20 February 2012

Research Techniques Task 3!!

Audience Data!!

Audience Data is basically a measurement of people worldwide so for e.g.  Barb, measures the amount of people who watch TV programmes so for e.g.  ITV, BBC1, ITV1 and Channel 4 etc.   Barb collects its data second by second and is delivered by minute by minute basics for channels received in the UK.  Audience data profiles relate to Demographics - The study of people according to factors like age, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity as this is to do with people so the audience who are watching these programmes that are broadcasted on TV. The audience data can be used as feedback as it can represent its data in a table and therefore can be used as showing which programmes are popular compared to another programme which may not get allot of viewers watching that programme.  The impact in researching audiences will be very high as allot of people do watch allot of TV in the evening so more   researching. The impact will be very high in the evenings as more people watch TV programmes after they have finished work or school etc. East Enders is also a very popular programme; it’s on three times a week in the evening so the audience who watch this is mostly aimed at mums, dads and teenagers if like a good old drama episode with all the latest arguments , family drama element’s of what may happened in life today . 

How it works!!

The screen shot above shows all the programmes on BCC1 it shows that east Enders has a viewing of 9.56 million which is very high percentenage of which family’s watch on an evening time. Barb works as a measurement as it counts roughly so the percentage of how many people are watching a TV Programme.  It can tell the type of people who are watching that particular programme.  The data is  / can be reported at ITV  and BBC  level as it’s broadcasted live across the world Whereas if you watch something online so BBC1  player it will not be counted as a audience data as that is a slightly different as it’s not on the actual TV it’s just been recorded and posted on there. The data is collected by second by second on a minutes basics for channels received with the UK.  When a household joins the panel of Barb with all the TV sets so for e.g.VCR, DVDR’S   is electronically overseen which is monitored by someone. The meter links into Barb as they can pick up on the TV programme that household is watching, who has the control as this is submitted through the meter so that’s how Barb can find out what programme the viewer is watching. Barb will give a percentage of how many people who are watching a TV programme so here his example of a low percentage which isn’t very popular on TV for the audience. Barb can recognise an amount of 30,000 devices including the equipment within the household like game consoles but they are not measured by Barb but it is connected to the Barb meter.

 Game Consoles are not measured by Barb as it’s not broadcasted live across the nation. It’s just a console which is played by all sorts of different people. Everyone in the household who has a panel   can register themselves so their home, so when it’s set on the Barb television viewing. The person with the control does this by pressing the button which is set to them by the meter. On the meter so LED screen it will remind that person to register the presence. The Below External Law is not that popular as it’s got rating of 3.12 million also coronation street has got high percentage of 11.43. This shows that it has a Coronation Street has a higher percentage than External Law. Coronation is very popular soap opera in Britain. It has been running for quite a long time well it’s the world’s longest running television drama series on TV. Since 1990’s to the present of today. 

Good Points!!

You can tell the types of peoples who watch these TV Programes

It can be used as feedback so it can be used to compare amount of people who watch TV programmes to another programme so for E.G popularity and less popular.

Its data is represented in a table and is easy to read e.g. screen shots

It’s easy accessible to find out this information 

Barb can easily measure the channels the viewers are watching as it’s electronically transmitted through a device.

No paper work involve

It can study the people so for e.g. sex, gender, and ethnicity of watching TV Programs

It can show their target audience so when there watching something

It can show a variety of people of what the audience favourite TV programs are they can go allot further with expanding their research. 

Bad Points!!

It can’t show how old the people are who are watching the TV programmes. You can’t get a percentage of this as it does not tell you within the data.  This can be really hard as it can’t target the types of people of their age so it be hard to target their audience and or even to find their target audience.


Consumer Behaviour!!

Consumer behaviour is basically about a very complex and dynamic with all the marketing techniques so a strategy going on.  Basically it’s like a game plan of whom going to gain and achieve more when selling their product to the rest of the board. It’s like how are they are going to progress and how they’re going to proceed further. So the body language is an effective way you want to give a good impression when you’re the one selling a product on how the impact is going work in society today.  Behaviour so the clothes people wear whether it is a suit smartly dressed the firm who ever watching their pitch so the people there trying to impress the board they decide if there product is good for the company would they sell it on.  It’s all about how they are going to target their audience and would they buy it. Some people today are in financial problems and this might stop them buying the things they want as they can’t afford it.  So they are limited with what they can spend and they have take in consideration if they actually need it or not.   

How it works!!

The marketing behaviour works in today society if you have all the latest technologies out there so for e.g. the iPod touch 4s is very popular at the moment which hasn’t been out that long. There was the same make of this but with less mega pixels and capacity which was the 3G and the 4G. There always a new generation so an upgrade of this makes and people spend loads of money well probably too much on a product like this and don’t really think about the money. We all see advertisements on the TV and on bus stops signs and in store of a phone shop we want the latest technology. But half the time people can’t really afford it but they still get it which leaves them skint in a way.  We see our friends who have it but we don’t really think of the price we just see how popular they are and most people do have them. But they are so much better than a normal phone I think because they have that new siri like your helper and it can send messages, check the weather and set reminders and so much more just with speaking into it that is so cool I think. But in this department it can lack in confidence as it sometimes may not work properly when you’re speaking into it.

 People normally rely on the media markets and reviews which you can find out about the product online of what people think and what they don’t like. With the media market of the latest upgrades to the phone so the new one it makes you want it so more as it got like 8 mega pixels with two cameras, play games on it it’s so much faster very quick to use.  If you have a high job and you can afford it then great but if you can’t then you don’t get it is expensive. You don’t need the phone as long as you have a normal phone you just need it for texts and making phone calls really. Not necessarily for the essentials. The iPod touch is very  close with the smart phones as it has nearly the same sort of stuff on it .These all consists of Smartphone networks which is very link able to other people across the world with the latest technology so apple so the Ipod Touch.

Good points!!

 The marketing industry has a lot of the latest phones, consoles, computers out there.

 Good because you can compare the prices of products by going on to a website and comparing to other phones company’s out there.

 Companies will know who their target audience is with the markets out there selling the product.

 With the use of complaints so for e.g. reviews  product slow ability it can make the manufactures who made these products know of these how they can improve on the I phone which did bring out the new upgrade of the 4GS =) .

Bad Points!!

They may not be accurate of what you think they are

They may not be as good as you thought it was

People pay way too much for a phone and then realizes they can’t really afford it but they still pay for it.

 The advertisement which may lack into people buying it with giving hope in the product but actually it’s not that good so misleading the audience. They don’t show the bad stuff of the product because it’ advertising they show the good points to make people buy it.

 Companies may like the product , but don’t necessarily tell the consumer of the bad things of the product which they don’t want to make the consumer think it’s bad in a way by a little dose of something then it might put the consumer in a different kind of mood . 


Audience Profiling!!

Is basically about the types of people who watch TV programmes, so their sex, age and gender so it’s like finding out the types of your audience around the world and what programmes they watch. With audience profile it can show how it’s divided with the subcategories with including the age and sex of a person. This is good way to find out who their target audience is and there a gender more. An audience profile can be compared with the equivalent population profile to produce an index.  This can get across their message to people about their product. Different jobs can affect that person’s life.  

How it works!!

Audience Profile it works with all sorts of people who live in household who watch TV well mainly in the evening as the soaps are on when people finish work and the kids come home from school. We all have different tastes to TV programmes to older person and like a younger person. Woman aged 16-34 may watch the same programmes depending on the type of person they are as different people have different tastes to each other. Their target audience is with mature women so mums today, they watch desperate housewives as it’s a programme  related to young women and older women so mums who watch this with the passion of love and wife and their husbands so family drama which may interact in today society , affairs, and relationships. Here below it shows how Desperate Housewives has a percentage of 1.16 million which is quite high as it is still well known as people still watch it today. It has been very popular over the years with the storyline, the drama, comedy aspects which it brings to the show. It can be very entertaining with the actress and an actor in it which makes it good to watch with the funny moments it brings to our screens. On October 3rd, 2004 desperate housewives drew 21.3 million viewers which was the highest number ever to watch a new ABC series since 'Spin City' made its debut in 1996. It also made its UK debut on Channel 4 in 2005; it drew nearly 5 million viewers and about a quarter of the available audience-the best launch for an American series on C4 since the debut of ER in 1994.

People younger so like aged 5 will watch kid’s programme on ceebibes which has become popular has grown over the years. Balomory is popular it has been round since 2002, and 2005 by BBC Scotland with 254 episodes.  On average, children claim to watch nearly three hours of TV per day (mostly digital as you get the best programmes on there for children CBBC and ceebibes) and in spite of the increasing range of temptations away form the TV, this has remained relatively stable over the years partly due to digital penetration and the increasing numbers of channels available to them specifically rather than adult channels with children's 'slots'.  In terms of programming, there are significant variations by gender, but even in multi-channel homes, EastEnders and The Simpsons remain firm favourites amongst both sexes. Increasingly, and especially as children develop, content aimed at adults becomes firmly embedded in the viewing habits of kids.

The screen shot above  shows a percentage of 1.16 million people who watch desperate housewives.It's still popular today on E4 on every Sunday a time for women 30s -40s to relax and watch a good old program Desperate Housewives .  


Good Points!!

You can tell allot of what sort of people watch TV Program's

You have age range of different young people of what sort of TV Program they watch.

You can tell what their audience is this would specifically can relate to women today with creating new ideas what makes loose women and bringing new stuff for it. 

Bad Points!!

  Men are difficult to reach as they don’t spend as much time in front of the TV. 

  You can’t tell amount of audience who read newspapers so there age exact.

   It maybe in accurate if with barb data as they count aged 16 as an adult so it may be inaccurate with percentages. 

References !!

Advertising placement is where something is advertised whether it’s on TV, around college, shop windows, online, posters and etc. This has a huge impact in the advertising market with getting rid of the old stuff and bringing in the new stuff so upgraded stuff in way. Cadbury’s has been very popular since 1831 from a man called John Cadbury’s who invented this which he experimented  with the use of coca butter in drinks and in chocolate. In 1847 Daniel Peter the first ever chocolate bar was introduced and Cadbury added their own milk chocolate bars in 1897.  He produced a much further superior taste and texture to it. There is about 250 million bars that are sold every year. The audience is very important when thinking about the product. Cadbury’s Chocolate bar is aimed at young women because women need cheering up, after long day at work so they can take a break and enjoy the chocolate now. In today they keep bringing new Cadbury’s chocolate just different type of chocolate for their audience which other people will enjoy more and also for different mixture of Cadbury’s which everyone can enjoy. So for E.g Cadbury’s bubble chocolate bar that’s a new make of chocolate which has been launched by a company of Kraft foods it is made in way of an aero chocolate bar but that has a comparison of aero and Cadbury which has been formed together.  Kraft company said it has been made new with a solid looking of bubbles chocolate bar. It will go on sale in shops on January 16th in milk chocolate and white chocolate selling at £1.52. There slogan is a smile in every bubble, this works well as it saying if you have this  chocolate bar it will make you enjoy it and  it will put a smile on your face as it’s so delicious.

 How it works!!

When it comes to advertising a product on TV, Ofcom has a duty to perform as it is responsible for the governing product. So basically what can be shown and what not can be shown really. When it comes down to Cadburys chocolate bar for advertising on TV they pay the company for the TV channel/programme maker to include its product so selling it advertising. Letting people (audience) know what the product is by some of the adverts you see have like animation, or actual people in the advert to make it sell well and to make people buy it with the use of slogans can always work for the audience.  So they may ask someone to be in the advert so they can sells the company’s product, they may pay them if they advertise their product really well. They may use set to make it work well so maybe outdoor event or sitting on the sofa after long day at work which may work well when they are progressing into selling the product in a effective way. It has work well with the product because this will engage the audience to buy it. If it’s shit they may not think the product is worth buying. It’s all about presenting it well with the right frame to perform it in.  It must be relevant in what they are talking about so it has to relate to product that what’s advertising is all about.  Matthew Williams, marketing activation director at Kraft Foods, said: "Research shows that consumers see block chocolate as very safe and traditional, but this also means that some can see it as a bit functional. Initial trials have been extremely successful, with 90% of people asked saying they would probably or definitely buy this brand new product.

Good Points!!
 Is that it can show you the latest products out there

 It can make you buy a product with the use of advertising so for e.g. slogans the writing to grab the audience’s attention to make it stand out the colours.

 It has a target audience for young women they know who their aiming their target at
 Advertisement can be shown everywhere – TV, posters, phone booths and shop windows.

Good Reviews on the product

Bad Points!!

 It may not be as good when you saw the product advertise for e.g. taste, hair products, and phones

 It may lack in confidence

 You may not be interested in the product that is being advertise

 It may have a low rating so for e.g. bad reviews of the product

 Some advertisements are bad not represented well it may be misleading to the consumer,
Consumer may think it’ a virus or something


 Product Reach!!

Product Reach is all about your target audience and getting it right. A product that will attract people to it. To make people buy a product which will make them keep coming back for more. Audience is important that’ what links into the product and how it attracts to a person. Everyone is attracted and likes other stuff to another person. It’s good because everyone not the same and are individually different. They will have different styles and different tastes in things were just human’s at the end of the day. As a retailer they want to link their clothes to like young teenagers, women, young men something that is smart and something nice to wear with the latest new clothes and accessories out there. 

How it works!!

For e.g. New Look is great way to attract people to its sensational clothing as there is something for everyone. This relates to their audience so all ages as they bring something out that can be pacifically for all types of people. So for e.g. New look have like the latest clothes, fashion styles for all different types of people with the latest fashion out there. With all the latest stylish, unique style for young ladies for all different shapes and sizes. Shoes are a big part of girl’s life as there are loads of shoes to choose from especially in Fareham you get all different types of shoes. As well known you have like peacocks, store twenty one, M&CO which isn’t really that popular they have nice clothes in there but New Look is the one for the latest fashion and so more people go to New look.debnehams well known for its variety clothes for women, men and kids as such as designers. 

You also get clothes for younger child as well with their cute little outfits and shoes. It has as well the latest fashion for men with the skinnies of jeans, tight trousers, body warmers ,jackets and  shirts are nice with the latest shoes so plimsolls. This targets their audience to young men up to their 30s. To give them that hot style with the style to make them look good. New Look advertises now and then on TV with the latest fashion on how it will look good for this summer of how it will look great. New look is populist clothing store around the world with 355 million customers visit online and in store. As an audience we tend to look around and then we see something that attracts us to it. Something which we may really love or something you really hate ha ha in a different context ha ha . New look is right on the path of making a good amount of money it’s a must love shop. As well as clothes there’s always finishing it off with the simpler touches so the shoes and the accessories which can attract people to it.  So to complete the look to make them bling this can go with an outfit which works well with the right colours.  It’s well known for getting the celebrity look which some people may be inspired by which they have seen on TV. Then they see it attracts to you even more when you actually see it in the shop. It makes you want to buy it. It’s all about colour, sequence, style, look basically something that will make you feet comfortable.  

Good points!!

You can tell allot about person – so their style the way they dress

 Well known clothes store can have an impact on a person life

  Celebrity style look

 Easy affordable

 The clothes are good quality

 They have clothes for babies as well with cute outfits

 Clothes for men, women & babies.

 It good that they know who their target audience is

It’ good that the company know how popular there product is with target audience.Good then they know how to improve on their product to make it sell more and why it’s not selling.

Product Reach also tells us about other companies and also how other companies out there are creating competition with each other.

Bad Points!!

You can’t really tell what sort of person they are

People may not be interested in the latest fashion

 People may not like the styles in there

  Some Girl’s maybe a tomboy so maybe they don’t get attracted to the fashion

With the less unknown brands which people may not know they will have a lesser chance in competing with well known brands with giving them less chance for them to be on the market.

 The advertising also depends on how well the product is actually selling

It tells us the types of people so there gender but it doesn’t give us an age of people so it may be hard to proceed it clothes what people would want out on the market .


Competitor Analysis!!

Competitor Analysis Is a very important strategic method used in the industry with companies competing against each other to get the best sales and profits. There are a lot companies out there so for e.g. Morrison’s and asda are very competitive with each other. With the right prices that Asda is cheaper compared to Morrison’s where it can be quite expensive depends on what stuff you buy really. Sometimes Asda drops their prices to £2. Or even £1 to overdo Morrison’s. To make people come to Asda well it is well known for the best shopping market around to buy your groceries, food, snacks/drinks which it can be allot cheaper. Customers always want to find out where the best place is to go to get their groceries. Some people low in money may not be able to afford Morrison's so they may go to Asda's where it's cheaper. Or some people may prefer Asda's food compared to Morrison's. People do have different tastes in what supermarket they prefer and tastes. In asda you can get cheaper foods there as they always narrow there prices down so people in today can afford it to get better saving's on your groceries . 

. It’s about strengths so reaching goals and weaknesses against other competitors against other companies out there as they are trying to get one up from each other. If they want to proceed in further they should pick up their game and bring new stuff out for their audience. Some companies may copy their tactics on how they perform things and for the other company not to know about their stunt they probably would change it a bit so the other companies think it’s their own idea.  When companies analyse each other’s companies that can help them improve on their own products to help them improve on their product for future sales.  It will give them a good understanding who they are competing against on knowing what they should invest.  

How it works!!

The biggest example is McDonald’s and Burger King they are very competitive which each other.  They are the biggest world’s fast food hamburgers industry. McDonald’s is very slightly different to burger king they have the same sort of food in a way but it is different. There are some variation between Mc Donald’s and Burger King they still have the similar food so for e.g. fries, burgers, milkshakes, salads, chicken nuggets and etc. But with the fries they are different and so are the burgers but the food ingredients they use are slightly different and the portions can be very different as well. McDonald’s is  well known as a fast food restaurant as it is around the world and across Europe. People do prefer McDonalds compared to burger king as some people who go to McDonalds prefer their fries to Burger Kings as there fries taste horrible and they are chunkier. You have some people who prefer Burger King to McDonalds as they prefer there fries better and burgers.  McDonald’s they serve 64 million customers on daily basics. McDonalds you get the big Mac’s that are very popular .

McDonald’s makes ten times the amount of money to Burger King as it is third in place. There will be a different to promotions so like deals that you can get with are different to Burger King and Mc Donald’s. Obviously it is obvious who makes the best selling on the market which goes to McDonalds. Mc Donald’s knows who their target audience is and are the well known for higher sales which make more money than Burger King. McDonald’s sale in 2010 reported of 24 billion and net income of under 5 billion so compared to Burger King roughly 2.5 billion and net income of 187 million. Mc Donald’s food has become allot broader by introducing a variety of foods for everyone to enjoy. I prefer McDonalds’ because they have better food and I do like their fries and burgers and deli wrap the salad with chicken one is so nice.  McDonald’s audience is for everyone as their are happy meals for younger kids, you get cheese burgers, Macs for older people and you can also go for a healthy option too. McDonalds you get all sort of different type of people who o there, big people mums with young kids, men, teenagers. You never get allot of women in there.

  Mc Donald’s is a good value for money and they have their own saver menu, they offer a good service. McDonald’s you can get the voucher deals which are great value for money; they are easily accessible at airports and motorways. You don’ really see Burger King on a motorway it’s always McDonald’s. McDonald’s have a great strategy and creating new ideas for their product and they know what their audience want and this is why there so popular as there right on the market of selling fast food whereas Burger King aren’t upping up their game and there not get the profits up well it is hard as there up against competing with the biggest fast food place around. Burger King do find it hard but they have to set plans and get there asses to get in there if they want to reach a goal of flying whoppers and selling them.

Good Points!!

 They know who their target audience is so what products sell well

 McDonalds knows how to sell their product for people

 McDonalds is well on the market

McDonald’s sells best food ever

 Companies can get more strategy ideas; it helps companies who they are competing against

Strategy is important if you want to reach your goal of success

Good to have a plan of how you are going to proceed in making the product better

Bad Points!!

 There up against each other McDonald’s vs. Burger king

 Burger king is not selling enough burgers

 Burger King not well on the market – fails to sell the same amount of food giving to customers.
 Strategy can put them in a struggle to get their profit up as there competing against each other. 

 Strategy can make them lack in confidence

 Companies can copy each other it can make the company look unprofessional, and it may ruin their image so their reputation.

It may lead the consumer not interested in the product or offers that the company are making.