14 January 2012

Shutter Island notes !!

Shutter Island set in 1954

- Tension in the music when the gates open and when there reaching to shore you feel the tenstion in the music.

- Women left the institution , shes gone missing , shes left her shoes , and a note ??

- Old lady at the start seems scary , weird , freaky ,

- Rachel is the one who's gone missing the mental women .

- Nursers seem a bit edgy like their hiding something , it's just their faces you can tell there kept to secreracy

- Music , orchestra tension builds up

- Panning Shots , Long Shots ,

- Flash backs of the Marshal Leonardo Di Capiro) ( of the war and his wife and that he can't let her go

- He has dreams of his wife ( can't let her go). You have a dark lightning effect where it's dark you can hear the rain tapping against the window .... He wakes up panting

- Mid Shots

- Interviews with the people in the institution ( docs , people ,

Error with when the lady ask for a glass of water  - empty

- Rachel drowned her kids

- Sense of Humor

- Over Shoulder View Shot commonly used when people are talking

- Sounds whooshing , wind , gates opening , bright lights from the car ,

Protagonist is the two marshals as there trying to solve the case of Rachel

- Rachel (The wrong one) seems fragile unaware of what's going on

Then we meet the real Rachel who had killed her children
Flashbacks of the war !!

- Antagonist - the bold guy

- Bit confusing of what's going on if you watch first time  it's liker a dream of Teddy he has all these problems handicapp hes crazy , forgets things

- Then the marshals soon realizes Rachel has came back

- Dark cellars , dim light , so use of shadows of something hiding away .....

- Detectives on a mission , he's defensive , angry , trouble with his dreams and reality think their real as hes got so much going on in his head with his wife , the war .

Explosion of the car blowing up

- Jump Cuts

- Colour's vibrant , grey

- He sees this ghost of the girl and his wife he thinks there real but it's just what he's thinking - dreaming about.

- Soft Focus , blur , romantic

- Teddy starts to lose his mind , his memory , his own sanity .

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