14 January 2012

The X Files Notes !!

Setting - Is in the dark in a dark house a very good setting to create that scary , spooky sides of things  very dull lighting at the start ....

TV fuzzes -  Offline , bit scary as it just cut off - creates tension also in the music too

Screaming - Creates tension , dramatic music going on

Suspense - guns going off , the fighting , alarm going off

Quick panning shots and tracking shots to create suspense and tenstion - makes the audience think of what's going on so it creates questions for the audience.

Police investigations (agents)

Dwain - Handicapped - mental , crazy - protagonist

Dwain is holding the people hostage so for e.g the doc and the other people you can see there terrified of what his motive might be .

Dwain was a former of a FBI , guns firing off , white flashes creates tension when Dwain is holding the gun when he is pointing  the gun at the four people . It creates suspense, because you wonder what he's going to do if he is going to pull the trigger or not .

Dwain has a flash back of him seeing the aliens , then it dips to white , it shows he's fears that he is terrified .

Flashes of the aliens so a lightning effect flash of  as he is being transported where it dips to white .

Dwain - Is mental he has health problems , he i violent , angry , he has these delusions of the aliens ,

-Builds up fear

-  It makes the audience think of what is true and  false

At the hospital he sees aliens behind the white curtain . It shows that he is scared , petrified , then he rushes to get out of there .

Second Episode - Girl screaming creates tension

Then you hear something smash , The other guy sees images in his heads of what's happening so what the aliens are doing .

Then it dips to white where he is struggling to get up - mid shot then it dips to black

Dwain kidnaps the blonde lady , he shoots the officer , Over shoulder view when there talking

Close up of the weapon on him

Close up of her necklace on the car floor it creates tension and suspense as it makes you wonder if she is alive or dead (Sally)

The guy sees images in his heads of  what the aliens are doing to Sally .

- Left it on a hangover , it makes them wonder what is going to happen next ,

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