of there motivation lies , it goes silence that creates tension , suspense is happening keeping the audience hanging on whats going to happen next .

 We get long shots here as Bourne triggers of the gun  we get high angle shot of the birds  to kinda distract  the antagonist . Bourne moves closer where the antagonist is he shoots the assian in the leg , then we see how close he is now he holds the gun at him before he says one more thing and then he shoots him in the head . The colours quite bright normal day really  and we get a mid shot of boune of his face . You can see he feels down as he just shot a guy whell he shot loads of people along the way. You get a  distance shot off a long shot where Boune is with the antagonist who is dead , he is just on feet . 

Flashbacks - The use of flashbacks are used at the start where Boune is having a conversation with Conklick he suddly remembers who he is , it starts coming back to him that he nearly killed the american guy but he stopped himself as his children were awake he didn't want to assinate him then .It is a redcurrant memory when you see something that has happened in the past which can be highly powerful.  You can feel different emotions for this , happy , sad , excited , to make them intense of that memory relives their experiences.
Diegetic Sound - It does have allot of Diegetic sound of what the characters can hear as well as the audience ,  it usually implies from the characters reaction . This will include to the tone of the Characters so for e.g Conclik feeling annoyed , angry that he hasn't got Bourne yet , police siren noises of when there after Marie and Bourne , whooshing sound of the wind at the start of the film , the drizzling noise of the rain , guns triggering of , shooting noises so when Bournes in the Embassy he has control as he is armed , and dangerous , cars passing , screeching , skidding noises of the car , seagulls , birds, sparks  coming of the car as they go own the alley ,punch fights you can actually hear the sounds of it makes it realistic and the crunch noises of the bones of someones head or something , buzz noise of when he arrives at his apartment , alarm going of when Bourne in the Embassy he stolen the money , the sound of glass breaking especially when the guy comes through the window it smashes all over the floor , Fast sound of the engine roaring. Noises like the tap when the man was washing the bullet from his hip , tools noises - you had close ups of hands of him putting his tools away, birds noises.

- At the end of the film you have a Ambott who has taken over the governments now he is in charged,He now annouces that assain is a trained platform ratio was the highest programe they have done . Now it's been ternimated . You have a image of the sea  it kinder zooms out of it long shot of the sea it's nice sunny day.
You get the fast pace of the rock music in the background. with the lines of a maze creating a engima , running the credits.  

Non - Diegetic sound is a sound which is coming from outside it can be visible of seeing someone talking but like you can hear it in your head . So for e.g voice over , mood music , special effects etc .
There was a scene where Marie all freshly new she looks different , she's outside about to go into the embassy , she hears Bourne voice so it was like a voice over it was just in her head in telling her what to do so this is a form of non-digetic sound . explosions when Bourne try's to distract the government so good use of special effects for this as it just went up into a big explosion so realistic and very dramatic . The use of instrumental music at the start of the film and the rhythmic music this also was used to create tension and suspense of what's going to happen to Bourne if the government get him . The tension in the music where it gets louder and louder , soundtrack music softly done near the start , you had calm music when there in the car relaxing music ,the voice over ofthe train station .

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Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions!!

I think more adults watches thrillers  but teenagers too as it plays with your mind and keeps you guessing of what's going to happen. A thriller is good if your into action films ,crime so murders investigations finding out who committed the crime, mystery's are good if you like to keep guessing whats going to happen . A thriller is also good if you like to feel like your seating on the edge of your seat , so something that you don't know what's going to happen is always good which can make you jump out of your seat unexpected . Adults probably like thrillers more as it can be very much of a thriller , with the violence , adrenaline , the suspense of it all , the tension within the music getting louder and louder to that specific moment understanding , they probably find it more interesting to watch , they maybe more into a thriller than a teenage as a teenage might just like the action scenes like the car races , the speed , fast cars , actors , actress , explosions fight scenes really . The content can be quite explicit material as it can have some bad language used at times with the use of nudity  which there parents may not allow their children to see even if they are suitable to the age rating of the movie .

Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions !!

How does the BBFC work !!

- Well the BBFC works by having two examiners looking at the sorts of films so the content so for e.g the material in it and thinking what classification is suitable for a film , game , video, DVD etc . The two examiners have to use the published guidelines to go through with this data . In most cases like these they always have one person that is a senior examiner who has further input in to the matter who will agree or disagree with the two other examiners . This may have to be seen by the director presidential team for there advice to see if the classification is right and if it's it's suitable for a certain film .  In some circumstances they take a specialist advice on the legal acceptability of the film content. DVDs are seen by one examiner so they watch it in the cinema which already has a classification they may see if it's the right classification for the content. The examiners look at the drugs , violence, sexual violence , discrimination, nudity , imitable behavior , horror and theme when there making a decision they decide what classification is right for the movie so there's allot to think about when making a decision on the content and what classification it will be best suited for .  They also consider the context so how it's laid out and the scenes  in it with so the use of  tone so the the language , and how the film will make the audience feel when watching this. That's what they try and do they film a movie, they always think of how the audience are going to feel so how there going to react  for the characters their emotions if they feel anything for them. The release format anyone can watch unsuitable DVD'S when there at home so there's higher risk of  viewing DVD'S that are not suitable for teenagers and children .

The Bourne Identity classification is a  12 . The classification is classed as a 12 as the content so for e.g the material in it has been classified as a 12 .  A 12 is only suitable for people who are 12 and over , they have the classifications on a DVD and it shows you it in the cinema before the film starts . It's good that films has a classification for different movies as the content material can be quite explicit or it can be less explicit with keeping the material to a limit . It all depends what movie you watch and the classification on the DVD. Some parents may not let there child watch a 12 because the material might be unsuitable for them to watch. A 12 film  can contain , bits of nudity but not to extreme , it can contain bad language so for e.g fuck there parents might think it's not a good idea for their son or daughter to watch a film with the use of bad language because  the child might think it's acceptable to say it but it's not especially if there only 12 there still young teenagers, the use of drugs but hardly there not much of this, inimitable behavior so for e.g hanging yourself , killing yourself , self harming should not be dwell on the detail so not giving to much onto it as it can be quite disturbing for young teenagers to watch this at a age of 12 ,the theme has to be mature for young teenagers and violence should be moderated but should not go into for detail emphasis on blood or injuries , gory moments can be permitted as long as it's not loads of it . It will have to be justified by it content , sexual content maybe implied briefly and discreetly  it must have a strong contextual justification. A 12A indicates that if your not a 12 and your parents think it's ok for you watch it then you can only watch it if your  accompained by an adult . 12 A not recommended for a people below the age of 12 as it the materail can be more explicit to a 12.  

Watershed !!

The watershed is very important aspect of TV , so when it's broadcasted on TV. So for e.g films on Sky Movies , there's always films showing on there but it's like PG's , U's , 12,s 15's  . This is before the water shed as the language , the material isn't that bad it's kept to it's limit really with the sexual scenes it doesn't show you in detail , the bad language is basically the same so for e.g fuck is bascially the same as a 12 classification.  Ofcom has an important duty they have to protect the material that can be harmful or dangerous in anyway in TV and radio. Anything broadcasted before the watershed which has bad language ,violence , sexual scenes will be took of and will be dealt into a serious matter it's Ofcom duty to protect young children and teenagers . The broadcasting code should follow the rules of Ofcom  . The watershed starts at 9pm , unsuitable material for children should not be shown before 9pm . The  information shows the movies that are on before the watershed so there certificate classification is a PG , 12 ,15 ,U ..... So it shows you that these movies are ok as there not giving to much of the content so the material in full detail . But after the watershed it will show more of the 18 classifications as the content is very more explicit with lots of bad language , detail in sex ,  nudity , discrimination will act more , drugs being used , use of bad violence done in extreme strong way etc . Example of 18 movie .....The bad lieutenant 2009 film that all to do with drugs , mystery Prostitute  , drug dealing , murder , sharks attack , and sex the Continent got more material explicit that is suitable for 18 classification . Where the graphics are very full detail , distressing imagery , there can be offensive language this must only be shown after the watershed it has to be justified by it's context .  The watershed helps protect children from harmful material or material that is unsuitable for them . 

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(shows movies before the watershed ) example of films )- classification


(After the water shed example of films) -classification


Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions !!

The story Of the Bourne Identity is basically about a trained assassin who is working for a top secret US government , he does his job well which is killing people so the people he works for . At the start of  the film we see this person who is in the water drowning , but we can't see who it is , so it introduces to theater of the mind where it imply 's questions of what the audience are probably thinking . So questions like Who is that person , What is the person doing in the water , what has happen to that person and is that person dead or alive . As we see him in the water we can't tell if it's a man or women so it also creates a enigma so it's a mystery of who this person is until we proceed further into the film . A fishermen spots the person from a distance , all the fishermen help him on board . Under deck a man lays him on the table and finds out that he he has got a bullet and a device sewed into his hip. When the man cleans the device there's a red light it has a bank account information on it. I think that's pretty cool to be honest who ever came up with that idea is very creative and its unusual but it's good idea . Soon Bourne seems very angry , confused distressed as he doesn't seem to know who he is , where he is , what happen to him he can't remember anything . So Bourne try's and finds out who is , what he is doing here . He goes to the embassy bank , opens up a box with money in it , gun in it , passports with his name on it but also with his picture under a different name .... So this creates enigma of who is this guy , what does he do , also theater of the mind it imply's questions for the audience what is the box , who is this guy , what does he do and why he has got two different identity . The government try and hide the truth about him and who he really is by giving him a  identity by a different name .

We start to know who created him so the government are after him to kill him . We start to learn that he failed his mission of murdering an american guy called Wombosi which he failed to do . He refuses to do this as his children were wake and so Bourne didn't want to kill him when his children are awake. That's how he got his two shots marks in his back as Bourne tried to escape from Wombosi (americian guy). Soon he meets a young women called Marie , he asks her if she would take him to Paris . He said he would pay her for the ride so $10,000 euros . She finds him a bit weird , but she does take him  to Paris .  He want's to go to Pairs as that was where he was brought up he want to try and recap his memory of who he is .Most of journey she was talking  away about her life , he wasn't listening at all I found that funny ha ha . But soon find  Mare finds out he has amnesia she didn't look that impress when she found out . When they arrive at the apartment Bourne doesn't notice his a apartment. Marie can't believe it's his apartment still shock well both of them really . Marie soon makes herself at home as she goes  for a shower .

Twist - When this french guy comes through the door on a rope ,  the audience wouldn't of expect that to happen ,you can hear the glass smashing on the floor, you  hear the loud noise coming from the gunfire which is very strong piece of machinery. It just happend so quick this is where the fast pace of the action starts to kick in as the french guy try's to kill Bourne. The punch up fights in this film are so quick very fast paced , french guy has a knife in his hand you can hear the sharp noises it creates tension of who going to get stab? . There instrumental tension in the music , you get close ups of them fighting , you can actually hear the punch noises that what makes it realistic to watch. Bourne is very skilled when he fighting with this guy. Bourne who is very fast , defensive shows a good fight between him and his enemy (antagonist). He's dead so Bourne is very dangerous source but he is trained to kill people and the people he works with along the way ..  Marie gets so nervous , she panics as the guy has photos of them she is confused of what is going on.

Another unexpected twist is when the guy is on the floor he just runs out of the window and jumps out weird but the audience wouldn't of expected that it was so quick  very bizarre. Then you have the action of the fast pace , police are after them so the car chase , adrenaline ,  this creates tension in the suspenseful music is created sirens are going off, whooshing sound of the cars , sound of police sirens , cars crashing into each other , losing control of the wheel , screeching noises , skidding noises etc are all part of the action film , it makes the audience think are the police , government are they going to get them it definitely creates suspense to keep the audience guessing of what;s going to happen next. The government try and get  him before it to late , but Jason Bourne is so quick and so fast it's hard to capture him .

 Soon he meets the guy Conklin and he asks him for some answers ,  of who is he , he doesn't know what he is doing , but he soon remembers after having a flash back of Wombosi of what happened on his yacht as he tried to kill him . Bourne tells Conklin he is done with the agency. Ambott is one who got Conklin killed he was in charged with Treadstone but now it has demolish and has been terminated .The audience wouldn't of expect that Ambott would of got Conclik killed as they worked together so that created tension of the gunfire going off . An unexpected surprise is when Bourne visits Marie in her new business I wouldn't of thought he would of came back as he had allot on with the government after him . Well films are full of surprises .

Make it Personal

I would say it's personal from the protagonist from revealing information about the government top secret . As Bourne is a trained assassin he knows the governments movements , information of what noon else knows . If he revels anything about the government so there plans of what there trying to do . Then the Antagonist loses everything what they have kept a secret from now. It does make it interesting I think as the government are doing some skill full stuff and there hiding stuff away what they don't want anyone to know . It does link in to the protagonist as he is a part of the program  he is trained which the government has created him to be very skillfull. No one one knows that the government has trained him to kill if anyone knew that that the government will be destroyed .

Mc Guffin

- I would say it has Mc Guffin in as it Jason Bourne does struggle to get him self out of a situations but he soon puts in all the action parts in it with the punch up fights , he is willing to scarf ice his life on finding out who he is , so his identity and what he does.  He knows the government are after him and he's willing to take that risk of danger to search for what is he doing , who he is. Mc Guffin is a highly device that is put into position to make the audience notice in the film. He try's to remember it gives us little hints along the way of who he is so the antagonists along the way which are out to kill bourne and he is very highley trained which he killed people who he works with and that what brings the plot forwards we start to know who he actually is . We have a news report of Wombosi that gives us a link to what Bourne has done  before , what he is , he soon knows that he is a trained assassin .

In my thriller movie - Bourne Identity-  it doesn't show that protagonist with the antagonist of seeing them die sort of thing so itn this James Bond film I looked at you have the protagonist who is James Bond , you have this villain so the antagonist who doesn't really like Bond he want's him dead . So here you see the protagonist at the mercy of the antagonist so protagonist is got to be there to justify the death of the antagonist to get revenge of that person so the antagonist.

Dramatic Irony !!
In Bourne Identity it does create dramatic irony as it does shows us more of who Bourne is . We start to know as the government , police , assans who cretaed him are after him . This where Bourne has amnesia as he can't remember what he is doing . He doesn't get why the police are after him as well as the government .Us as the audience know more with the use of his identity , passports at the start, you can see who he is as the film progresess.  We know that he is a trained assian , but he doesn't know who he is and who and what he does untill later on in the film .

Open mystery - When Bouren and Marie walk down the stairs after being attacked upstairs after a french guy . Then they slowly make there move downstairs and they see the old women on the table that has been shot but it remains a engima of who comited the murder ??. It creates Theartre of the Mind where it implys question that audience are thinking who shot her ? why did they shoot her ?

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information trail !!

Description of information obtained
DVD – Bourne Identity 
Protagonist – Bourne , smartly dressed , dark  clothes , he has amnesia , - he can’t remember who he is , he doesn’t know why the government are after , sooner or later he realizes he is a trained assassinate he does kill people.
The government are after Bourne as they are trying to kill him before Bourne well if he does tell the government’s secret of they train people to be come a highly trained assassinate.  Also about the governments secret so they try and get to him before there secrets out which they have kept confidential.
Bourne was trying to kill Wombosi . now he’s after him but fails as hes killed by assian.
Action /suspense. tension
Bourne identity does create tension and suspense of the music, where it gets louder. So for e.g. when Boune is escaping the Embassy.  
More action Suspense , tension
When Bourne is running away with Marie, they get chase by the police, you get the fast pace, screeching noises, losing control of the wheel tension within the music. You have the fast inter cuts with the protagonist /antagonist. It is so fast.
Camera shots
With the Bourne Identity you get lots of different camera shots, close ups, mid shots, panning shots , extreme close up , long shots , point of view
Under car parks , in building , outside , on the motor way ,alley ways , fisher boat , water
Weapons -
High gun fires , guns , knife ,

Digetic sound
Screeching noises , skidding noises , water tap , characters voice , sparks coming of the car , sirens ,
Non – digectic sound
Voice over , explosions , tension in the music , soft , suspense music rhythmic to create tension
When the French guy comes in on this rope through the doors that was unexpected. Fast 23/1/2012pace of close ups of the action as he was trying to kill Bourne
A nice surprise at the end when you see Bourne with Marie that was unexpected but it was nice to see that he has came back for her.
Classification so info on what a 12 is as the Bourne film was classed as a 12.   / How the BBFC works so how its put into a classification with the violence, sex, drugs, bad language etc. Watershed so films before the watershed and after the water shed – films.
My own thinking
So what makes it a thriller , suspense , action , tension , mystery  -enigma ,  adults are more into thrillers ,  understanding , excited , anxious keep you hanging on your seat and guessing  than teenagers just for the action punch up fights, fast cars actors , actresses .
 She falls in love with the protagonist, so romance appears, she helps him out by giving him a ride to Paris, they become very close by helping Bourne find out who he is.
-          Bourne is drowning in the water
-          He goes to the Embassy to  find these things so passports , guns
Government are after him

-          Bourne kills his enemies and people he work with
-          Sooner or later realizes he is a trained assassin as he has a flash back of Wombosi he remembers who he is
-          Conklin is dead ,