25 January 2012

Thriller Ideas!!

Group !! - Sedtin ,Hannah , Ben  Me =) xx

Me - Idea !!
A guy has a flash back , of his life when he was younger - so when he used to drugs , and he used to get in involve with the police . He sees two guys selling drugs to these girls ... The guy goes over to the two guys ask them if they have any drugs on  them there like no , seem a bit edgy , weird ... The guy asking them about the drugs, he has a badge making him look like he is the police  but hes not but the two guys don't know that . Then he goes and follows the two guys , then this is where the fast cars ,action , police , tension starts to kick in . Then we thought how we going to get the fast cars , sounds a bit of action thriller , then a policemen to Starr in it =/ how would we pull it off .. .... 

- A board game so a bit like Jumajji , where a group of teenagers are playing the game , where things start to come out the board game , they have to do some missions to find out who the murder is. Then I was thinking it's more of a video game with the use of animation so not so much of a thriller . 

- A guy who has dream about his lost brother who he thinks is dead  , you see flash back of him in his head , you can see it disturbing him , plays with  the mind is he dead or alive??  

We can have a group of investigators who are at a crime scene , where there are people dead , who have been murdered, you get one person who there who seems distressed, vulnerable he cant remember what had happened so if he was there or not?? , or who he is it makes you think is he the murder or not?? 

Development on this Idea !!
 A group of people go round someone''s house, dress up party. A member see another person and recognizes them, Theartre of the mind is used by creating questions for the audience . Who  killed that guy ?? Why did they kill him?? Some one roles a dice and the lights goes off and someone is found dead. But can be faking the death, the mystery.Then we were thinking how we going to get loads of people we would need a lot and a free house well a big house =/ xx 

A group of people playing with legends/myths about conspiracy.Where one member dies at a time. Silent death. Then how were we going to create these legends and myths we thought id be hard to do =/ xx

Hannah Idea !!
A person gets given an item and it becomes a life and death issue. The person goes out and find information about the item, figuring out what it is and what it does. Like memento or abduction. 

Sedtin Idea !!
One day a person gets a doll, they love it to pieces for a peirod of time. Until one day they got bored of it and the doll gets forgotten, then during one night the doll comes alive and creates illusion where another member kills. At the end they manage to get rid of the doll and the doll ends up with another family. Then it was like how we going to create this doll we were thing it be hard to do then it's use of animating it =/ xx

A guy had a accident and end up in a coma. Within the coma he has a dream but he believes it is the real world. A series of event goes on and if he gets hurt, such as a cut on the arm, he real body gets a cut on the arm. Such as a test within the dream and will he ever wake up again.

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