14 January 2012

Misery notes !!

- It creates tension when hes in bed , the camera slowly zooms in to him , then a jump cut to where the crazy women Annie there standing over him going crazy (that made me jump ) I didn't expect that to happen .

- You have a close up of the door knob , theartre of the mind implying questions of who is behind the other side of the door, handicapped creates suspense and tension .

- Feet - Creates tension when shes coming up to the house , and tension too , the music gets louder and louder to where she reaches the door . Then you think is she going to find him out of his room , if so what will se do thim if she found out .

- You have a bit of sense of humor aleways good for the audiece who are watch a thriller!!

- Suspense when you see the shadows on the floor you wonder what's going on the other side .... Then the pig comes out  ha ha hes funny

- At the start of the film you don't imply the women Annie to be mental , crazy , she seems normal well in consideration , but later on in the film you see shes a control freak , nutters , crazy , mental handicap

( Narrative side of the story )

- The guy goes for a drive , crashes , you wonder what's going to happen. It introduces theartre of the mind because you just see this person helping him out of the car, it's a bit of a mystery who this person is until we know it's the women Annie... Who's very controlling to him , shes the one too look out for, if the man says something she takes it to heart in what he says . She starts showing her evil side comes through shes mental . She can be nice and then can be evil, she gets annoyed with him as she has to back to the shops because the paper she has it smudges so he asked her if she she could go to town and get him the right paper . Then he starts to struggle to get out of the room , quick panning shot (scanning the room) .....Then he soon hears the women Annie coming back so he panics , tension builds up suspense in the music gets louder. You see her feet music gets louder louder , will she capture him out of his room??? He races back to his room struggling sweat coming of him as you can see on the protagonist ..... He seems a bit weird , I think she kinder knows what hes been doing . Then we see the bit where she is about to cut his legs on with an axe slasher , god that so horrible you can see it all unjointed it's horrible what a crazy mean mental women  of course is Annie.....That got to be painful ouch !!!

-The music in the background creates tension

- When the lady is driving up the road it creates suspense and tension , so for e.g the music gets louder , there is a element of Dramatic Irony as we see more then the character .

- We can see the struggle of the protagonist (the man in the wheel chair) so sweat of the clothes , panic (performance) make up , short of breath ,

- Inter Cuts - Between the two characters Protagonist and Antagonist in two locations )Dramatic Irony)

- Expanding key moments to make them last longer !!

 - Obstacles for each character to over come so the wheel chair man narrow sling

- Music becomes more intense as she approaches

- Close ups of important elements , the door lock , feet , walking etc creates tension and suspense

- Point Of View Shot - Puts us in her shoes

- Use of silence to create tension .

-  Quick Panning Shots as the man comes out of his room , it gives us a quick panning shot , so for e.g scanning the room .

- So whats going on happening next ??

- Editing , quickens towards the end of the scene , parallel shots e.g he locks the door , she unlocks the door so the front .

- False hope for the protagonist  e.g (broken phone )

- When he knocks the penguin over he catches it good , but he puts it back the wrong way , so a use of Dramatic Irony there we see more than the character in the film!!

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