18 January 2012

codes and coventions of a thriller !!


Layout and Structure
Camera Angles
Lightning - dark , dimily lit
Techniqual Aspects
Close Ups (facial emotions)
Shadows (low key
Adds Suspense
Adds Tension within the music buids up gets louder louder to that final part of the action !!
Scifi Thriller  Hybrid !!- X Files , Independance Day
Comedy Thrillers - Lady Killer
Crime Thrillers  Dectectives- Mistaken ,Se7en
Identity Thrillers - Bourne ,Trilogy
Action Thrillers - Green Zone , Close Up , Speed ,Kill Bill
Showdown = action revelas something
Horror Thrillers- The Others , Sixth Sense , Hide And Seek
Locations - Underground sets , 24hr , showdown in the action time limit so for e.g race against time = Antagonist.

Content !!
Narrative so how the story is told - story line -Action ,Script , Dialouge
Characters , Physlogical - mental crazy , 
Protagonist - good guy, they work alone they can be good looking charming a rebel. Protagonist can be used by an Antagonist.
Antagonist - Bad guy , troubled  like they have to prove something to the other characters, clothing smart , suits dark colours , loads of money , sunglassess = diskies who holds an identity , stumble beard , rough and ready, discreet /Smart can be threating , violent , scary if you push his buttons. Your likely to see them with a group.
Leordanio Di Capero - he had a certain job role military , police .
False Hero
Plots and Twists / Turns - Can leave a cliff hanger to keep you guessing of what may happen
Intercuts between the two characters
Disposal of evidence - top secret evidence
Enligma - puzzle mysttery to solve
Characters - thought and provoking
Female - Love Interest can stand up for herself
Batman and Robin - Side Kick Interior
Police , FBI , Agents , Investigations Crime ,

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