23 January 2012

Thriller Assignment Codes And Conventions !!

Form !!

Bourne Identity is a sub-genre of a thriller with all the action pack , government , agents , guns , police chase , fast cars , explosions , identity , fall in love , adds suspense , tension etc

cinematography can show a real in sight into film with the camera movement and structure of how film is successful it shows the meaning of film more . There are allot of different shot used in the Bourne Identity which I have explained below and what there used for . Most common shots are , point of view , over shoulder shot , close ups , mid shot , long shots , low angle , high angles , panning and etc .It shows you the depth of the film with all the different camera angles used . It makes it interesting to watch when different camera shots are used makes the audience interpitate more from it and get a whole perspective from different points of views from the camera angles . A long shot has more dramatic power on a large theater screen but when your watch in on TV it creates a less powerful shot .

Background lightning - it shows separation into the subject and the background , the light is in a lower intensity , At the start you get the thunder , lightning , the wind whooshing away , the color very dark blue that when you see the body  (Bourne) in the Meditterian sea. The music is very instrumental music then use of rhythmic music to create tension and suspense  .When Bourne steps of the boat the colors turn to a dull grey it creates that late 90s look where the colours have bben washed away with the use of the rain and the thunder ,Bourne he just so confuse . Low lightning in the basement where it's all yellow to distinguish the darkness from the outside .  You have the bright lights from outside and inside the interior of the buildings.You have a nice panning shot of the blue sea looks freshly clean. Fast pace of the rock music with black lines of the credits so at the end of the film like it a enigma so a mystery with the lines going up and down sort of way . Use of bright colors in the interiors of buildings you had the red carpet so swirling view from the camera angle . Point of view shots of from character point of view of the bright lights ahead from the car that created soft instrumental music. You have dim light of the laterns , when Boffot gets one of his men to kill Conklick killed the lightning is vey dark as like on a side road . the guy looks very scary , tall , dark hair . You get behind shot of the guy where he triggers of with his fire gunfire you can see the fast power from the gun he is dead .

Mood lightning - it is related to the still photography where it is creative ,You have the agency Virginia that was a still image giving you full detail in the perspective of the building this was a long shot view , you had long shots of the boat , you get a nice still image of the blue sea long shot again with instrumental music .
You have still image of the sun and the building with two contrasting colors so yellow and orange , it makes it really bright , and makes you feel happy as the sun is shining . It makes it more appealing from a distance .You have a dim light from outside the apartment this is where Konclick is about to get killed , it creates dramatic tension , suspense with the silence  It makes the audience think what's going to happen. You can have a still image of Paris at night with lights from the streets and lanterns it makes it look so beautiful to look at from a distance, You have a nice shot of Eamon's house Marie's brother , where it's silhouetted into the dark with dark blue colors creates that dark spooky feeling .

ファイル:Capitol building over reflecting pool - desc-long shot - from-DC1.jpg This shows an example of what a long shot is!!Giving you full view of background foreground with giving you a nice shot of the subject what you are focus on .  Giving you full detail in the perspective of the image . You have the interior of the building with the use of the building reflecting over the  pool . You have light calm blue sky in the background which sets it of a good long shot .  

 - This is an example I just used to explain what a close up is, which gives you a good focous on the detail where it's tightely framed of the body of what is going on .

  Low angle is where you see the small detail into the action ,  it gives you sense of confusion of what's going . It can make people look poweful .

 High angle it gives you more depth of an interior - here this image is a bulding you can get the full adjustment of lines perspective of the building .

 - this example of a  extreme close up - further depth into the detail of flower or anthing that is extreme close up.

 - Over Shoulder View shot - is most common when you see people talkingto each other so you get the full coversation of the people talking which changes overview shoulder when someone else is talking .

 This is an example of a panning shot , from right to left to give you a full frame of the subject so the motion of the vechile.

 example of point of view shot so from the persons point of view so what there actually looking at from there perspective .

This shows a twirling shot of the stairs , it gives you depth from a low angle but not as powerful it creates twirling look from the camera . Which creates a good look in a spiral way .

 Mid shot - gives you a shot of the waist and the face by leaving out the feet , by concertrating on the action that can happen in a image or it focus on the background and the girl as well . It's a good way to indtroduce your people and the subject your focousing on .

The layout and the structure of it the lighting for the opening sequence was quite dull blue of the sea , you had a good long shot of the sea and the boat you can see the shimmering affect of the water glistering . This shows good depth into the water with the use of different dark blues. You can hear the waves whooshing up and down with the rain rushing down heavily.  On top of the water it looks like a shadow but it's actually a person drowning . This good as long shong like I said it's like a shadow bit like a sillouhette drowning gives you depth into the water and the person. The man on board is under deck where the lightning is very dimly lit which lacks into brightness as where it's all dark from the outside with the rain and thunder . What I thought was clever is when the government put a device that has been sewed into hip which has a bank account information on it when the man shines the red light this is very clever to do . It also shows close ups of the guys hands so you can actually see what he is doing with more insight into what his hands are doing . There was cut aways which you see the man facial exmotions of the sweat coming of his head then it cutaways back to him cutting to the guy. It to show his reaction and hand movements . Here you get a close up of the man using his tools and cutting into his body to get the device out. You see marks -lines on his body to give you full detail into what the man is actually doing/getting out of his body.

At the start where he's in the Embassy he has to scan his hand into the system he goes into this room where he's got passport ,money guns the background music builds up tension with the suspense music when he looking in the box. You get an extreme close up of when he looking at his passport where it says where he from.Then he escapes , he looks edgy everyone's looking at him as he stolen the money. The use of CCTV close up of Bourne he keeps looking around him, shows that hes nervous . More punch up fights that look very realistic , the action is so fast paced everyone's in the Embssy is scared because Bourne has gun he is armed and very dangerous. The crowd feeling uneasy as there someone with a gun, fast pace is created in the tension in the music slowly getting louder alarms going of makes the protagonist feel alarmed it creates suspense. Music gets louder now creates tension theartre of the mind is he going to make it out , are they going to capture him as there  loads of embassy armed men outside in position. Use of bright lights , low lightning in the basement . You can see he is struggling  to hold on , you get close up of his feet of the bar dropping so the movement into the action where he slips.You see the fast pace, he's out of that window so fast , you have a low angle of  Bourne looking down from high up. High angle shots of the building so the interior of where Jason Bourne is hanging on the outside of the building , then the camera slowly zooms up to him where it focus more on the action up ahead . Jason puts a device onto the van , so he can hear into the conversation.

You have a cutaway of jason Bourne getting ready to go and meet Conklick , then you have a long shot from the car view then a mid shot of concklick giving you different angles from the target . Boune is diskies as you see all of the cars alarms are going off, as he can the cops are hanging outside giving Conclik communication through  a ear piece. When Conlick meets up with Bourne the second time due to failure with the first one , there in the room  suddenly the lights go off to blackness suspense is created here and tension where it's just silence. You see Conclik with his gun in his hand he slowly moves to the door you have close up of the door handle suspense is created here with silence and tension then bam Jason Bourne is right behind him  you wouldn't expect him to behind you would think he was behind the door as that was are main focus. This is what a thriller is all about the excitement , the tension , the silence , suspense,  there fast paced involved with the police scenes so for e.g the police car chase with suspense tension  going on , you wonder if the police are going to catch Bourne , you can see inter cuts between Protagonist and the police . You can hear the skidding noises of the car , rock music is playing , crashing into each other ,  tire screeching noises , cars honking repeatedly point of view of Bourne's fast driving , fast skidding noises, gritter of Bourne losing control of the wheel they go through this alley down the stairs fast , with the sparks coming of the car it makes one of the policemen on their bike skid of and crash ouch .

You have camera shots like long shots to capture the whole interior of what's involved in the background which gives depth into the image, you have the use of mid shots so certain part of the subject but more into the detail when giving impressions of the whole subject so for e.g puch fights shows the expressions of there faces how there highly good with the use of the . You have close ups of peoples facial expressions so for e.g their emotions of Marie's face that she looks nervous , you have over shoulder view shot when people are talking so for e.g when there in the car it switches from character to character to them having a conversation .  There was also panning shots of outside ,  it gives you that wide angle shot when the government where having a meeting panned over to the right to see the rest of the governors. Panning shot of the the trees, which pans over to the left to give you full angle of the shot.With the car you have a high angle view of that in the background gives you fast motion of the whooshing by . The music they have is like a soundtrack in the background but it's soft music then it goes into the voice of the train station. Error when he's in the train station behind shot the camera jitters away so wonky so it lacked confidence in that bit. You have mid shots of peoples feet then slowly moves up to their body to who they are the police , then you get the quick fast punch up fights with the punch noises which make it very realistic to watch  very fast paced.

How the camera involves it pretty good as it's so fast to capture all the action all around whats going on it gives that good use of speed to capture the action as the camera inter cuts very fast with all the action happening around as well as the characters .Quick shots of flashes , lazier noises of locations that the government look for on their computer screens close ups of that . Twirling of the stairs of the interior , fast pace of action , knife noises , blood but not allot , It shows Bourne is very skilled .It creates false hope as Boune paid the man to see Jhon Cane body but he wasn't there they got rid of the body . The news paper shows that a man tried to kill Wobosi on his yacht Wombosi chased him of the boat and shot him twice in the back so that's how Marie knows who he really is he a train assinate. Marie try's to escape but she doesn't get very far shes very scared , she doesn't know what to do as her life is in danger . Tension is rising between the two characters .  When we see one of the assans antagonist on a building , we see him and his gun in position, we can see from the point of view from the gun of who he is targeting on. We see a shot of Wombosi on the stairs long shot used of the stairs so the window the colors are quite colourful . The assan antagonist pulls the trigger and bam he's been shot Wombosi .Also where Jason Bourne is in the hay of feild and the assain (antagonist is there somewhere the gun goes off we can see inter cuts between the two characters of there motivation lies , it goes silence that creates tension , suspense is happening keeping the audience hanging on whats going to happen next .

 We get long shots here as Bourne triggers of the gun  we get high angle shot of the birds  to kinda distract  the antagonist . Bourne moves closer where the antagonist is he shoots the assian in the leg , then we see how close he is now he holds the gun at him before he says one more thing and then he shoots him in the head . The colours quite bright normal day really  and we get a mid shot of boune of his face . You can see he feels down as he just shot a guy whell he shot loads of people along the way. You get a  distance shot off a long shot where Boune is with the antagonist who is dead , he is just on feet . 

Flashbacks - The use of flashbacks are used at the start where Boune is having a conversation with Conklick he suddly remembers who he is , it starts coming back to him that he nearly killed the american guy but he stopped himself as his children were awake he didn't want to assinate him then .It is a redcurrant memory when you see something that has happened in the past which can be highly powerful.  You can feel different emotions for this , happy , sad , excited , to make them intense of that memory relives their experiences.
Diegetic Sound - It does have allot of Diegetic sound of what the characters can hear as well as the audience ,  it usually implies from the characters reaction . This will include to the tone of the Characters so for e.g Conclik feeling annoyed , angry that he hasn't got Bourne yet , police siren noises of when there after Marie and Bourne , whooshing sound of the wind at the start of the film , the drizzling noise of the rain , guns triggering of , shooting noises so when Bournes in the Embassy he has control as he is armed , and dangerous , cars passing , screeching , skidding noises of the car , seagulls , birds, sparks  coming of the car as they go own the alley ,punch fights you can actually hear the sounds of it makes it realistic and the crunch noises of the bones of someones head or something , buzz noise of when he arrives at his apartment , alarm going of when Bourne in the Embassy he stolen the money , the sound of glass breaking especially when the guy comes through the window it smashes all over the floor , Fast sound of the engine roaring. Noises like the tap when the man was washing the bullet from his hip , tools noises - you had close ups of hands of him putting his tools away, birds noises.

- At the end of the film you have a Ambott who has taken over the governments now he is in charged,He now annouces that assain is a trained platform ratio was the highest programe they have done . Now it's been ternimated . You have a image of the sea  it kinder zooms out of it long shot of the sea it's nice sunny day.
You get the fast pace of the rock music in the background. with the lines of a maze creating a engima , running the credits.  

Non - Diegetic sound is a sound which is coming from outside it can be visible of seeing someone talking but like you can hear it in your head . So for e.g voice over , mood music , special effects etc .
There was a scene where Marie all freshly new she looks different , she's outside about to go into the embassy , she hears Bourne voice so it was like a voice over it was just in her head in telling her what to do so this is a form of non-digetic sound . explosions when Bourne try's to distract the government so good use of special effects for this as it just went up into a big explosion so realistic and very dramatic . The use of instrumental music at the start of the film and the rhythmic music this also was used to create tension and suspense of what's going to happen to Bourne if the government get him . The tension in the music where it gets louder and louder , soundtrack music softly done near the start , you had calm music when there in the car relaxing music ,the voice over ofthe train station .

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