30 October 2011

background information - internet


Here I have looked on the BBC website to find out more on what online safety is and how to protect your children online. The site links in with other websites that may be useful with other information on keeping children and young people safe online. Which I have done on my other posts. If you're a child or a young person it's especially important to be safe when using the internet. To find out why and for more information about being safe online read below and then follow the links.

The secondary 3rd information on website quizzes within CBBC website on internet safety to interact with children to keeping safe online, the five ways to stay safe online, with other resources linking into other websites on safety for children on the internet.

The five ways to stay safe online

1. Never reveal personal details about you to other people online.

2. If you do ever meet someone in person from the internet whether it’s on a dating site or on face book always take a responsible adult with you NEVER go on your own because you never know what could happen and always meet up in a public, busy environment place.

3. Take in consideration of what the people are saying on these social networking sites listen to the advice given as there trying to help you keep safe online.

4. Don't open emails or sites that you don't know because they may be harmful with viruses if you do open them.

5. Make sure your children learn and understand CBBC's safe surfing guide.


I have played some quizzes on the CBBC website, where it has this rabbit who was talking to someone online and Dongle thought it was a rabbit but it wasn't it was a crocodile being someone who he’s not. Then the crocodile said to Dongle what is your name and where do you live??

Dongle wrote back I'm not telling you that, and then the crocodile got annoyed as he wouldn't tell him where he lived then he started saying something that upset Dongle. So Dongle went to get his uncle to look at what the crocodile had said .Dongle's uncle said don't meet up with him but he wanted to. So always take an adult if you are going to meet someone offline. Dongle was really shocked when he actually met this person who he was talking to as it wasn’t who he said he was he was a crocodile. Then his uncle was right behind him and he scared him off so he won’t be back again.

I also played on some quizzes on online safety on the news round website just generally asking questions what do you do if someone sends you an email that you don't know, that should you take an adult with you when meeting someone online, should you give out your real name to someone and it was general simple questions of what not to do really.

S - Keep Safe

Don't give out your personal information.

Keep your full name, address, mobile number, email address, school name and friends' full names secret. Otherwise people can use this information to contact you.

Your passwords and nicknames should be secret. If you have to give an online screen name or nickname, never use your real name, and try not to use things that are easy to guess like your parents name or a pet's name.

M - Don't meet up with someone you don't know

Never meet up with an online friend especially when you don't them.

Never arrange to meet an online friend; no matter how well you think you know the other person or however curious you may be.

If you do want to meet his person in person always take a responsible adult with you

The same rule applies to friends you meet over your mobile.

Accepting emails from someone you don’t / delete them

Don't open junk mail.

If they have your email address some websites will send you lots of junk emails trying to sell you things, or messages that make you feel uncomfortable. This is called spamming.

Delete any emails from people or companies that you don’t know. If you open an email that says rude or unpleasant things, you must tell a trusted adult straightaway - and don’t reply to it.

Accepting text messages, or opening links / files on your mobile from people you don't know, can get you into trouble. They may contain nasty pictures or messages, cost you a lot of money, or even change the settings on your phone.

R - Reliable

Beware: people might not be who they say they are.

Chats and message boards are fun, but they can also be dangerous because you don’t know who you’re talking to. Remember stranger danger - you should use the same rules when you’re online.

If you’re determined to meet an online friend you should always tell a parent or teacher and make sure they go with you.

Someone sending you a message on your mobile may not be who they say they are. Information you get in a message, or find while using services on your mobile, might not be reliable.

T - Tell someone

Always tell an adult if you feel uncomfortable or worried about something or someone.

Don’t forget you can always log-off and leave the website.

The same rule applies if you are upset or worried by anything when using your mobile.

research background material !!


- This chart of a pictogram shows overall key performance during the year .

-  Green pictogram shows the number of children protected using safeguarding by the result of the CEOP activity . It shows a total overall of 1,38 children were protected by using the safeguard . It shows 2006 - 2007 wasnt that good as people may have not of heard of it so thats may be why they had a low rating of 76 .

Blue pictogram shows the number of arrests made shown by an agency and deyployment with the CEOP resouceres to help them over make there arrest . In 2010 -2011 the highly rated of arrest was 153 but overall 1,644 which is an outstanding result which they are detertermined to arrest those people who are wreckless . In 2006 - 2007 there a low rate of 83. This could be they didnt have the resources as they did now with more forceful laws put into place.

Purple Pictogram - shows the development of police in the CEOP who are now officially trained to keep young people from any harm at all on line . They also developed child sex abuse courses on how to deal with people in these delicate situations . The very highly rated of them all of out standing rating of 2,84 with an verall of 13,342 in 2010 -2011 . A low rating of 1,457 which is still statley high but has lowered quite a bit .

Red Pictogram - shows 394 of a high risk overall of sex offenders and neteworks that have been distrupted and dismantled .

background iformation material - statistics


Here it shows that facebook is the popular social networking site ever as it has 51.05 % in 2010 . So the other social networking site are not as popurlar as facebook as everyone has there family and friends on their. It's the highly updated web site to stay in contact with friends and family .

Here face book had 400 million users and by 2011 it has 630 million users now, as everyone socilases with there friends on there and check messages and wall posts and etc .


Younger people so aged 16 -18 are more likely to meet someone of the internet. Older people will use the internet more in extent then children which they may only use once a week or something . Laptops are hugely part of our lives whether it'talking to friends, downloading musuc , watching films online and researching etc . It plays a huge impact on us. Via the Internet, children can for instance stay in touch with their friends or meet new friends. Two out of three young people say they meet friends on the Internet, for example on chat sites or online  dating sites,computer games sites at least once a week. Meeting friends on the Internet is also more common among the older children especially when talking to someone they havent met before . which by this graph it shows that older people of higly rated 85% meet people of dating sites online .

background material - survey !!

Here I have used a website called zoomerang to create my own survey on internet saftey . I used this site to display in the right apporpiate manner which it gives a proffessional look with the boxes and the outline of it to make it look like actual survey . The questions i asked was about the internet in genral and internet saftey really . I Wanted to find out about if people have protection on there computer , if they run daily scans, about there settings on there social netwoking site. I have used this website to create a survey online which can help me with the right layout for a survey . I have asked questions on internet saftey which is the topic i chosen to do.This is the website I used to help me set out the survey in a proper look (proffessional.)t a big thing ,what they use the internet for, and reasonable questions about th internet really .

http://app.zoomerang.com/Home/MySurveys.aspx - Here shows my layout of my survey !!


Here shows my results of my survey that has been put into action =)

background material - poll

Do you think the internet has a huge impact on us ?
No0% (0)

100% (1)

100% said that the internet does have a  huge impact on us as were using it everyday socially , researching into more depth about stuff , we use in everyday life to help us out with stuff .  

background material - doing a survey on internet saftey

http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22DLU7N5 - this shows i have created my own questions I have setted it up to ask people to answer my survey .


Here I have used a website called zoomerang to create my own survey on internet saftey . I used this site to display in the right apporpiate manner which it gives a proffessional look with the boxes and the outline of it to make it look like actual survey . The questions i asked was about the internet in genral and internet saftey really . I Wanted to find out about if people have protection on there computer , if they run daily scans, about here settings on there social netwoking site that a big thing ,what they use the internet for, and reasonable questions about th internet really .

http://app.zoomerang.com/Home/MyPolls.aspx  - This shows the data that has been analysed from my qualative data .... Here it shows the results of people who  have asnwerd my survey .....

This link shows to my results of how many people answered my survey aboutinternet saftey .
It shows that 90% of people do have protection which is a very good thing to have to keep your laptop running smmothley and helps to not get viruses . 10% said they don't know which is a bit erm yea probably they don't have any on there laptop which they should have to protect there computer from harmful things like viruses .

It shows 100% that protecting yourself online is inportant which it is when usingthe internet .

90% says that people do use facebook , which isn't a surprise as facebook is one of the top social networking site which people use to talk to there friends and that . People use it everyday as it's coming popular and fast growing networkig sites around .  10% for msn which isnt as high as facebook . MSN can be proper boring well I think it is.

90% has there settings on friends which is pretty good as it stops the whole world from seeing your profile . 10 % has it on friends of friends which isnt too bad bad but if you don't know them I would have it on friends which you know who youre friends are and you actually know them .

100% says they don't give out information of themselves which is a good thing as you don't want someone to stalk you or anything especially if you don't know them .

50% says they do talk to people  they don't know on social networking sites and the other 50% do talk to people they do know on socil networking sites so that's quite interesting to find out 50 / 50 .

70% says that people do use the internet a day and some people use it regulary which is 30 %

40 % of people use the internet for browsing , 20% use it for homework so this shows not many people proberly do there homework , 30% for dowloading musicwhich people are doing quite a bit dowloading new songs and the other 10% is for shopping which they can do online .

67% of people says the internet  can be dangerous ,and 33% no they don't think it's dangerous .

Some people stated why the internet can be dangerous bygiving their opinion below:

it can be dangerous especially on dating sites when you think you know who youre talking to but it turns out to be someone else. 

cuz people can hack you things

Because you can't always trust who you are talking to or what sites you go on.

there could be pedos

As there is alot of contact abillity for anyone to use, and there is a lack of regulation.
It can be because you don't know who your talking to people may have fake accounts or impersonate other people

because there are lots of people on the internet wanting to bad things

It is because there are many webistes that do not have any protection for example chat rooms!!

Some people can hack your computer threw the internet, get all your detail's etc...

background material - of a video I watched online writing my own views of it =)

Here I have watched a video about internet safety!!

This is a programme I watched on the think u know website but I got the link through you tube. This video is intently good as it shows and tells you about online and someone finding this girl on the internet who finds out where she goes to school at .This programme tells you what not to do and how someone can easily find out who you are and where you live by giving out small little detail on your profile whether it’s facebook, msn and even my space etc. It shows that internet can be dangerous site with the information that you have put onto your profile without realizing that someone (everyone can see it).

At the start of the programme you have this guy who is bit weird I think but he’s just atypical lad. He loves to go onto the internet and talk to his friends on this social networking site to find out what people are up to their hobbies and etc. He has this one girl on his phone where he has all the information about her, name, age, where she lives, school pictures of herself hobbies and allot more etc.  Then you have the guy at Jades school just hiding away as he sees her friends walking across the road to somewhere. But she doesn’t know he’s there and she probably doesn’t know that the whole world can see her profile online. This can be very dangerous so it’s best to sort out your settings and put it on friends, so only your friends can see the not the whole world. He has this picture that he got from her boyfriends profile of her. So it’s best to pictures on that you don’t what other people see well if it’s something you wouldn’t show ya mum and dad for that matter. He went onto her profile to see her pictures there was loads on there so there’s no password or settings on there so anyone can see. He clicked on her profile where it had all her information on her email address, home address. He went onto Google maps and typed in the postcode and he got a whole view of where she lives. It’s best not to do that putting your post code on because any one can find out where you live.  He snooping around again without her realizing and he knows where she’s going and what she’s going to do which is hang out at the shops for 15 minutes. So you think no one knows what you’re up to but with the internet you can find all sorts with the right research put into it so just be very careful and be aware of your surroundings. If you have friends on your friends list and you don’t really know them it would be a good idea to delete them as you think they may be your friend but they’re not. So don’t add people you don’t know. The guy we finally got his name is Justin he had Jades number and he dialled her number and she answered but by looking at her face she looked a bit wary, not happy when her phone rang. The guy Justin talking so nicely “Hey its Justine remember me sweetheart “, then he asked her “did you do what I asked”?    Then she got something out of her bag it was a memory stick which he asked her to bit in a bush. She was not happy at all; she seemed worried what could be on that memory stick? It’s something of hers that she has been forced into bringing the memory stick to Justine. You can see she’s not happy with it but she did what he said because if she didn’t he probably would get angry so she just did it to keep him happy. Probably she didn’t want to cause any trouble with this guy who she has been talking to online.  He finally picked up the memory stick its got picture of her but more revealing ones. He finally gets in and put on the laptop and inserts the memory stick in to view these pictures. He’s grooming at young girl who is sick in the head. Poor jade is so upset and you can see he wants this to end, and she properly wishes she never gave him the memory stick. Soon after she did the right thing and she realized she had to do something she had to make this stop Justin knew everything about her. She didn’t know that anyone could see her profile like I said at top. She wanted to look good for her friends and her boyfriend. She didn’t know anyone could find information about her and to be her friend which obviously he wasn’t. She soon put her settings on friends so that none else can see her profile except from her friends.  On the left hand side on msn she pressed the report abuse button which if you’re getting any abuse from someone you don’t know or someone’s cyber bullying you. You can press on this to make everything stop.

29 October 2011

background material - poll

Homework45% (1)
Socalising Network Site90% (2)

Here I have created by own poll with using a website called zoomerang . Here i have asked people same thing as the survey but slighley different questions on internet saftey . Here I have asked what people use the internet for 45 % said homework which is good but not that good lol . 90% use it for socialising with their friends and family and other stuff as well .

background material


Teen internet saftey online statistics online netsmartz. Netsmarts is a website a very informative , awareness efforts on how to better protect your kids online . This site has good collection of data pertaing on what teens are doing online . Teen internet saftey study is a survey commissioned by cox communications, whatthey found out is that teens use the internet for all sorts of things , playing games , dowloading music , doing homework , social networking . Attitudes about saftey is important , the internet can be a risk if your not using it properly.

 2011 febuary - Teens have stablished the presence of the social networking sites so for e.g   61% of 13- to 17-year-olds have a personal profile on a site such as MySpace, Friendster, or Xanga. Half have also posted pictures of themselves online. Older teens (16-17s) and girls especially use the Internet for social interaction, meeting friends, and networking like facebook and msn.

  • 71% reported receiving messages online from someone they don’t know.
  • 45% have been asked for personal information by someone they don’t know.
  • 30% have considered meeting someone that they’ve only talked to online
  • 14% have actually met a person face-to-face they they’ve only spoken to over the Internet (9% of 13-15s; 22% of 16-17s).

  • background material - poll

    Do you go onto dating sites on the internet?
    no83% (1)
    yes90% (2)

    Here this shows that 83% of people that don't go onto dating sites which is quite good , then 90% that does on dating sites which I think why whats the point really but some people like to meet new people but can do that in the real world by going out and stuff . 

    background material - poll

    How often do you scan your computer from viruses ?
    Daily0% (0)
    Once a week50% (1)
    once a month70% (2)

    on these different polls i have asked different people to fill out these pools and on my surveys to find out what they know about internet saftey really it can be quite interesting to see .

    Here this shows that 50% scan there computer daily and some other people do it once a month of a rating of 70% . I think you should scan your computer once a week or even twice a weel because your computer might be find for a day or two but once it reaches a week or two it will have some trojans or may have viruses when you go onto a website which you don't think has but it may do. Especially dowloading music can cause viruses so you just got be careful and scan your computer regulary .

    background material - poll

    Do you ever use the same passwords for different accounts?
    no0% (0)
    yes100% (1)

    Here I asked people if they use the same passwords for different accounts I got 100% of people do use the same password. You shoul'dnt really use the same password really because if someone kows your password for your facebook account then they can easily use it for you different accounts too. So it be a good idea to change it by putting some numbers , capital letters , symbols as well to make the password alot stronger and for it to make it lot harder for someone to access your password . They won't know it by the different caps /low caps symbols so it's a good idea to do .  

    background material - poll

    do you talk to people you don't know on the internet ?

    50 % of the people i asked said they do talk to people they don't know on the internet and the other 50% said they don't talk to people onthe internet . So 50/50/. This result relates to my survey again so it's quite interesing to see this .  
    yes50% (0)
    no50 (1)

    background material - poll

    How often do you use the internet for ?

    Here this shows 80% of peole use it all the time daily in way , proberbly for socialising , homewok , dowloading music , browsing for all sorts really . 33% of people use it often so they may go on on it when they need to for researching , checking emails , talking to friends on facebook and etc . 0% Never because people always use the internet for teaching , researching , friends , games , you tube , online shopping .

    0% (0)
    often33% (1)
    all the time%80 (2)

    background material - poll

    Do you think the internet can be a dangerous resource ?
    No0% (0)
    Yes100% (1)
    100% of people do think the internet is a dangerous resource especially on dating sites there could be pedos on there when your talking to someone you don't know what there really like or who they are as a person . They could be lieing about there age , name , who they are so you have to be careful online .

    background material - poll

    Do you have your settings on a certain setting on your social networking site ?   
    public0% (0
    Friends of friends33% (1)
    Freinds89% (2)

    Here it shows people have there settings of friends which is 89% which is good , then 33% has it on friends of friends , and noone has it on public so thats a good thing because noone can view you profile except from your friends .

    Resarch background material !! - internet


    For my first Secondary research I have looked at Network safety for young children. The sources that link into this online network safety information it has different keywords to what relates to keep young children safe online. So for e.g. Reporting a concern , anti bullying ,guidance on helping children and young people safe online, about the network safety so a bit of background of who they are , how they can help to resolve situations online , how do they work , what is safe guarding so how do they protect their children online from harmful things , Team members of network safety ,key facts and it gives you help and advice for you as adult to protect your children and etc .

    The key information as below I have discovered is that the safety network helps protect children and young people online with giving them information and advice to help keep children today protected online. So whether this may be cyber bullying, grooming, chatting online dating site you think they are who they say there are but there not, and etc. Network safety is website that is jointly managed by the NSPCC, Children England and Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), and was created as a result of the Government’s Staying Safe action plan.

    Working together??

    Network Safety work together by providing information on the website ensuring about network safety on keep your children safe with the different aspects of the keywords like I said before helping keeping young people safe. There’s also this pack are they safe pack with a DVD ensuring the use of the guide for practical advice on how to keep children safe and show the DVD to staff, parents/carers and children. Working closely with, but independent of the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

    Working closely with the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) and other people to develop community sector of network safety.

    What is safe guarding??

    Protecting children from maltreatment, to foster professional excellence in the field of child abuse and neglect.

    Preventing impairment of children’s health or development

    Ensuring that children are growing up in good circumstances, good consistence of safety and health.


    Almost one third of children experience some form of bullying by their peers.1

    7 per cent of children suffer serious physical abuse at the hands of their parents and carers.1

    52 per cent of one-year-olds are hit weekly, or more frequently, by their parents.3

    25 per cent of all rape victims are under 16 years old.

    Anti Bullying

    Can occur whether you’re a young person or even a child, it doesn't matter what who you are people can pick on the vulnerable people. Its action can be progressed as teasing but then there another form of it it's when your being harassment in assault way. You can be bullied by verbal by nasty things coming out there mouth that low person life which I think they are especially when bullying someone. Or it can be physical being abusive to someone. Sexual and racial harassment are forms of ant bullying too. Someone who is white can pick on another person who is black just because their skin is different but I think out of order who cares if there not white there still human beings at the end of the day . Sexual harassment someone can force someone else in doing something they don't want to do by being forceful on that person this can be caused of rape ( which I said above 25 percent are young people aged 16 are rape victims which is shockful of a young person doing that to someone else is displicitable . Another form of anti bulling can be self harm so getting a compass and digging it into their skin of someone spreading rumours about someone can cause a great cause of stress.  

    About the team network safety brings a lot of variety of how to keep young people protected when online. They ensure that the children in your care are as safe as possible. One of the team members of safe Network (Head) is a guy called Simon Massey who had joined the team in March 2011 as safety network, but then after that he became successful in that part of head safety network and got a great 2 year funding from the department of education which has brought vast changes in the team. Overall his management was taking into action of responsibility for the safe network which oversee as he produced new service plans ,report back to DFE and he had now manage any child protection concerns which some adults may ask to keep their children from harm .

    Most people today whether there an adult or young person will have a social networking site for e.g. facebook, twitter, msn and etc. But some young people don’t think that the internet can be identified as a risk online. Everyone socializes with their friends on facebook or msn whatever it will be, but sometimes they don’t realize what there setting is on what I mean is there profile accessible to public so everyone or if it’s just friends. Half the time people have it as public so people can access your information without you knowing who it is. That person with your details can find you straight easily with the use of the internet or saying that he’s a friend of yours by emailing your friend or something then that be it. So he will have your address and likely everything else school, phone number. So it's a good idea to have your profile as friends so people you know can see your information. But only add them if you know them truly. I know most people that just accept people who they don't know which I find strange really because if u don't know them why add them like so best to have your setting on friends and accept people you only know. The internet with dating social networking sites can be a very dangerous online so you have to be careful and put some protection on your laptop so you don’t get viruses as well that’s a good idea to.

    Background information of what i asked people on internet saftey

    What do you use the internet for ?
    Downloading Music0% (0)
    Homework33% (1)
    Socalising Network Site67% (2)

    Do you have your settings on a certain setting on your social networking site ? if so which one ?
    public0% (0
    Friends of friends33% (1)
    Freinds89% (2)

    Do you think the internet has a huge impact on us ?
    Yes0% (0)
    No100% (1)

    Do you think the internet can be a dangerous resource ?
    No0% (0)
    Yes100% (1)

    How often do you use the internet for ?
    never0% (0)
    often33% (1)
    all the time%80 (2)

    do you talk to people you don't know on the internet ?
    yes0% (0)
    no100% (1)

    Do you ever use the same passwords for different accounts?
    no0% (0)
    yes100% (1)

    How often do you scan your computer from viruses ?
    Daily0% (0)
    Once a week50% (1)
    once a month70% (2)

    Do you go onto dating sites on the internet?
    YES0% (0)
    No100% (1)
    Do you go onto dating sites on the internet?  
    no83% (1)
    yes90% (2)