27 November 2011

Getting a job !!

. Ring to confirm time of an interview
. Ask about the interview so for e.g panel/tests
. Arrive in location early 20 mins earlia ( 15 -20 mins )
. Dress smartley = casual because you want to make a good impression of yourself to that company .
. Research into the job's company
. Re read your CV to make sure you know what you have put on there becaue they may ask you about it so you have to know what you have written
. Shake hands - firmley
. Eye contact - IMPORTANT !!

Neils assingment the next start !!

Task 4
Pitch your script
The premise = sum it up
Target audience = whos going to watch it
Characters = who they are , who would play them
Key Moments !! = something they will take away from it / something they may learn from it and grab the audiences attention !!

My pitch on my drama !!

Task 5 = produce the script !!
= 3 page sample !!

Documentary table !!
will be done in a table so microsoft word
it will include :
screen number
voice over
visual scenes ( interview - police the question and the enviroment there in

Drama script !!
Be done by using celtx which is easy enough to do !!

Intro Topic !!

whythis page
history of topic = research
reviews + articles
your own poinion
any questions !!

ideas !!


- Research characters ,
-  Based on reality
- inspiration
- Suidcidel
- Creatues
- Pandora
How its computer generated
- Why is so popular

Powerpoint !!
- Reviews - Articles
what the people think of the movie pros and cons

good and bad points
Debate !! interview pros and cons about the movie

- Forum
Own opinion

Research - into Avatar !!

The research I have looked into is how they actually made the characters and their costume of a living unknown creature, how they created the world of Pandora , how they made the creatures , how long it took for them to do and my own opinion about the movie .

 What they did was : they made the skin which they mixed to create the affects of the skin which was a piece of rubber which they use to age the skin to turn it into this specie with the additional features so the eyes, mouth , ears. The  Nazi avatar is twice as big as a normal human being , they eyes of Nazi is twice as big too and is spaced further apart from each other . The Nazi have longer necks , different shape ears , they have different bones and structures so for e.g their 3 handed hands . They also wear these bodysuits with all the wires attached to them . But they have a camera on top which captures their emotions , movemments ,facial expressions which is computer generated into the system and you can actually see how it will actually look in the movie by looking on the lcd screen to see what it will look like .

How they did this ?
The CGI characters where this body suit , they use the rubber which is their skin so translucent skin which behaves in the same way as a normal human being skin , they put blue make up on them with like the dots and spots and etc with White face paint . The emotions they showned were all caught on camera which they had attached to them with their body suit they were wearing . The emotions they showed would capture it onto their camera which they would show the computer of their animation specie of them as avatar of their facial emotion expression.

How long did it take for them to make avatar ?

It took them 12 years for them to make avatar , due to getting the right equipment to fetch up James Camerons creation and ideas because he wanted to make avatar into a 3d animation movie but they didn't have the right equipment to do so . But now they have the high definition cameras which can capture the scenes in 3d . But as you can see it was well worth the wait . High definition cameras to film in 3d animation movie now .

How did they create the Pandora ??
They created the Pandora by getting material and sawing it down , by creating the space of the army base of their area . They did use the green screen for parts of it to create the Pandora set so for eg they would use like props so like the helicopter of it flying with the use of the green screen . For these scenes they needed use a virtual camera which captures these scenes The best purpose of using this type of camera it to get the best part of the action with the use of different height angles .

They had to have training done to fly the helicopter,  some of them didn't know how to fly it ,the use of weapons they needed training involve because they didn't know how to use them, one of the team had to show them how to use them properly.

 They used special effects to create the bombing and the fire with the big explosives to make it seem so real . They also created the set with all the trees for like the forest set area .For the creatures they used these wire modle of creating it into a creature . The director uses this to create the creature actually flying with moving it around on set . The system will recognize it IN the computer system . Then it's all computer generated in to the system you can actually see what it will look like on the lcd screen. They did use the actors to create the movement of how the creature will move in the movie . The actors would have to do all the flip backs in the right timing to get it right.  It did take time to do all this with allot of training and creating the idea how they were going to proceed to do this . They also used a manual operating gimble which the actors can balance on to get the right balance and the movements of the creature flying just like in the moving with the CGI actors on the top .

What I liked about avatar is that is was really good , how they created the characters so avatars is really cool how they made them twice as big into this avatar well (9 foot tall) .  The make up is so cool ,  the blue make up . Jake is a normal person which goes into this world with becoming a Nazi avatar. The Pandora is really good how they created it with the use of green screen and having all the props , set props and making the base of army. It's so good how they made it into animation of it and how they created these characters in the computer and generated them as real avatar in the world of Pandora .  How they created the creatures in avatar as well as the actors like actually flying in the world of Pandora was extremely good, then which is generated into the computer which picks up their emotions is really good as you can see see their facial epressions and emotins on screen , you can see what it will actually look like which is really good . No wonder why it took 12 years to fil but it was worth waiting for with the 3d cameras which are so cool . Making into an animation and hows it's all computer generated it's so cool how they do it . James Camerons creation was good I liked the ideas that he brought to our screens it was a very creative idea of what he came up with .

I did like the story line of Jake taking over his brothers footsteps of taking the mission of Pandora after his brother been killed . Then Jake turning into this Nazi avatar really tall compared to a human which was brill and their tails are pretty cool . Then Jake enters the world of Pandora , of this whole new experience of living the Nazi life . Jake falls in love with another Nazi avatar called  Neytiri they get an army together to save their world as Conal Quarich makes his move in bombing and destroying the world of Pandora the epic battle takes amends which Jake and Neytiri try and save it which they do in the end but the world of Pandora is still ruined by the army taking forceful action . This shows a good epic battle of how Jake overcomes how he is going to save the world of Pandora , he falls in love which is always good and he saves Pandora . The special effects were really cool how they made it so real just like in an action pack movie with the bombing , distruption , battling was really goo for this type of film .

Why is it so popular ??
. Of it's visual technique
. The wild life ,
. The landscape ,
. The colours ,
The creatures ,
. Mind blowing
. Characters are good and bad compelling  which makes it good for an action pack animation movie .
. Its good that it's a love story .
Plus its a war story as well with all the disasters happening .
People think it's a good story line that James Cameron came up with .
. Good soundtrack of James Horner .
. James Cameron won award at the Hollywood awards -  golden globe award for the best dramatic picture and best director .






21 November 2011


Libal -

Is where someone says something about someone that isn't true. It gets into the newspapers , published this will damage that persons reputation. So the person person saying these things can be sued for libel by saying something that is untrue. This can be contested in court and they can be sued for libel. Or if someone spreads something round on facebook by saying stuff that is untrue about that person can get that person done for libel.


- The person who has a reputation damage can sue for libel.
 - Also that person can claim compensation as well .

20 November 2011

Task 3 - Documentary Script Proposal !!

Documentary on Internet Safety -  On about how to protect yourself online how these problems of  the internet can be used in the wrong the manner. This documentary will tell you how to keep safe online with giving you information how to do so and how to stay safe online !!

Duration: 30 mins

Format: Documentary

Documentary is basically about an ongoing of Internet safety within the use of young people of how the internet can be misleading, dangerous, which you may have children using the internet and you might want to know how to protect your kids from danger and why your young kids shouldn’t give out information about themselfs to much online. Statistics data of online resources realting to internet saftey. Also a police from the CEOP Peter Davies of how they protect young children from dangerous sources or even people who can be harmful to young children and giving their view of how they protect their community environment with facts on CEOP police with figures that they can relate too. The documentary will give  Give you advice on anti bullying and overcoming any problems or if know you know of anyone that is being bullied online . Showing peoples own views of what they think of the internet as whole .


Will include a voice over of me what my documentary is about then introducing Pete Davies. After him  I will talk about his main role of a CEOP. I will show visual facts of how young children are protected in the safe guard in the result of  a CEOP. It will show how the result of how many arrest they have made in 2011-2012. It will also show results of how high the CEOP are trained with all the potential they put into their job,how they get people off the streets and how they protect the environment.  I will have key facts of people well teenagers that do use social networking sites, some use it for talking to friends but some people use it for another reason dating sites which can be used in the wrong form. Also with facts from children experiencing some form of bullying whether that is violence, or physical form of bullying with extreme with showing facts of the statement. Also form  of people hacking into people’s accounts and how to overcome these situations as people don't know how to resolve these problems so it be good for them to know. Content will include primary research that I did overtake by myself with my own research of finding out of what people think of how it is important to keep safe online just general questions related to internet safety and having their own opinion shared that can be different to other people, this will be sign of  a visual with diagrams .

Into -Structure!!

First structure of my documentary will be: having an opening sequence of my title Internet safety with images of that relating to keeping safe online in a four way grid with the title in the middle; so I will have the main writing in bold so it’s like the main focus of the documentary. At the start I will have a voice over of me introducing what my documentary is about and introducing my interviewee.  I will use my research background information of Pete Davies (CEOP) if I did  an interview  with him in person it would be a straight eyed view of him with the camera with cutaways. Cutaways are always good to explore a person's life in what he does that be good to show that. I would have his name at the bottom of the screen, then I’d ask him a few questions on of What is a CEOP what do they do to help the environment and how they keep young children safe, how he became a police CEOP of what that actually  involves, a bit of background on him and what his responsibilities are within the job.

 I will show the statistics of the job role of a CEOP with the job on how it protects young children in the safe guard of their responsibility of keeping young children safe within the environment. The number of arrest that have been made within the safeguard locking up people , so who have been caught or who have been wreck less with their lives also showing the statistics data with a blank page have a title of what is safeguarding because some people don’t know what it is and what’s it about? It be good for people to know what it is, with the facts coming up after with facts of bullying with percentage of adults and young people being fully physical abuse or has been in a extreme count of bullying in difficult circumstances.  I will use the  research background information about the CBBC about keeping safe info this can be headed with a title in bold capital letters across the middle of the page with the five rules but individual come up on screen with bold writing, but with pictures of each statement so it’s clear and very understanding of what not to do!

The next scene can be with my own primary research of other peoples opinion on how they keep safe online whether they think it is important to keep safe online or not, if they protect themselves online when it comes to social networking or online shopping and using statistics data; the data can be put in a graph of other peoples opinion about this and then it can pop up on screen with a slide affect with all the figures coming up just like it's being projected on a screen or note board type of way. The information on hackers  I will use on how to overcome someone getting into your account with key points in bold. this will be coming up on the screen where it is transitioned with the slides down with  a white background.

Then for the next scene we can have a Facebook site up with an interaction of  how to protect yourself and put your settings on friends not public, with it showing you how to do this and then blur it in the background.  I think this be good because some people may not know how to do this so it shows you a visual look on how to do this.Then the key points of why it is so important to keep protected online, and how to report something if you are being bullied; this will have a image of how to do it and this can be done with a slide away transition. I will have it so it is bullet pointed of the good points for people to keep protected and how to report stuff on these types of circumstances. Having these key facts of the social networking sites of people who don't know who they are really talking to, I think it will be quite interesting for people to see the figures of these personal information giving to someone they don't know ;It may make them think twice of doing so when watching this documentary .If  I was interviewing these people I will have a close up of the people talking about their own views of the internet. Close ups are good for getting the real feel in peoples expression to capture the facial emotions. Thanks for watching that comes in from the back with a smiley face zoomed in.


In conclusion I think overall of the information I have researched into is pretty big with a lot of research, with primary and secondary research into the subject Internet Safety.  I think this will sustain a documentary, as it has the key facts on Internet safety, statistics , background info on a man working as a CEOP police, info on Internet how to stay safe online, with using qualitative research with peoples opinion on how they feel about keeping safe be good to hear and how to keep protected online. I will add transitions to the documentary to give it that fun factor to it. Overall I think the information will come across to people with the use of key information, diagrams, statistics data that will help people today with keeping safe online today. Hopefully it will help people think twice about talking to people  who they don't know and to be careful in what they say especially on your profile.  It will help people what to do if there in a difficult situation or if there being bullied it will give the information how to do something about giving advice, support for people out there and how to be protected and how to stay safe online .

Drama Script Proposal !!


Title of my drama  - My true love that
wasn't meant to be!!

Drama – Mini Series!!

Duration - 30 x 30mins

- Premise

Is basically about a girl called Jade who is at school and she has a secret admire who she has met online (well it's not made out how it was supposed to be.) The admirer of a guy aged 18 called Justine and he's from London. Justine goes on his facebook and he starts to browse for girls in London. He finds this one girl who he has took a shine to and finds her really interesting and very pretty. He finds out all of her information of where she lives, her hobbies, phone number, school and etc. He starts to follow her everyday move with finding out as much information on her profile of who she is .With my other research background material there's a bit about anti bullying so I can show these characters in a drama series of someone being bullied online through social networking sites. This can be as above a girl called Jade who gets bullied by this boy Justine who makes her have sex with him. Justine is very forceful and aggressive to her .He Will ruin her and make people her (friends) hate her if she doesn't do what he says. Jade is not up for having sex with him but will she do what he says or not or will she deal with this situation in the appropriate matter and do what is right for her sake??


The Synopsis of my drama Characters so far: The characters in my drama will be a guy called Justin who is 18 years of age and he has dark hair. He lives in London the biggest city ever with all the danger happening. Justin has his own flat and lives on his own due to his family didn't want him living under the same roof as them. As Justin is a very bad temped boy who hangs around with the wrong crowds ,he is very violent towards people if he doesn't get what he wants and he's just not a nice kid to hang around with. The clothes he wears are hoodies tracki bottoms so that relates to what his character is like from above. His violence and angry ness takes over the better of him and he’s done something that can't be forgotten.  Jade who is 15 years of age, she lives in London as well but hates it there ,she wishes she could move to the countryside. She lives with her mum and dad but her mum and dad aren't home as much as they live a busy life with their jobs so there always home late. Jade is lovely girl, she is very outgoing, always smiling and is always out with her friends. The clothes jade wears are jeans and a t-shirt, so she’s just normal girl but doesn't belong in London. Jade goes to secondary school in London where she enjoys school seeing her friends, and learning new stuff.

Uncle Robert - is Jades uncle who helps her through this difficult situation of her meeting someone of the internet who she hasn't met before. It also is a very distressful upset of what happened to her. Her uncle is so understanding and is a great comfort to her and he has a great connection with her niece just like she was his daughter. Uncle Robert is tall, brown hair, wears casual clothes, and lives round the corner from Jade. He works at  the corner shop at the weekends but he doesn’t earn enough.

Also Starring a CEOP police who is called Pete Davies who works as CEOP and he protects children online from the child exploitation protection policy. Pete is a very hard working man; he enjoys his job to help protecting young children out there from danger and to keep them safe as possible. He has dark hair, very strong, big boned in his late 30 s. He works around and outside the London area as CEOP with protecting the environment. Pete Davies has lots of experiences in this type of work and strategic policing roles so he knows how to do his job properly. He has the responsibility of keeping danger away and making lives shine by keeping children, kids safe from harmful things or even people for that matter. He helps out Jade through her toughest situation ever he is so understanding and he supports her in every way and he listens to what she has to say. 


The narrative side:

       During the day- sunny mid day - Justin - Is a very bad tempted lad, and he can be very violent when he doesn't get what he wants. He messages this girl so Jade who he takes a shine to. They have been talking for about 3 weeks now but still they don't know each other that well. One day Justin asks Jade if she wants to meet up. Jade's a bit unsure about this is he really who he say he is; So Jade asks her Uncle Robert to check it out, but Jade's uncle was like no you shouldn't meet up with him as he could be lying about who is and I don't want you to get hurt. But Jade was determined to meet up with him and no one else could stop her.

 Jade was getting ready to meet him all dulled up, then they met up in a local park in London there was hardly any people there. Uncle Robert was just round the corner making him disguised away in the bushes just for back up. Jade was feeling really nervous and you can see it in her face, she was shaking like a leaf.  Then that moment occurred someone was walking up to the park he looked young , he was wearing a hoodie , tracki bottoms and he had dark hair, that was the moment Jade knew it was him . He didn't lie about who he was he was actually who he said he was really nice , funny , caring and he brought her presents he was so lovely!! .

But then 2 weeks later it all changed - He was talking to Jade differently on facebook he seemed a bit of with Jade. He wanted her to come round, she did she was wearing a mini skirt, low top, loads of makeup.Ding dong on the door!! - There he was standing there . he took Jade's coat, he said to Jade to go in the other room which was his bedroom. He said he wouldn’t be long, 10 mins later he was there in the door way he came inside the room. He locked the door, this is when Jade knew what was going to happen next.

At night – Justine’s  flat  - The next bit of the scene is where he is very forceful towards her, pushing her down on the bed asking her to take off her clothes, shouting at her but Jade was like "No let me go please” He's very violent towards her now this is now reflecting on him now who he really is. She is screaming help! help!! Now he forces her to take her clothes off now ,he’s being very abusive to her now and calling her nasty names. You can see how she’s upset she is and she is crying with full of tears for him to let her go. But he didn’t stop!! He wouldn’t let go  Jade couldn't get out what could she do her life was over!!

The next part Justin goes to the bathroom he’s left the key on the unit,she had to get out of there before the worst could happen; she makes a run for it out the front door and she legs it home crying with tears running down her face. She can't believe what just happened to her, she looked in the mirror she saw what he had done to her. The door bell rang several times; she didn’t want to open it she thought it was Justin coming back for what he started. She slowly moved to the door still in fluds of tears shaking. Then she stopped the banging on the door was getting louder and louder ,she thought  she should open it or not. But she soon recognised the voice it was her Uncle Robert  who was at the door to see if she wanted anything .Jade thought it was Justin but she could tell it was her uncle as he was shouting through the letter box. She felt so relieved it was her uncle Robert she opened the door and her uncle  was very shocked to see her niece battered to death, her face badly bruised. She rushed to her uncle and gave him a big hug that she’s so glad he’s here.

Uncle Robert is like “Right I’m of to go down to his flat where does he live?”.... But Jade was like “No please don’t Uncle Robert "I don’t want to make matters worse”.“He can’t get away with this Jade!” “Have you seen how badly he’s hurt you”. She asked her uncle to sit down and she told him what happened that he did rape her and she asked him to stop but he wouldn’t let go and more in detailed This is when uncle Robert is fuming, angry and disgusted at what this guy has done to her niece.  Jade told her uncle that thought "he was the nicest guy ever; he told me he loved me he brought me presents and he told me how pretty I was he so lovely". Uncle Robert says "But now Jade this has taught you a lesson about meeting someone online I told you not to meet up with him didn’t I but you was adequate to meet him. This is why you don’t meet anyone of the internet, because you got to be careful of the information you give out on your profile. You got remember that you don’t know who your friends are because any of them they could give out more information onto someone else who you don't know." "You don't know what they will do with your phone number if you give out your number without realizing so you got to be careful".  Uncle Robert says "You want to think about twice when writing up your statues because anyone could follow you there without realizing that someone watching you; so should put a little information on your profile so you don't get any stalkers on the loose; or even if your writing on your wall about something or someone would you want your mum , dad or anyone else seeing it if no then don't post it up because your profile could be seen by everyone so it may be a public so everyone sees what you’re doing and who you are .”

The final chapter!!

She realized she had to do something she had to make this stop Justin knew everything about her. She didn't know that anyone could see her profile. She wanted to look good for her friends. She didn't know anyone could find information about her and to be her friend which obviously he wasn't. She soon put her settings on friends so that none else can see her profile except from her friends. On the left hand side on msn she pressed the report abuse button which if your getting  abused from someone you don’t know or someone’s cyber bullying you, you can press on this to make everything stop that what Jade did she did it. The CEOP police Pete Davies came to my house they wanted Jade to make a statement about it she did she told him exactly what happened what he did to her , she showed him her marks what he has done to her . Jade said  "Pete was so understanding she said he helped me get through this and he told me I had made the right choice". He arrested the guy Justin ,she saw him being arrested . Justine was like let me go I haven’t done anything get off” She felt so much better now he’s locked up and now she has stopped it from happening to any young girls out there.

Production Style

The production will be very realistic to TV dramas today but with more explicit of  the material. The format for my drama will be  in standard screen play for television. You need to present it in a high standard look. I will use different camera techniques so for e.g in my 3 piece sample script - I would use camera shots like mid shot of Justine and Jade where you see the physical and tense situation here. I will use close ups as well to capture the characters emotions this be really good to see because it will show guys who are rapists the pain in what they are causing to these young girls who are innocent and so you can get a real feel of the situation. There be a lot of mid shots and close ups in the bedroom stage.Image can be colour or even saturated into black and white so you get that gritty look on the situation of creating tension in the drama. In the second part script so this is where we are introduced to Jade's uncle who comforts her.I will use long shots so you get the feel of the room with showing detail in the background . I may zoom in on this slowly to give me a mid shot so I can focus more on the upper body with listing to the conversation they are having . I will use over shoulder shots so you can see who is talking at what point where Uncle Robert is listing to her niece and helping her in what to do. On the 3rd part script I will use camera angles such as long shot of Jade talking to the officer and then maybe have the camera panning towards on the character who is talking. I may also use over shoulder shot there most common when we see a conversation is being taken place. I will have a shot of Uncle Robert where he is sitting on the other side of the room so a mid shot . 

   The music elements will be quite in a soft tone but I don't think there be any music in this 3 sample script because I don't need audio in the main focus scenes of the script. The music  in the full script will die down when there is tense moments so this be where Jade is running for her life as she escapes from Justin's bedroom and  then the music will pick itself up again. There be soundtrack of happy moments of a scene where we see Jade talking to Justine over the internet as she is so excited about meeting him later that day; The music for this will be pop /dance music  this be where we see her getting ready to go out to meet her mystery guy.When we see her making her way to the park the music so the pace starts to  picks up as she is slowly walking up to the park; the music will be a bit more dramatic  when we see him  walking towards her , the music stops there with a bang when we see him next to her and then there is silence.When she actually meets him  they start talking  and the soundtrack builds up  to  happy music in a pop style. With Jade running from Justine’s house we can have fast editing moving quickly here  I think that be quite good with the camera tracking her movements. Then with her in the house of when the front door goes we could have a black out of lightning affects of striking noises with building up tension to when she answers the door. Also where the  phone is ringing nonstop it  gives that spooky feel of the unknown so it creates an enigma here. I will use a close up of the phone ringing and I will use a mid shot of Jade in tense mode. I will use a panning in shot where the door bell goes so the camera will slowly zoom in to the door, this creates an enigma to. I can can have a nice mid shot of her and her uncle talking and  I will use over shoulder views as well  When we see Jade talking to the ceop this can be done in few shots because you don't want it to drag on. At the end of Justin being arrested we can fast shot paces that flow nicely after each other but in slow capture way action way.I may have a sound effect of a camera going of so it's like someone is taking a picture of this but in slow motion . 

How will it link into professional standards for a a script writer!!

I would say my script does meet the expectations of what a script writer is all about. I was quite imaginative about my idea, I did think about how I would put it into a final piece of a script .  The BBC are looking for scriptwriters who can write in detail and how a script writer can be creative with their ideas with producing it even further to a final script; I think my script shows these elements of what a script writer is looking for. My script can be useful because it has a well thought  out structure/content of my story. I have put a lot of detail in my script , so you can get the visual outlook and feel of this on how it will look in a drama series. The team of readers do look at how you have build your characters on how they will impact in their role in a series like these. The team of readers  will look at how  professional your script is. They will have a look to see how you have came up with the ideas for the roles of your characters, they will look at who you have chosen to play the characters.  The characters they will need to show a strong outcome in your drama. You want the characters to link in well with finding the right actress/actress for the job . The readers team what to read something and think yea that's really good , hopefully if they read my script will make them chose it . 

The characters in my script is is a guy called Justin you can  probably can relate this character in  society today with people being stereotypical in the way they look; In this case we have Justin he is the antagonist in my script he wears tacky bottoms  and he wears a hoodie. When thinking of this character you would think that he is a bad guy with the whole clothes look because we would associate him of being a dangerous source. Then you have a young girl called Jade she is very popular at school , she is a nice girl who has been put into this situation but she soon does the right thing on telling the ceop police on what has happened to her and then you have her uncle who is around a lot as her dad is working a lot. Jade's uncle is always there for her , she can easily talk to him about anything so they have a great connection there. The characters in my script they can relate to my story line today in society of  what does happen in the world online. Hopefully the team of readers will think if they did see this I have put a lot of thought into my story and as well as the characters, camera angles etc . 

I have used actors/actresses from harry potter film so Malfoy , I have chosen him because in the harry potter films he brings this horrible , mean and I get what I want character. I thought he be well suited for this role to play Justine ass he can be mean manipulated character. I chosen Selena Gomez for the young girl Jade She pretty girl and she is young as well so I thought she could bring her acting side into this drama series. I did find an actual Ceop officer so I thought it be good because he has a lot of experience in dealing with  young girls like Jade who have been in a similar situation like hers , so I thought it be good to use someone professional in my drama.  My script relates to internet problems today as many young teenagers meet people online who they don't really know.The young girls are then put into a difficult situation , they don't know what to do when there put into a difficult situation like this. The young girls i'm sure would be distressed, hurt and upset on why they have been chosen for this outrageous thing into have sex. Some guys don't listen and they pressurize the young girls into having sex when they don't want to .Hopefully the team of readers will think my characters work well in my actors/actresses. If you explain why on your chosen actors then they will think you have thought in depth on what kind of characters you want to create which it shows I have done . 

 I think the team readers will look at this and think yes they will use it because it shows a a huge impact on the characters I have created. I have linked them well in the actors/actress who I want them to play. My script can relate to young people who have been in a situation like this and hopefully by showing a drama like this , the team readers will think this can help with people to show them that they can do something about this if they have been in a potion like this . Hopefully it will make them think twice so the ( antagonist) guys in society today, who have done this to young girls and hopefully it will make them think on their actions they have perused towards the young girls. I would hope it will make them more aware of what they are doing and how upsetting it is by a guy raping a girl.  It be good for the guy to see how distressful , hurt , upsetting it is by them seeing the real them on hurting young girls. I would hope it will make them stop doing this by seeing the true visual aspect of what a guy has done. The team readers will look at the correct format you have got it it and the write format of script so slug lines so the heading of the exterior , characters , dialogue and the description and camera angles . I have put all these things in except from the camera angles but the the description is in detail in what you do see in the scene . 

The BBC wants you to be as creative as you can as there is a lot of planning involve for writing on a script . You have to think about the environment , characters , story line , music , camera shots and more. The BBC have a website for anyone  if they are thinking about a career  in script writing .  If the If the person wants to be a scriptwriter and they  have the writers form of their own ideas which they just want to get out and they can send them their script. The BBC writers room website they can help with structure on how they can meet professional standards of becoming a scriptwriter. On the BBC writers room they have a writing process for them to help  them with the elements of what is expected of you when becoming a script writer . It can be a stressful thing of creating drafts , the ideas of developing it into a further final script. 

 I would say my script relates  to young people aged 15 - 18. You would see this happening more in this age rage of a young girl being put into this situation because there more vulnerable at this stage and the some guys get a thrill out of this by picking on these sort of people which I personally think is wrong . I have developed my idea further throughout my script on the content of the story and structure of how things happen , occur , and how situations like these can be sorted out.  I would say this drama would be shown after the after the water shed I would say eleven . I say this because the material in this story is very explicit in some scenes , they can be upsetting , distressful and disturbing to watch for young kids to watch; that's why we have the watershed so scenes like these are shown a lot later on after the 9pm watershed .  

How the script room works!!

They look for the best writes who have a development in their writing skills , this will show in their writing . They look a t the script to find out more on the story line and the characters . They look at person script and think they have a lot to deliver with the imaginative they have put into a a script . The BBC look at if they have real potential in the media industry of getting their work out there and broadcasted . If they think the script is worth publishing they will send it to the BBC department . The scrip needs to be strong so it meets high standards in what you are creating , it needs to have that strong visual aspect to it. They want to see your best draft of your script and then that can be showed to them . They are always wanting to find new form of scrips so something that hasn't been shown yet . I don't think anything of my script has been shown of TV not like the way I have created it in , I would say mine is different in a form of way with it's strong visual aspect look of the whole production . The BBC writers room will get professional standard people in to read the scrips. If your script is accepted in the second look of a another person they will notify the director for a full feedback in what they think of the script .



A new Production Diary =/

So now apparently we are re filming and starting from scratch now =/. I kind of see why because the day we filmed at Lee on Solent the weather was pretty bad especially with that wind. When you went back over the footage you couldn’t hear what we were saying, it was really bad. But I did sort out the sounding for it by sorting out the audio levels out by making it lower ,which I thought was alright the footage to be honest with you. We had some good cut a ways I got told and it was good. But the rest of them didn’t think so. When I got back to college due with not being well. I had found out that the editing had gone, so i don't know if it was my group or not or if someonelse been on it and ruined it.  I spent my time on that. I did do most of the editing ha ha I enjoy editing ha ha . It was all disrupted with other stuff which they obviously had mucked it up by pressing buttons as they don't really know how to use adobe premier. But I did show them how to but I don't think they were that interested in learning so no offence though. But the editing was all gone , but last time I was in the editing on premire was all there so I don't know. They discussed about starting a new children’s drama,

Starting again!!

They approached be about doing a new children’s drama by scraping the old one which they already did. They were telling me there new idea of still being pirates but getting rid of the aliens from our children’s drama. So basically it’s about these pirates who are looking for treasure but they hear someone in the forest and the pirate go into the forest and goes and investigates the noises from the bushes. Then one of the pirates finds it’s a boy who has got lost in the woods but he has runaway because he has been horrible to his friends. Then the child wants us to help him and the child wishes that he can turn back time to undo this mess of his. Then the pirates helps him out with his situation and tells him that he’s got to be nice not horrible so it relates to children of how being nice to people gets you somewhere in life. But being horrible is not really nice to be that person. So the boy gives the pirates these sweets that are kinda like treasure. The pirates give the boy this device which makes you change the past well undo things that you want to change. So the boy helps them out by the boy being a nicer person and giving them the treasure and then the pirates will help the boy out as he goes back in time and the pirates end back on the beach.

The only thing I worry about is that we haven't got long to get all the filming done now by redoing it all and then we got editing to do which may take a little bit of time. People think editing is so simple but when you think about it okeay it is easy but when you have to put all of the footage on well finding it first on the hard drive, then renaming the files, then putting it into order, then cutaway bits, then put the sound (audio) but finding the right audio which will work with our children’s drama. Also doing a sequence title so it's just going to be a bit like rushing it to get it done. Problems occur when editing like the computer freezing all the time, footage, then using after affects I can see it all going wrong in a way. I just wished that they didn’t get rid of my editing bit of the old drama we could have used that and progressed with it.

The characters!! - Settings!!

I'm still a pirate but I’m now going to be Shipmate, Instead of Georgia being the captain Parrotless we have Claudia now as the Captain are told well instructions from the Captain. The Captain can get fire headed easily and annoyed if the pirates’ aren’t doing what they We still have awaiting replies from Georgie friend to be one of the actors Joe as one of the pirates who a bit loving warmth to animals he sees along the way within his character. The setting where were filming is now at Netley Beach. Then we have Kenny as the lost boy but I don’t who that is yet so.... but his character where he’s quite a spud boy who can be a bit funny in what he says. He is a lost boy and he is upset as he has been horrible to all of his friends’ just feels really down but soon cherks up!!

Problems did occur for this =/
. We arranged to film on the day wen we arranged , but then my group wanted me to pick up the camera in the morning and not meet them till half twelve . They were not going to come up in because they were going to take the morning off , but that's bit unfair when I had to come in early they just take morning off, it doesn't work like that so yea . But then they did come in in the end after a while of txts . Then things did happen in the group , with people having a go like at me as i was the bad guy but i wasn't in the wrong though so I Don't know how that worked . Then they went of filming , but I didn't know about it so that was messed up a bit so yea . I had everything with me to go and shoot but problems occured in that bit. So then the group was a bit off for bit . But then we sorted it out with each other but were all good now so yea =)

Editing !!
I looked at the footage they did over at Netley , It was good but it just had the same shot (mid shot for each which doesn't really look that good . It's better to use a variety of shots because it looks so much better and interesting to watch . I like the first shot of them on the beach as it was long shot of the beach in the background, it gives that nice scale shot of the background and them in shot. The next shot I thought was really good of Kirean , Claudia , Shannon where they have used adobe after effects to create the affect of them struggling with the map with the the flashing striking affects of them moving that was good with the affect they used . They had mid shot of them arrving on the beach dancing in a form of way which was funny , Kirean who starred in was a good actor I thought very good . Then you had a shot of them hearing something in the woods that they nay need their help, then you have the captian talking "the only thing thats goingto help me go on around here is helping me find by treasure. I used a Dip to white transition here, I thought it looked alright."Then they had a mid shot of them hearing something in the woods , then another mid shot of them in the woods being anxious of the help noises coming from the woods. Then you have another mid shot of Kenni who cracks up jokes on the pirates. Then him saying hes run away from his freinds because hes been horrible to them . Then you have another mid shot ofthe pirates telling him he should be niceto his freinds . Then you have Shipmate handing Kenni the device this is an overshouldr view but then a mid shot of kenni having the device. The transition I put in was a dissolve type thing of when Shipmate is giving the device to him so I thought a dissolve affect be good of it appearing in his hand . Then you have the 3 pirates saying something can't remember now this is a mid shot again then it dips to black at the end which I put in as they were heading back to the beach .  I did sort out al lthe audio levels because in some parts it was quite quiet and you couldn't hear what they were saying .They did use like a eerie sound for the forest to create the feeling of the uknown of whats in the foreset which was good to use for the forest scene .

Good points of an interview !!

The interview I watched was the new movie of breaking dawn part 1 with Taylor Lautner .

The good points of this interview was :

- The lady who was interviewing Taylor Lautner was very friendly with a nice greeting saying that "it was nice to finally meet you" .This makes the interviewee feel at ease, and makes them feel more relaxed.

- The lady seems very happy and really enthusiastic about the movie, this makes the interviewee feel really comfortable being interviewed.

- She knew what she wanted to ask him she wanted to find out more about his character as he has progressed over the 4 movies and now there’s whole new Jacob.

- The interviewee was very confident in what the interviewer asked him

- The lady was very confident in what she was saying, confidence is good it makes you feel good about yourself and it comes across in a good way to that interviewee

- Good eye contact she was giving as it shows that she is interested in what he is saying

- Great posture she had sitting relaxed and listing to him.

- You can see they were having a bit of a laugh; sense of humour is good it makes the interview more relaxing for the both of the people it makes the conversation easier to flow easily.

The interviewee (Taylor) was very confident with giving his answer on about his new character role in the movie he was giving good eye contact with her, he was sitting relaxed like he was just at home.

- The lady was giving her own feelings of when Jacob and Bella were in the forest dancing with each other , this made Taylor react but it a happy , laughing way with the emotions it does bring to us in the movie .

-Taylor was giving his own take on how  he’s still in the moving and that he’s so thankful that he’s still here today - you can see he loves being a part of these films and that he has grown and grown since the first ever movie of twilight .

-They both are very clear when there speaking so it’s good when you do because people can understand what you are saying.

-The lady was keeping in the subject to its content so she was asking stuff related to the movie and him as character , how he’s progressed, about his physical form in the movie so it’s good that she has kept in related to the move itself .

- During the interview it was good to see the parts of the movie where it related to what part they were talking about so the audience at home understand what they are talking about related to the movie. -It makes us part of it as well!!

- At the end it was nice to see the lady shaking his hand that shows you’re nice, presented person it makes a good impression of you.

- She was very professional about the interview as well

- They were both smiling so it made the interview more flowing when you see a person smiling it makes you feel that it’s going to be a comfortable, relaxed interview.

Bad ponts of an interview !!

The interview I have watched is super bad this interview went terribly wrong!!

Bad Points :!!
 - Michael (Evan in the film) was stuttering in what he was saying not good
- Michael (Evan in the film) was fidgeting with his hands- this can show that he was nervous

- The interviewer (Egar Wright) was going of subject, he was talking about another film which had nothing to do with their movie.

- The interviewer (Egar Wright) was being negative about them with saying "what you going to do when your life is over in about 3 months?" - That is out of order why would you say that about someone’s career .

- The interviewee(Egar Wright) is using bad language now as the interviewer is making assumption about their life no wonder he is getting annoyed.

- But you SHOULDN'T use bad language in an interview it doesn't set a good example for the audience who may be watching this.

- One of the interviewee (Jonah) Seth in the film is setting a bad example of them as a person and their movie .

- People may think different of (Jonah) Seth in the fim in what they thought before.

- Now the interviewer (Egnar Wright) is making a remark of him being skinny and how other people can be funny in the film then him .This is out of order making a remark of him and comparing him to someone else that is wrong to ask and plus that is bit personal info there and way out of line .

- The interviewer (Egnar Wright) is now laughing at them and think it’s funny upsetting them and making sly comments about them You shouldn't do this it makes the interviewer seemed to be a nasty evil guy who taking the piss out of them and their characters in the movie . They should not being doing this as he has no right in saying this at all.

- Now one of the interviewees same one (Jonah) Seth in the film is using fowl language now to knock the interviewer out, he’s trying to sell the movie and he’s being an idiot and ruin things for them and laughing at both of them in their faces (the interviewer). That is not nice at all!! Joe has just hit the interviewer guy =/ and he has just walked out because he’s getting fed up with him now and making assumptions about him not being attracted. That is way over the mark saying that to someone it makes them feel shit about themselves and especially making that very opinionated of him !!

The other guy Seth in the film  doesn't seem that confident he doesn't know what to say to the interviewer he’s not giving him eye contact he’s looking away like he’s in his own little world.

 The interviewer (EgnarWright) seems like he wants to make their life hell when doing this interview, it’s like he wants to ruin them.

17 November 2011

Interview - DOS and DONTS !!

Notes-Interview Techniques

-How important is it to have a good interview techniques and why?
-Later on within the media course we will be needing interview techniques to
          do our FMP (Final Major Project).
        -Applying for Uni or Job requires a interview, to create a good impression
          of yourself.

NOTEIf you done a interview with someone before they would become a contact for life. That's if you created a good impression.

Do-Speak clearly
-Be interested in what your interviewee is saying.
-Have good posture
-Keep eye contact
-Keep topic relevant.
-Do background research.
-Have confidence

Don't-Don't look at the camera
-Don't be aggressive-use foul language
-Don't make assumption about your interviewee
-Don't have hidden agender
-Don't mumble
-Don't fidget

10 November 2011

Unit Communication Skills

- Discuss the do's and don'ts of presentation and communication skills

- To describe the different types of questions

- To present debate or discussion

- To type up notes of your blog and continue to research pm children's drama .

7 November 2011

Notes on CV'S!!


- Circulum Vitae !!

What is a CV?

- Story of your life!!

- Personal marketing tool

- The layout is flexible

- The content is vital

Dos and Donts !!

- Don't make it complicated to read !!

- Don't waffle = be concise !!

- Don't wait till the last minute to complete it !!

-  Don't underestimate it's importance !!

- Don't head the page "CV"


- Do keep it to 1 page !!

- Do make your CV adaptable !!

- Do include your key skills !!

- Do make your contact details prominent !!

- Do give evidence !!

-Do correctly address your cover letter !!

- Do use positive dynamic language !! so for e.g dedicated , enthusiastic , motivated ,

-  Do list from most recent + first !!

- Do keep your CV up to date !!

-  Do include your name prominety !!

Types of CV'S !!

- Performance , Chronological ,
- Targeted , Alternative = hobbies , secondary schools , college !!

Content !!

- Name

- Contact Details

- Personal statement

- Key Skills

- Course

- Result Year

- Secondary School

- Results GCSE !!

- Work Experience !!

- Hobbies + Interests !!

- References !!

Group - Writing a report on children drinking from a young age !!

In our groups we had to write a report to the class on our chosen topic which we were giving . We had to decide on who was going to be  the researcher and who was going to be witnessess. Andrew chose to be the researcher , so he had to research more into our topic which was about children drinking from a young age and me and Georgie was the witnessess. What we had to do is think of being a character so for e.g  a doctor who shares her own opinion about children drinking with all the key facts  and why it's bad for children from a young age drinking . This is what Georgie character was being a doctor and giving her own opinion on the subject . Me I was a mum who has a 12 year old son who lets her child drink from a very young age who gives her own opinion on why she doesn't think it's wrong to giver her child alcohol .

This is what I said :

"Hi i'm Stacey Mckenzie , I am a mum and I do buy alcohol for my 12 year old son." " I don't let him go out side on the streets drinking , I just let him drink at home where he's not bothering anyone". "I don't think theres anything wrong with that as long as he's not causing trouble." "Children drinking in my eyes is okeay because there not harming anyone around them if there just sat at home drinking."  "My child Danny is not a bad kid , hes a normal boy who enjoys life and is extremely active." " But he does have his moments but doesn't everyone"? "So a drink makes him calm down and he is soon back to himself ." "Danny has about three cans of beer a week, Which isn't that bad I think.""You may think I am a bad parent giving my son alcohol" . "But at the end of they day he's not harming anyone around him just having quiet few drinks only during the week which is hardely a crime" . I'm a good mum to my kid and I love him to bits and I would never put him at risk as he's my own flesh and blood ."

What is a report and where do we use them !!

What is a report ?

A textual work that relays certain information or recounting events in a representive form!! - visual + aural.

Can there be reports for anything ?
Yes !! - Elvaluation
           - Observation
           - Official Docs
          - News Report
          - Incident Report
          - Music
          - Weather
          - Health and Saftey
          - Radio Report
          - Personal Report
          - Medical

Is it always formal ?
- Why ?
Depending on the target audience . Also Aural reports are different to be formal !!

6 November 2011

The production diary !!

Shooting Schedule !!
- It did change a bit .... We were meant to be filming on the 19th October at Netley beach but that didn't happen due to people saying they were busy and they had work so fair enough with the work bit but people just saying there busy without a reason is'nt that good its just like they weren't that bothered about it really .  Then we arranged another day to film but people couldn't do those days so it was getting ridiculous now . Now we've left everything to the last minute !! We started filming on the 2nd November which was down to me as I had to text them the day before to get it sorted out which took ages for everyone to agree . It had to be done so I had to do something about it ( I wished sooner.) So we filmed at Lee on Solent beach which would be allot easier and we could film all day which we did . Still that day we all went together to Lee on the Solent beach except one. So we had to wait for her for her about 2 hours till she got there . We needed to film altogether to shoot the scenes , so it was a bit of wait .I thought it be a good idea to go to the bottom end of Lee on Solent as there is sand down there. But people couldn't be bothered to walk down the end which wasn't too far but it was very windy as the weather wasn't too good that day.

 A problem did occur when we were filming, the wind that day was very strong and very blowy too . So we had to work away around the wind but it didn't do us much good. Another problem that has occurred we still have two scenes left to do but in the studio which is a problem as the other year are doing there TV quiz shows , and that lot so its going to be hard to use the studio.We may probably have think of filming in a different location. Also we forgot our storyboards , we needed them to find out what the shots were for each scene . So we may not have the right camera shots we put into our children's drama that were on our storyboard . So that's messed it up a bit. When we did film we did use variety of camera angles which is good to use lots of different shots . Some points of filming when you listen back to it you can't really hear it as it's a bit quiet or the wind taking over control so ill have to see about sorting the sounding levels out .

Designing the set (spaceship )
We started this before half-term. We used cardboard boxes that Shannon brought it for us to use. All we needed is some ideas to come up with of what to go onto our spaceship so for e.g designs. We needed to get some paint which we got in town and from the art department. The ideas we came up with was aliens plants to have to stand up with a piece cardboard at the bottom for it to stand up on . We painted the plants and we stuck these ball things on which we got in a jar, we used them to make it look different. We used the paint on one of them which we splatted onto our plant . The actual spaceship design itself we used the other cardboard boxes by painting them, putting a robot computer on one of them to make it alieny computer .We went around our plants with a black marker pen so it stands outs better. I think we may have to finish it off. We had also had created a ship which Georgie drew it out of cardboard with a pencil, then we painted it in. This was for the pirates to use as they arrive on shore but I don't think we will be using this now . We have already filmed this part but we may have to re shoot some parts . We all got involved in designing the space ship so we painted , cut things out , helped each other working as a team on it.

For our first scene we did keep it to the original of what we said:  So where the pirates arrive on the beach, they search for the treasure and fall down the hole . This bit when the pirates fall down the hole  we did change it slightly. We decided for Captain Shipmate to fall down the hole. But instead of using sand to dig the hole we just dug up the stones and that made it kinda of a hole which he falls down into. But if we went to the further end down Lee on Solent, it would of looked better with the sand but oh well that didn't happen did it . Also in this we were meant to be having kids in our children's drama but this was a problem because we were meant to be filming at Netley beach but the kids don't finish till 3, the time they finished and they got into their costume and make up on it would be about 4 o'clock. Then we would of only had about 45 minutes to film and plus with the nights closing in now it will be getting dark allot sooner. We wouldn't of had enough time to make sure everything was okaey , learn the scripts , and plus we would of been rushing it ..... Which is not good !!! So that s why I had suggested of doing it during the day where we had the light and could set things up, have enough time to make it good instead of rushing it and to learn the scripts but this didn't really take long to do  .

The Script -
The first scene we did was down on the beach !! - But thinking of the script Georgie didn't say her line =/ . So instead we just moved around without talking trying to find the treasure .So that was slightly changed . The Script next was right but Georgie just added my name B.O to the end of it." Are you questioning my ability's to read maps "B.O. (In angry voice.) Where it says Captain Parrotless saying Arrgh !! we all decided to say it to make it a real piratey arrgh!! . Where Captain Parrotless says " That's better". "Now Shipmate , set up my chair and prepare me a drink " . We didn't have a chair we forgot about that one so we just used one of the posts for Captain Parrotless to sit down on and used a bottle of juice . We took out the last part of the first part of the scene with Shipmate says "shouldn't we did a hole near the x?"We  took the last bit out where Captain Parrotless was going to be saying to Captain Shipmate to did the hole .We changed it to Claudia digging the sand aka stones she found the treasure. Then Captain Parrotless walks over with Captain B.O (me),we look over to see what the treasure is.Then after that scene ( Captain B.O(me) was arguing about who was going down the whole with having a conversation with Captain Shipmate. B.O like I think  Captain Shipmate should go down the whole as he dugged it up . Then You see the shot of me pushing Captain Shipmate in the hole. We did change different lines slightley with the different characters, we did take some scenes out as well as it wiould of took us a while to do , so we just cutted it down by shorting it still keeping the story line but in  different way .

The last scene is where the pirates are back on land . We have changed the script again as all the pirates yea fine but the aliens .... We were meant to have kids so Claudia was going to be alien with Shannon as well with her cousins friend. But since we had a problem with the kids starring in it. So Shannon did the camera work that day whilst me ,Georgie was pirates anyway we had Claudia as one as well. This was meant to be the part where they swap the kids with the others so the aliens without realizing they got muddled up. But we took that bit out of the swapping the kids . The last bit of our fourth scene is where me , Georgie and Claudia are waving of the aliens in the sky . We changed it slightly towards the end we still waving of the aliens but we didn't say the last bit of that scene arrgh!! So we may have to film that bit again .

In the studio on the 9th November we started filming in the studio . It went really well when we were filming . We used our props so our cardboard boxes of our alien spaceship , we used jewellery , crown for the props for the alien when she finds the treasure which is misleading . We used the spotlights on the main wall for the focus of our alien spaceship with the different coloured spotlights.Shannon was an alien she put black paint on her with spots on her to make her look alieney. Also with a piece of tin foil on top of her hair to give her that alien look . She was really good acting like an alien . Claudia and my role was to be the pirates , Claudia was wearing  .Claudia was playing a good character as she had this like pirate voice ... Me it didn't go as good with the voice as it didn't sound piarety blue top, jeans , eye patch, hook hand to maker her look like a pirate. Then me I had black /white top with a skeleton necklace , red banana , boots and pirate sword to make me look like an actual pirate.We had good fun filming in the studio we messed up a few times so we had to retake some shots . It didn't take us that long to film in the studio as we just literally got on with it . It went really well we worked together to get it done which is now finally done .Yey!!

Now were in the editing process !!
whoo !! We started editing today after filming 9/11/2011 . We did have few minor problems as we had a  SD card but it didn't have a card reader on that computer, so we had to copy everything to the hard drive so our original footage from the beach , and transfer the footage onto the hard drive and put it onto a another computer .Then the renaming was arrgh because we had allot of footage,then you got to rename it all individual which takes forever. After all of that it was editing our footage on adobe premier is the programme which we use to edit. I like editing , I enjoy it , once you get into it it's easy . It did take a while to get into the right order as it was all jumbled up , so this took a bit of time to get it in the right order.

At the moment of our footage we have muted the sound of where you see the panning shot nicely done with the pirates on the beach looking for the treasure .The next shot is where Captain O.B makes a  question about her abilities to read the map. You have a nice mid shot of me. Georgie (Captain Parrotess  is talking to O.B, The camera we used was mid shot of her.The next shot is Georgie and Claudia scene we have an over shoulder view of the map. Then we had an over shoulder view of all the pirates saying arrgh. Captain Parrotless chucks the map on the ground , where it had landed on the X ( which we used to scarf to make the cross we had put stones to hold it down so it didn't blow away.We had a close up down shot of the cross where the map had landed . In the background we have the sound of our feet of  us arriving to the cross with the map . This shot was good of the sounding of our feet as we arrive to the cross where the treasure is . Then we had another over the shoulder view of me and Claudia where were were agreeging with the captian. We have a long shot of Captian Parrotless and Captian Shipmate( Claudia). Then few hours past we had a shot of Georgie giving Claudia the spade to dig the hole this shot was mid shot.Captian Shipmate is  digging the hole , we had a wide shot of her moving in close when she is digging for the treasure . You see me and Georgie looking over the hole curoisility. Then Captain B.O has an argument of who goes down the while I thought  this was good of us as the pirates with our piratey accent which I thought my voice was better at the beach then in the studio . We used a wide shot of us , which creates a nicely shot of us with the sea behind us in the background . Then we had a shot of a low angle of me Pushing Claudia in the hole , this was funny the way she falling it was so funny . Then the shot is where Claudia is in the spaceship where she's falling down.

  The next scene is in the treasure hole . she is whoa "where am i ?" "Captian , B.O?" , she soon realizes she is in the alien spaceship . The shot after that is where me and Claudia are slowly getting up are like arrgh , very confused where they are . The next shot is where we are com fronted by the alien , who is Shannon with her alien voice which was really good . We have it like panning over as she is walking to us .The camera  moves to us with confused faces. Then you have a shot of me where I'm like arn't u meant to be alien? .  My bad voice , we had  a shot of me on the side when I'm talking to Shannon . You have a angle shot of Shannon Greeting us reminds me of jack in the box that was funny with how she moved her hands . I couldn't stop laughing when she was talking in her alien voice which we had to retake few times of me laughing . It was hard to keep a straight face especially for me . Then  Shannon is like the key the key this was funny where Claudia has the key she pointing . Claudia was like looking at her boobs as we shot that .... The shot we used was over shoulder shot , then a close up of the key on Claudia 's neck .The next shot is where B.O and Shipmate have the treasure in there hands with a close up of our shock faces.

The last scene  -beach  is with me , Georgie ,and Claudia with us three all looking up from the alien spaceship waving off the aliens . We had a behind high angle shot of the sky and us waving the aliens off . Saying "bye"

5 November 2011

My review on footloose 2011 !!

I have chosen to do my review on Footloose 2011 (the latest one!!) I have chosen do this because I have seen it at the cinema , it is a really good film to watch if your into like the dancing side of it. It has a  twist of line dancing (country music) and rocking roll too . It's got amazing actor who Starr's in it who is Kenny Wormald who is amazing dancer who shares his dancing with Julianne Houge . It's an incredible film to watch for everyone as it brings fun, enjoyment, laughter to our screens. It makes you want to get up and dance.

Footloose is a very positive film for everyone to watch as it brings fun, enthusiasm, energetic to our screens which everyone will love and enjoy. Footloose has created a new style and twist for 2011. Footloose has brought a dance, rock and roll and line dancing to our screens with the freshness of a whole new vibe for 2011. Footloose is mainly about this new guy called Ren who is from the city and moves to a small town. He meets this girl called Ariel for the first time; you see she takes a shine to him. He comes to this town where rock and roll and the dancing have been banned. (Previous where a group of young teenagers are having fun dancing around, enjoying themselves. It makes you want to get up and dance and get involve. Then the teenagers get into the car with the music blaring up having fun.... not paying attention to the road and bang they get hit by this truck and they all died) So this is why it had got banned of this terrible disaster as friends from the community lost their loved ones from this.

Ren as the new guy in town he starts to struck us with his moves as he shakes up the town with him bringing back how the town was before the terrible disaster. The small place is known for its dancing and rocking roll side to it and its back with a whole new sensational twist.It's first day of school ....Ren gets out of the car looking good with the whole sunglasses look Mr.cool. Ariel smiling at him and says "he’s cute". I think they make a lovely couple just the way she looks at him. Ren's got admirer who just doesn't know it yet till it all gets revealed. The funny bit when Ren goes into school and he bumps into this guy the conversation started of......

Willard: "Where you from?" "You talk funny".

Ren: "I talk funny?" "You should hear you from my end."

Willard: "What's up man I'm Willard."

I thought this was really nice way to meet someone as he bumped into Willard . They had that coversation above and from there like best of friends. It's nice that he's got a friend to talk to and hang out with. First days of school is a bit scary especially when you don't know anyone . But Ren made a true friend and they always hang out with each other . You can see they have a really good bond with each other it's good to see how there realtionship is really strong .Ren is truly grateful that he’s uncle (he’s family have taking him in after a long loss of his mother passing away from leukaemia. It's nice that his family has taking him in after his mothers death because no one can cope with that on their own. He soon finds out of the ban on the dancing. He is shocked by this about the dancing being banned for under eighteens to dance. Ren like are you "kidding me". Ariel sees Ren walking out of school; she takes a shine to him again checking him out. But he is nice though, him playing the main role as he is a sensational dancer to watch and very talented as you can see on the screen. He knows how’s to move I’ll give you that.

Ren soon becomes very attracted to Ariel but she’s going out with a guy called Chuck the dirt track guy. Ren is soon playing a game of chicken but with buses. They all set there stations and they have to knock of each other of their buses so they can win the game. Ren being fast, aggressive, in his driving knocks the other players of the track which is pretty cool to watch with the special effects to make it so real. He knocks everyone off the track leaving one more person to knock of which is Chuck who he hates.You can tell this by the way they act towards each other. Then there both crashing into each other with Ren's ability of not so good at driving. He tilts up Chuck’s bus and it crashes down on the ground. Then Ren's bus is out of control as he can't put the brakes down because something went wrong. So the bus is out of control he tries to turn it and Chuck and Ariel are standing there half burned to death from the smoke and Ren jumps out before it crashes. The crash affect was really good with the smoke and everything going up into flames just like it would happen in an action pack movie. Ariel liked the way he handled it in the race and she was very impressed by him.

Ren goes to this cafe place and soon finds out that it's just not a normal town it's the town with a full of people dancing away with the energetic , the passion , the wreck less side of it .Ren takes to the floor in the car park with his amazing moves and he can dance .... Incredible to watch. He brings something to the pack. Ariel joins in and they get really into it with each other. Like they were together with the passionate, sexy, dancing. It's very romantic, passionate touch to it as Ariel does really like him but Ren does like her but she has a boyfriend which Chuck gets angry and annoyed that he’s dancing with his girlfriend. Ren soon realizes that Ariel just making a show to her boyfriend to make him jealous. He’s not that type of guy to do that. Ren is so annoyed and you can see this in his face. You just want to go up and hug him who wouldn't right.

Ariel dad doesn't like the fact she’s hanging around with him Ren  because he thinks he’s trouble. But he's not trouble he had two runs in with the police of having his music too loud which is hardly a crime. Getting ticked for that its stupid. They go to this barn yard dancing place it looks really good fun. Willard girlfriend asks him to dance with her but he’s likes "you go on and dance and I’ll get the drinks". Ren says "you’re not going to sit around and mope are you?" Wallard like "I don't dance he whispers to Ren that he can't dance. You think to yourself awwh he probably can dance but he's afraid of what people think of him dancing ... You see Ariel and Ren on the dance floor dancing away is incredible too see them dance so fast and they all move at the same time it's amazing to watch. You can see in Ariels face that she's having a really good time with Ren.Ren he’s getting in to it  striking us with his country music moves. He's incredible dancer well they all are. It makes you just want to jump out of your seat and get up and dance and join in the fun which it certainly does. You can see they love spending time together as there smiling away having fun which is so sweet as they really like each other and their enjoying life to the max .

You see that Chuck is beating up his own girlfriend. He is very violent towards her. This is not nice at all. It's all because she’s been hanging around with the new guy Ren .Chuck is a women beater, who would want to go out with that?.No wonder why she’s been hanging around with Ren because he's  a lovely guy , charming, fun to be around and on the other hand there's Chuck so I don't blame her for going with Ren he’s so much more then a man then Chuck will ever be . She gets so angry she starts to whack his car Chuck's likes "no" but good on her. Chucks car is ruined as hell and he storms of in his car. Ariel on the floor who can barley move abused to hell by her evil boyfriend.

Miles tellor who plays Willard is a funny actor and he made me laugh when Ren was teaching Willard to dance. He had some young girls singing he was in the background of them trying to do some line dancing he was coming up with these different impressions of animals and dancing was so funny bless him. At least he had go it was so much fun watching him. Willard was dancing in the corridors in school and in the room dancing away. It looked like he was having  fun enjoying himself which I was too. He brings happiness, fun ,  within his character that what makes it a good film when there is funnest involve and it makes the audience have fun too. He looked great in his new outfit of country dancing.

Ren goes to this place where he can be wreck less and just let all his anger out as you can see he does really like her. The way he moves it's a bit like street dance and like step up which he is sensationally an amazing dancer. He starts to rev up his anger and he just let's it all out. The way he does it in a dance way is amazing. He strips of his jacket and starts to sway and the street dance takes amence!! The way he jumps and dances is like a very urban style feel to it. The way he moves his body is so fast but with emotions as you can see all raging anger, upset and annoyed. The music in the background building up to the fast bit of him dancing is really good to watch. It's like the tension building up in the music and that what makes it good to watch.

It's really nice they go to prom together Ariel and Ren dancing the night away, you can see the way they look at each other in the eyes. It's really passionate they really like each other you just want them to get together. It's really good that they bring happiness to our screens. We all love a romance film. Then Ren goes outside he finds out that Chuck is there waiting for him to beat him up. However Willard and Ren get into it and start beating the day lights out of them which you see them all whacking each other and kicking them to the ground. Chuck is a horrible guy who likes beating people up just because well I think that he is jealous that Ariel going out with the new guy Ren and hates seeing people happy  I don't like him at all.

Later on Ren goes to the minister and demands to bring footloose back where the town is well known for all this crazy dancing, country music but with all the twists. He explains that it be a good idea to bring it back. They are going to abolish the stupid rules and bring back the liveliness back of footloose. He is so sorry of what happened about the kids of what happened to them. He reasons with all them to how it wouldn't be the same without all this going on. Then the minister agrees to let the dance be unbanned everyone overwhelmed by this. It's nice to see how the town can be back to how it was before. He goes off somewhere with his true love and shares a romantic passionate moment as the sun goes down as you see this you have like the love shape of them coming through as the sun comes through them which makes it very romantic and it shows there love for one another . Footloose is back!!

Footloose is for all ages it brings the romantic, happy, lively, motivated of an incredible sensation of a production. It has some great twists with all the dancing which was extremely good fun for everyone to join in. It's a nice story line of a guy coming to a town and then he meets a girl falls in love with her and shares his hidden talent of  dancing which he is very passionate about. It creates a good romantic film of Footloose so I would recommend it to everyone if they haven't seen it already they should go and see it it's amazing film. I liked that they have done a remake of footloose it gives us that freshness of new taste to our screens. I would give this a rating of 5 stars because it was that good better than I expected. I fully enjoyed it, I would go and see it again. It also brings excitement too because you don't know what’s going to happen next!! It's got really good actors and actress who starred in it which brought this production together to make it fun, enjoyable, funny, exciting to watch!

who publishes reviews !!

Reviews !!

- zoo
- nut
- kerrang
- Games
- The empire

-The sun
-The times
-The mail

- Youtube
- Ebay
- Argos

- Food
- Yellow pages (website)

- App Store

The sun is for a wide audience as people read newspapers everyday !!
The telegraph , The mail , Express and The times are written by jounalists so someone who writes stuff which they can be bias .
The internet - everyoneone can write reviews
DVDs can be postitive !!
Magazines can be written by  a person journalist who writes magazines and also be from wide audience of what people think of a  film by getting their own opinion about it or even from a guys perspective as there more into games - get reviews of people who play games !!
Products can be positive/negative

notes on reviews !! - purpose of reviews !!


- Have good points and bad points , unbiase
- Make sure you keep on topic !!
- Explain ( describe in detail what you are talking about !!
- Express your own opinion !!
- Think of a good top set audience !!
- Use a appropiate language
- Proof read work!!


- Insult the people you are reviewing
- Don't sensationalise - Don't go off subject
- Don't repeat what you have already said
- Don't make it too personal
- Don't be too manipulated ( hidden adgenda)
-  Don't make the review short !!
- Don't make it boring - give detail in a good context !!

3 November 2011

DOS & DONTS when pitching your presentation !!

The dos and don'ts of communication skills and presentation skills when pitching your idea to the rest of the audience!!

- Smile
- Be positive
- Be confident
- Eye Contact to everyone ( moving the eye around )
- Keep on track on what you are saying
- Give out information in detail so it keep the audience informed of what you going to do and how youre going to achieve it
 - Be proffessional about it think about it being a job and why you should have that job - obviously giving your idea opinion about what you are going to do .
- Should be struckted and flow nicely
-Humor - so it makes the audience feel at ease with you
- Speak nice and clear when your talking
- Capture the audiences attention, make them interested in your pitch - communicating with them so for e.g pictures , maps , flowing slides that smooth of after each other .
- Keep to the key points of your pitch when showing your presentation and progress that when giving your pitch to an audience .
-Maybe give out handouts of what your going to be talking about in your pitch so the audience get a rough idea of what your going to be talking about .
-Maybe a questonnaire maybe good to find out what people liked about your presentation so the pros and cons of it and what they thought overall of the presentation.
- Keep the audience interested in your subject when giving your pitch
- Use pictures , diagrams , locations pictures which could help with your pitch backed up evidence!!
- Keep the presentstion formal
- Make it good when pitching your idea and work together .

- Don't be stupid about it
- Don't blag on about something if you dont need to
- Don't hide away so for e.g don't have the paper up against your face because the audience won't be able to hear you of what you are saying .
-So don't lack in effort - so try your best to give a good presentation
- Don't look at the board when speaking to the audience
- Don't just read of the paper - thats not really good to do
- Don't make it one words when speaking...   a lack of effort not really good can come across boring if your not communicating with your audience .
- Don't make it boring - put effort into it
- Don't put too much on your powerpoint just keep it to the key points
- Don't be nervous ( well try not to be which out nerves can get the better of us !!
- Don't lack in confidence - as you can do it
- Don't make the audience fall asleep - boring , for e.g bland pitches, which will not make the audience feel interested in the subject of what your trying to get across .
- Don't look full eyed on someone as that canbe scary
- Don't mumble in what your saying
- Don't move around when speaking to the audience
- Don't be annoying so for e.g a pen tapping on the table can be irritating ... people do that when there nervous or do something else
- Don't swear
-Don't look down on the floor when giving your pitch - look up