14 January 2012

Spooks notes !!

 At the start you get  a trailer to recap to draw the viewers attention in

Agents - Trying to find someone , tension in the music , impact in volume pace builds up , then the guy gets stabbed so like in the shadows , where something being hidden then it jumps out sort of thing .

- Quick shots , tilts , zooms 

- Alot of confusion in parts 

- Builds up the pace sound gets louder and louder

- Dull gritty grey colours 

- News report on the screen

- Monitor - terrorist , war = communication

- Terrorist finds out information about they guy Mohammed , so the phone call 

- Sounds , police sirens , cars going by , background music , quick panning shots ,  zooming and tracking shots

- Point of view and over shoulderview

- Quick action scenes that donve very quickely

- cross cut

- Busy place , people rushing probably to get to work or have an appointment or something like that - so the people probably wouldn't of see the knife scene at the start as it was that hectic .

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