23 January 2012

Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions !!

How does the BBFC work !!

- Well the BBFC works by having two examiners looking at the sorts of films so the content so for e.g the material in it and thinking what classification is suitable for a film , game , video, DVD etc . The two examiners have to use the published guidelines to go through with this data . In most cases like these they always have one person that is a senior examiner who has further input in to the matter who will agree or disagree with the two other examiners . This may have to be seen by the director presidential team for there advice to see if the classification is right and if it's it's suitable for a certain film .  In some circumstances they take a specialist advice on the legal acceptability of the film content. DVDs are seen by one examiner so they watch it in the cinema which already has a classification they may see if it's the right classification for the content. The examiners look at the drugs , violence, sexual violence , discrimination, nudity , imitable behavior , horror and theme when there making a decision they decide what classification is right for the movie so there's allot to think about when making a decision on the content and what classification it will be best suited for .  They also consider the context so how it's laid out and the scenes  in it with so the use of  tone so the the language , and how the film will make the audience feel when watching this. That's what they try and do they film a movie, they always think of how the audience are going to feel so how there going to react  for the characters their emotions if they feel anything for them. The release format anyone can watch unsuitable DVD'S when there at home so there's higher risk of  viewing DVD'S that are not suitable for teenagers and children .

The Bourne Identity classification is a  12 . The classification is classed as a 12 as the content so for e.g the material in it has been classified as a 12 .  A 12 is only suitable for people who are 12 and over , they have the classifications on a DVD and it shows you it in the cinema before the film starts . It's good that films has a classification for different movies as the content material can be quite explicit or it can be less explicit with keeping the material to a limit . It all depends what movie you watch and the classification on the DVD. Some parents may not let there child watch a 12 because the material might be unsuitable for them to watch. A 12 film  can contain , bits of nudity but not to extreme , it can contain bad language so for e.g fuck there parents might think it's not a good idea for their son or daughter to watch a film with the use of bad language because  the child might think it's acceptable to say it but it's not especially if there only 12 there still young teenagers, the use of drugs but hardly there not much of this, inimitable behavior so for e.g hanging yourself , killing yourself , self harming should not be dwell on the detail so not giving to much onto it as it can be quite disturbing for young teenagers to watch this at a age of 12 ,the theme has to be mature for young teenagers and violence should be moderated but should not go into for detail emphasis on blood or injuries , gory moments can be permitted as long as it's not loads of it . It will have to be justified by it content , sexual content maybe implied briefly and discreetly  it must have a strong contextual justification. A 12A indicates that if your not a 12 and your parents think it's ok for you watch it then you can only watch it if your  accompained by an adult . 12 A not recommended for a people below the age of 12 as it the materail can be more explicit to a 12.  

Watershed !!

The watershed is very important aspect of TV , so when it's broadcasted on TV. So for e.g films on Sky Movies , there's always films showing on there but it's like PG's , U's , 12,s 15's  . This is before the water shed as the language , the material isn't that bad it's kept to it's limit really with the sexual scenes it doesn't show you in detail , the bad language is basically the same so for e.g fuck is bascially the same as a 12 classification.  Ofcom has an important duty they have to protect the material that can be harmful or dangerous in anyway in TV and radio. Anything broadcasted before the watershed which has bad language ,violence , sexual scenes will be took of and will be dealt into a serious matter it's Ofcom duty to protect young children and teenagers . The broadcasting code should follow the rules of Ofcom  . The watershed starts at 9pm , unsuitable material for children should not be shown before 9pm . The  information shows the movies that are on before the watershed so there certificate classification is a PG , 12 ,15 ,U ..... So it shows you that these movies are ok as there not giving to much of the content so the material in full detail . But after the watershed it will show more of the 18 classifications as the content is very more explicit with lots of bad language , detail in sex ,  nudity , discrimination will act more , drugs being used , use of bad violence done in extreme strong way etc . Example of 18 movie .....The bad lieutenant 2009 film that all to do with drugs , mystery Prostitute  , drug dealing , murder , sharks attack , and sex the Continent got more material explicit that is suitable for 18 classification . Where the graphics are very full detail , distressing imagery , there can be offensive language this must only be shown after the watershed it has to be justified by it's context .  The watershed helps protect children from harmful material or material that is unsuitable for them . 

References !!



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