30 April 2012

Thriller Film - Poster how it be advertised !!

Thriller Film - posters , flyers , you tube, radio and trailers are  a good way to advertise your thriller film. It can advertise the product all over the world with the use of billboards , so bus stops , cinemas , handing out flyers and etc . You would want the font to stand out to grab peoples attention with making the font bold . This draws people in by the grabbing peoples attention by the background and the title.It's good idea of having the image in the background so something that relates to the thriller film . You would have the actors names on it as well as  the images of those actors/actress who Starr in the film on  the front cover .You want to make people look at your poster so something that is out there giving that hmm that looks interesting when an audience looks at it .

If we were were to advertise our thriller film into a poster I would use an image of Hannah holding the cross in her hands as she looks really scary, it would be a good image to use for our front page of our poster . I think this would draw peoples attention just by looking at Hannah , she looks creepy . People may think it be a good thriller to watch just by looking at this image, well that would be the impression that you would want to get across.I would use our Sweet Dreams title at the the top of the page of  our poster in red which symbolizes blood and danger for our font.It would have a bit of a message I think added to it saying " If you had a chance to change things, would you fight for survival before it's too late" This is just idea. I would use an image of the two other actors and position them side to side to each other just below the main image. The other pictures would be positioned in the right and left hand corner of the poster. I would place the text so for e.g starring Hannah Jones , Liam Foster and Damain Hughes, this would be placed underneath the image that it links in with in the color of white. The image of these actors/actresses would have to be appealing, so something that shows of they're character in the film.  I think a background of an image so something that would make the image as whole look dramatic and creepy to give it that dark feel like something bad is going to happen. Thinking of the idea now!! We  use the image of the subway with Damian standing in the left hand corner of the screen so as he is looking where Hannah is dying, (dim the image a bit) so with changing the saturation of the image to black and white . This would be the main image on the poster, then  to the right you have an image of Hannah as evil Margaret in the right had side of the poster. The image would be where she is standing still ,  you can see the rage and anger in her eyes, image of Liam positioned in the left hand corner.Then you have the use of the actors/actress names at the bottom in a white font so keeping it simple and clear. To promote it further put coming to cinemas near you Portsmouth , Fareham  and Southampton on 23 June 2012. A movie not to be missed , it will keep you hanging on with great twist that should not be missed .

Interviews !! - B roll EPK ( electronic press kits)  for the interviewers to catch up on the latest gossip (story) when there not on set. It's a great way to get coverage of news from the actors/actresses.  You would see the interviewer going around on campus so around the set asking peoples views/opinions on a show , movie . This is a good way to get close and personal so for e.g director , desc ions , deleted scenes , romance , conflict between crew/cast etc .
- Behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes  you may find it on the DVD!! You may also have  interviews on the DVD on the special feature disk !! This would probably be about the movie itself , characters they play , etc .

27 April 2012

Viedo Installation done by different people and different ideas !!

Sam Taylor Wood - Still Life!!
 I thought this image was a bit weird at first as it was a bowl of fruit. Then you saw the fruit decaying so turning into a grey misty colour. But soon after it decayed al ot more by turning it in a dusty /mould in a rotten way. This didn’t look eatable at all at this stage. The fruit did change colour to brown where it seemed like it was going off. I thought that nothing else was going to happen, but after that it  then turned yellow which was a bit weird, not eatable after that either . It was good video; the way he did it decaying showing that food can go off; maybe that's what his message was trying to say I think. I thought he could have made it where the fruit changed colour or even moved around on the screen or something, but it was good video his idea is very interesting.

Sam Taylor Wood – A little Death!!
          In this image you saw a dead rabbit positioned in an awkward place with his feet up on the wall that was weird I thought. Then you start seeing his skin moving like something was going to come out of it but it didn’t. The rabbit’s skin was falling apart; it looked like seeds I thought that you could see in his body. The seed was moving around inside it. Then as you saw this you saw like the brown colour was moving and spreading its way onto the wall (spreading away further up). I thought this was cruel, not very nice to see really. Then at the end you get the rabbit’s body in this dark long thing a bit strange to be honest. 

Sam Taylor Wood – Hysteria!!

         In this video you could see a women laughing her head off at one stage; the next you saw her like she was upset crying over something. You get the use of her hands touching her forehead,you can see the emotion that it gives off to the audience. I think this person’s message is that in our daily lives we all go through experiences that we may find upsetting or funny. We have a change of emotions throughout the day; we can instantly change our emotions depending on the situation that made us feel like that. I think it showed a good way of changing people’s emotions with the use of one person because we all go through different emotions.

David Lynch – Alphabet!!

         You get this image (location), not really sure what it is.You get this voice in the background of a man singing opera. I thought he was drawing the image; I thought he was telling the story of the location with the use of opera in his voice, it sounded tense. I’m not sure it’s just what I thought. Then you get the use of this big mouth without a face a bit weird I thought with the annoying sound as well.

     I liked how the ball was moving up along the two blocks. The sounds you get when watching this was really squeaky noises that are so annoying, you could easily straggle whose doing this noise; but it may be a sound effect used not sure. Then you get the changes of the pictures which I thought was weird. The images changed from organs from the body then turning it into some sort of body of a woman; with the whooshing and the stupid squeaking sound which is annoying. Then you get the use of floating letters which I thought worked well coming from the plant. Then you get the spooky girl, she reminds me a bit of that girl from the grudge with the dark black hair she does look scary. Then the use of the body again of the women spurts out blood from the eyes. The close up of a deformed face in a way which looks scary.

     You got the grudge girl again lying there, dots of blood splatters everywhere on the cover. Then you get her moving around on screen a bit creepy of her saying the alphabet with the hand movement. I think this message was trying to scare the audience at this point. You get the girl again but where you actually see the red blood splattering from her mouth, you get the sound of a TV fussing in a way .

Simon Ellis – Telling lies!!

          With this you get the use of the red words coming onto the screen very quickly which is linking into the voice at the start of them telling the story. You get the use of the numbers on screen like there actually dialling the numbers and you can hear that he is dialling the phone. I thought that worked really well with actually seeing the visual aspect of this with the letters appearing on screen; the uses of the numbers as they are quickly showed like he’s dialling them very quick. It's telling a story about lies about a girl, she said that she did it with a guy called Darren making the other guy jealous; the guy phones Darren he says that he didn't go back to hers when the guy asked; it's hard to believe who’s telling the truth of what really happened. At the end of this conversation you can hear Darren sounding like he's got a bad signal of the cutting of the sound where the guy asked him that he wouldn't do that to him. It makes you wonder is he lying. It shows that people can lie about stuff depending what it is and maybe it's trying to get out a message by saying it's not good to lie when it's in situation involving your mates or something. I still think this works even without images as long as you got the voices speaking so telling the story works well, like I said the numbers and the words coming on the screen.

    Kye Wilson – The kiss!!

       You get the inter title coming up, you get the use of a panning shot slowly moving towards this sheet weird . The Creepy whisper voice is very hard to understand but it sounds like a dream of the voices in this persons head. You get the quick shots of the covers moving a bit weird; I think it could show this person is having a bad dream of some kind; she has these voices in her head which she is trying to get rid of may be . You get the outer shadow of the covers in the background as well. Then you get the sound and the use of inter tiles on screen appearing. The sound is a lot quieter as you see the women, and then the other legs join together forming one piece which was pretty good.

     You get the use of the person again under the sheets, so it’s creating an enigma in a ghostly way of the movement. The outer shadow is being built outside from this. Then you get the use of the sheets in the background as well of the two people. The sheets they fade in over the top of them and then fade away leaving the two people to turn to white to a long necklace, I think not sure. Then another inter title comes up on the screen; you get the quick movement from this cover, then the pace gets faster like it’s transforming, you see her face appearing she looks scary. The image did transform into a women arrgh scary. You get a blackout; you just get the use of her face scary stuff. Then you get the annoying noise it sounds like a hoover arrgh it hurts your ears. At the end you get the whispers but you can't hear what they’re actually saying. It was good but very different and unusual I would say; but not my cup of tea.

    Sonia Falcone -SantaCruz Bolivia!!

     I really liked this one =).It shows at first the use of the bright and different tones of blues in the bars. You get the shadow of this like it's a mirror reflection. It changes the colours by fading in the blue tones then bringing out more vibrant bright colours which I think worked well. It changes to dots in a small bar then before; it uses the dots to change into this bright sparkling effect .I thought it gives of a concert is being taken place just before the singer goes onto the stage; they always do an opening sequence . The sparkles they remind me a bit of party poppers exploding with the excitement, like something’s happening. I really like this bit a lot .Then it changes colour to like a shadow kind of look, a bit like fibre optics with the colours moving around and the change of green tones to orange tones; then reaching out to all different tones moving up and down looks good. Then it looks like the colour changes giving it lines so adding texture to it. Then the colour flashes to dark tones of blue and then to a lighter tone of blue; it looks like a building at first then changes quickly to a dark shade of blue of scattered lines.

      I really liked that how it changes so quick into a different colours and the visual look is good. I really like this due to the vibrant colours changing then moving .Then it changes to the sparkling effect like a concert is being taking place, I like that bit .It reminds me of the base of the music is moving up and down with the use of the line bars of where the colour is changing and moving quickly; it’s like the tempo of the music I thought.  It's really good how she filmed this and this is an interesting video. I like the idea of it with the colours of the dots changing, it changes to the sparkles of quick flashes, it’s really good piece of work.    

     6 Mins of stuff getting destroyed!!

      You get the use of the jug appearing onto the table then it smashes up into loads of pieces across the table. I liked the way this was done very good .Then you get the use of the candle nice colour, then as something passes through it just then starts to shake like a hula hoop. You got the use of the paper being burnt from a bullet; it was so quick it looked like a bullet. Then the paper just moved floating the ash away, it started crumbling down at the bottom of the paper. I liked the orange one where it got the hammer it just smashed it, all the water splattered out from it I liked. You got the egg where it uses the mouse trap to splat open the egg with the egg juice splattering everywhere. I like the crayon one where there standing upright then something pushes through it; it makes the crayon fall apart with the use of the crayon bit flying out of the crayon. The crayon itself is floating the other way it looks good.

     The use of someone whacking the TV screen with a hammer and the glass shows through instantly. How weird I thought. The glasses moved on a side then all of them started moving which I thought was good. You get the use of the red wine I’m going to say, in the next image it splattered creating those circles ripples which was good how it transformed into another image was good .You see this karate guy smashing these bricks in one which is amazing as it is so quick the action; you see like the dust coming of the bricks as he smashes it. The use of these different light bulbs splattering on the floor everywhere I like it, it reminds you of when you was young having fun with paint splattering around everywhere creating a mess. You get the use of this card that has been ripped then it falls; it picks itself back up again that was good but not that wow factor.

     You got this person standing there , he gets chucked this paint at him it moves down to his body;  his body starts to move of the paint like it's bouncing of him . I thought that was weird but in a good way, just how the paint bounces of him it was weird but good. Then you got the flower wind mills just moving round with the dust in the air pretty boring it's just simple idea. It looks a bit like cake, someone just pushed there fist through it a bit plain I thought. The skater dude just jumping again just simple stuff what any skater can do. The use of a bottle spraying out white paint was really quick, then it slowed down; I thought that was good as it is different you wouldn't see that happen at all . The use of lighter is good with the flame coming out expanding a bit, then it jumps into the other image where it looks like it has landed on the moon; then the moon has splattered due to heat from the flame, I thought that was good and  interesting you wouldn't see that all .

     You have the use of the man standing there as he is being sprayed at by the paint, a bit boring to be honest anyone could film and do that but good though. You got the use of the three colours which evaporates into this dark hole that splatters, then it forms into a bouncy castle with the form of the water bouncing of it; it was a different idea with the use of water and colours but a good idea. You have the use of the three balloons as something sharp went through it, the balloon burst into paint splattering out. I like this because with a balloon it would burst but not like this it adds an effect with it; the paint it interesting to watch because it works really well. You have the use of the light bulb where it breaks of into little sparks then breaks completely; it’s interesting of a different outcome to normal, but I like the idea with the use of red sparks added to it. The use of the green circle then changes to blue, it splatters all over the guy with leaving him drenched. You see the blue stains it left on him, I thought that worked well as someone chucks him a green thing, it changes colour and then splats on him that's good.

      The use of squashing the boy’s face with the eggs, I think it was a bit weird not so keen on this. The use of the mouse traps on the glass bottle was good as then the mouse trap lifts the silver bit up it smashes it one by one then breaks; that was interesting as that would never happen. The use of lighters in the mixer jug changes colour a bit; like mist then sprays out the lighters, it’s interesting to see this different effect created. The use of the strawberry on the spoon splatters in the spoon; it was okeay but not interesting to watch. You got someone holding a bottle which the cork screw comes flying out; it explodes with the excess of the wine which is good, you see it flying into the other image of the glasses of the different colours of wine.  The wine then breaks the glass of two of them, you see the liquid dripping downwards .I liked this it is very creative here and a good idea. You have the two guys at the end getting splattered by the paint, creating that fun factor.       

25 April 2012

Desconstructing Thriller Poster !!

 Shutter Island !! - The font here is red it stands out really well =) . The colour works well as it a bright red so it be sign of blood danger. The image in the background of the island in the background  looks good with the storm of the heavy rain which you can see the rain rushing down on the poster which makes it look dramatic . It shows that it's not as what it seems , it's very dark , spooky , with the heaviness of the water rushing by like there is no escape from this island. The image in the background is good as you see Ledanodo Di Capero of close up of his face where it's all darkend out as he tries to find the women who went missing. His face looks a bit confuse , bit shocked of what he is seeing as the light doesnt last for long.(in the film) He sees his wife .You get the use of the light from the flame that is is very dim creates a bit of engima with the use of blackouts down under bit of a enigma when we see the man in the cell with quick blackouts the rain against the window (in the film). You get the use of the shadows of something is hiding away on Shutter Island by looking at the poster. The small word at the top is a bit pointless as it doesn't look right and it is very small . It should be positoned a bit further down with a bit more words added to it to make the font stand out a bit more as I don't think people would really notice this compared to the actual title that is right in the middle. So the title is  like right in our face your eyes would look straight at it then your eyes would go the image in the background then further around. The positioned of the image is right in the middle so it draws you in as it doesn't seem a nice place at all very dark, gloomy . The genre for this would be conspiracey as Leodarno Di Capero is on a mission to find this women who left the mental home but it's actually him who is is this home he confused , as he is  lost his wife he still believes that his wife is alive. Then he's got to face this path on a mission to find this women alone. He finds himself in a difficult situation  he starts to believe he has a partner with him but he doesn't it just him forgetting things so a bit of physlogical  genre here showing is emotions and how stress he is as well as the protagonist is confused Terry in this dream fighting for his life and thinking and beleieving that other people need saving too but Teddy starts to think that he was he brought there for a reason he soon begins to doubt everything of what he thinks happened as the hurricane shakes away the place losing his sananity and even his mind of what is actually real.

In my thriller poster !!
I like the poster as it is really dark , with the use of the colours. The font is bold so red which communicates thriller so blood meaning danger. The font is good how it's bold so the audience will look at it will notice it more.I like the use of the dark colours , it creates enigma of the whole image, you want that when an audience is looking at that poster. You want the poster to keep the audience hanging on when looking at a poster to keep the audience guessing . Having the image in the middle centred draws the audience in what the poster is illustration which doesn't give to much away when you look at this poster .I think the audience  you would want to know more by looking at this poster , as it conveys enigma of this place it looks so dark , remains out of nowhere someone where dark in the high seas of this mental institution home .With the use of the image(close up) at the top with the dim light, it makes you want to know what he is looking at , who is he looking for, - theatre of the mind used, what is this place all about is any of this real sort of thing so implies more questions that what you want your poster to do to  make it more interesting .  I will take this into consideration on when creating , designing my poster to a thriller so  I will take these all account of what will make the audience notice our thriller poster.  

In my thriller project !!

- Here again the use of the dark colours , reaming an enigma of this person . This keeps the audience guessing implying questions to our audience .The colour codes stick to three/four colours instead of overlapping it which would be to much . The font here has kept in simple but with the text positioned to the left. It's not bold but I still think it works relating to the three colours of this .The image is right in centre being the audience main attraction to look at as it draws you as you can't see this persons face. She remains an enigma,  implying questions , who is this person , why she spying on her next door neighbour et c.  You have the use of the shadows that makes it enigma of something hiding away so who this person actually is .You want it to be bold , big , stand out , different , thriller type and et c .  In the binoculars the use of orange,red colour so something going to happen danger and that it's going to end badly . So I will take these into consideration when creating my poster to make it a thriller which will help with conveying a thriller poster, to make the audience attract themselves to a poster so with the codes and conventions of poster .

Disturbia !! - The font here is kept it simple as it is postioned in the left hand side and the other text is postioned at the top which I think it would of been better if they make it stand out more.The top sentence at the top makes you want to read it to draw the audience in.  The tile could of been standed out more to draw you in but the image does that too you anyway. I like the image that is being used here where it's black and white of the person I think they done this to cretae an engima to keep this killer a mystery of who she/he actually is and why is she/he killing these people.I think the colours work very well , as they create dark feel when you look at .The use of the binocaulars I think looks good where this mystery person is watching these people's evey move and the use of the orange colour / red colour creates like there going to be killed with the use of these colours . You get the use of shadows from her hands creates engima of who she / he is .  Then you have like this other person there in the binocalurs which you can't really see who he/she is creating another engima . It looks like this person has a knife in there hand but im not quite sure there maybe another killer on loose maybe one of the killers assistant not quite sure though there about to kill this girl. The girl you can actually see she looks terrified , it like she knows the killer is watching her as she is looking right at the killer like she doesn't know what to do. It looks like this is going to end badly especially with the killer watching them as we speak arrgh !! I would be scared arrgh !! It does create thearte of the mind  so it implies questions why is she watching these people ?? Why would she want to kill her next door neigbour?? who is this person ??... Why is she spying on  this girl?? When you look at this image you see one side of her face covering up like it's in the shadows so maybe she has no other face that side ha ha and plus it hides this person identity !! By not reavelaing to much reaming as a big engima which is good without giving to much information away. I think this could be a crime genre thriller as I think that there is a serial killler next door who is going to murder this young girl but it's going to be more concentrated on the killer not nesscarily having the police involve well not big snap its of them anyways so it be more on the killer of what there game plan is and seeing more of the young girl . With showing emotions of the young girl, I think were going to see the girl  trying to find away of escaping the house as the girl is in serious danger but I have a feeling she won't have much luck as the kiler going to be there everywhere she turns ...  I think it will show more of the action from the serial killer of stabbing  the young girl and attacking , being violent towards her I think .I haven't seen the movie  but it's just what I think what I think could happen.

In my thriller poster!!
Again the use of the red bold writing that what the audience will look at first , it draws you in straight away . It is positioned in the middle centre so it draws you in straight away . The use of the fonts so the inter titles in white is very small but it doesn't really matter it just inter titles really that is a story heading in a form of way without revealing to much of the poster away . The poster again has kept the colour of blue/ dark,with it's colours it's keeping it dim, dark of keeping the audience hanging on so what's going to happen . The image is very small at the bottom but then it expands over to this whole forest with it being in such a enclosed space . When it reaches to the top it starts to get lighter showing the day from an early start where it's calm maybe just what i'm thinking then it gets darker to where there is danger later on with the crazy women who we believe is nice at the start then she turns evil later on during the video . You have the red font colour at the top as well with keeping to the colour scheme , it relates a lot to thriller- blood , danger, dark colour can relate to violence as well which is showed with these colours.These colours , font , text positioning will help when I come to design my poster for our thriller . 

Misery !! The font's title draws me in straight away as it's very big as it's in capitals and stand out more wit h the use of the red font could makes me think of dealth that something bad going to happen. The text is positoned well straight in the middle that what the audience would look at first with there eyes .... The image in the background looks good very dark with the use of the blue dim light look good making it dark , creepy if you went there . This be the  place where the guy living it seems such a small place there enclosed in by the use of the forest as the women doesn't want anyone to find what she really up to so know one will know the truth of what /who she actually is. The use of the small text is very small it's good what it say's it draws you in and you want to find out more of what the story is . But the lack of it is the font is tiny it should be a little bit bigger so the audience who reads this can actually read what it says . The forest is soo dark with the use of blue tones as it's makes you feel it's a very dark , dull, place to live out of nowhere . It doesn't look safe at all I wouln't go there you never know what's going to happen or who going to be waiting there near the door .... Arrgh !!!! The title of the director and screen play are good in the colour red and it stands out alot more than the writing in white ha ha . The colour scheme here has kept it simple with the result of three colours red , blue , white ...Which looks good. The image it looks quiet well a bit too quiet , dark , scary a bit , lonely as there's nonone around except from your killer. You have the use of the actor /actress just above the title which looks good but as the background blue /black it kind of sucks the font it as it not as clear as the fonts in red so maybe would of been good if it was in a bit darker shade of blue or white . You don't want the poster to be complicated with so many colours because it be a bit too much but keeping it too three simple colours is good as it's not overdoing it =) . The use of the mountains look good at the top of the poster as it shows there out of the middle of nowhere the blue shade is good with the use of white creates the atmoshephere is calm then as you move further down it's deserted as there's no one around as there right out of town .The light here is very bright then it moves down to dark with a little dim light from a candle which looks like it's shining near the door the rest of the house is blackout So it uses the theartre of the mind I think where it implies theartre of the mind why is the rest of the house black out ??, what's with the use of the dim light has she killed him??. Why is is soo quiet ?? This is a genre of  Phsylogical as we have the women Annie a crazy women as the antagonist , then we have have our handi capp protagonist the guy in the wheel chair ... The women seems nice but then we see her true colours coming through=/ She is a violent women trying to kill the protagonist... You can see he is not happy he just wants to get out of her house !! At first we don't see that Annie is a harmful women but we start to believe that she is a nice person but with having false hope she cuts off the protagonist legs what a violent women !! arrgh !! (In the film.)

24 April 2012

Bath Salts - Advertisement !!

- USP- Unique Selling Point - Different to Bath salts - ours will change colour to purple!! Ours will give out a fragrance of perfume - flowery smell for women -Daisy perfume we will use for the bath salts!! Then you will have one for men a musky Jovan fragrance !!

They both will be sold separately so pot for women and pot for men in a big pot so you can use it all the time after working out from the gym or a long day at work.

Positives!! - Make you feel so much better about yourself

- Give's you that sparkling glow

- Makes your skin feel soft

- It will work straight away

- It will give out a fragrance of a musky smell for men

- Another separate bottle for Women giving out flowery smell

- Change colour – purple

- Target Audience - Women and Men

- Rival companies - Body Shop here they get there bath salts from Japan which is quite popular when you want to use something that has spa feel to it with green tea in it .

- Special offers - Buy 1 get second one free and the third one 50% cheaper

 TV and print advert!!
We found an advert on YouTube of a Water salt that is being advertised in 1985 - with the product radox

There slogan is basically saying after a busy day whether it's shopping or pulled a muscle from doing something , it's time to relax - Secret of Relaxation !!

- here the link for the video!! It’s really simple and quick …..

Print based - After a long, hard day, relax in a hot Radox Herbal Bath with its secret blend of herbs and minerals and let it melt away your aches and pains. A Radox Vapour Therapy bath naturally helps to relieve aching muscles, warm shivery bodies, and contains eucalyptus which acts as a decongestant to help clear your head.

Slogan - Hannah's idea!!- Take a bath, relax, let your muscles unwinded .
- Have a soundtrack of Hannah - voice over singing about bath salts - voice over!!...


Guy at the gym working it out and then he pulls a muscle then you have intercut with a women working at the office then we switch between the two people in their daily life ... Then intercuts again when they come home from working by putting in the bath salts this can be close up and also of them turning on the bath in the next shot you see them get in the bath relaxing taking in the smell of the fragrance.... Long shot used !! Then you have the product in the right hand corner and the slogan underneath it bold letters so it captures the audience’s attention!!


Matt's Work - Class Notes !!

Film Company's !!
Paramount , Universal , Lions Gate , Dreamworks , Warner Bros , Screen Gems , 20th Century , Pixar , Disney , Bad Robert , New Line Cinema , Touch Stone , B.F.I, Columbia , Miramax , Aarandman , Pathe , Six Entertainment , Film Four , BBC + Lucas Films ltd .

TV Company's !!
 Granda , BBC , MTV , E! , Dave , 5 , North One , Really , FX , Sky , Virgin , Comedy Central , Discovery Channel , History Channel , HBO, NBC, ESP , CBS , God , Sony .

Press!! ( Newspapers)
The News , News int , Daily Mail , The Mirror , The Sun , OK! , Sunday Times , Vogue , I , The Zoo , Men's Fitness , Independent , The Guardian , Nuts , Kerrang , X-Box Magazine , Horse and Hand , Empire , Nintendo , Top Gear , The Daily Telegraph , Echo , Airsoft , Playboy , National Georgraphic , Cosmopolitan , Heat , Lucky .

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Music !!
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22 April 2012

walking dead notes !!

Walking Dead!!

Walking dead viewing figure in April 2011- 1.60 million views then in May it went down so to 1.47 in May which isn’t that bad but it decreased down slighlety - 13

Characters!! – Protagonist!!Rick Grimes who plays the sheriff Nick who is shot and then suddenly he is in a coma which he trying to save his life and his family’s before the zombies get them all. We are associated with him at the start. He is a smart guy, who looks after his family he is a good father to his son.

Antagonist = zombies who are a dangerous source are out to kill him and his family so theres an army of them which looks like they came together to kill which he tries to fight them and to save his family’s life.

Lori – is married to Nick she is very compassionate women she will do whatever it takes to protect her family. She has an affair with Shane Nick best mate but Shane tells her that he is dead but when she finds out the truth want to kill him after lying to her .

Carl – son to Rick he worships his farther he’s a kind boy quiet but he gets on with his dads mate Shane. He a very intelligent boy, Shane teaches Carl has to survive out in the wild. He is suffering loss from his father which his family think is dead. But soon his father comes back and happiness full fills him again.

Shane – Is Rick’s best friend they known each other from school and they work as partners with each other on the same job. Shane a good friend also to his son Carl. He takes Ricks family to Atlanta to keep them safe from the zombie’s alcolypse that is being taking place before their eyes.

Narrative !!

- Actor Nick Grimes is a police officer who gets shot by this guy he is bleeding to death then we see him in a coma struggling confuse of where he is …We see him waking up in a hospital he soon realizes that he is dead and that he is with the dead people so there zombies everywhere he turns. He is the only guy that has who has survived, he soon realizes that his family are gone and he’s on a mission is to search for them before it’s too late. Soon the zombies are everywhere in Atlanta he soon finds his wife Lona and his son. Rick does whatever he can to survive with fighting fears throughout the episode to help save his family before it’s too late.

Reviews of season 1

Wow, this series has blown my mind, great characters, great story and amazingly awesome zombies, very believable, acting is great. 5 star

At last a great tv show new no re runs. dont know how anyone can moan. bring on lots more seasons plzzz. great story line luv it – five star

the story builds up nicely and has left me wanting more . Second favourite TV series . Four star

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Neils lesson Class Notes - Video Installation !!

- Experimental Video

- 1-2 min video

- Installation

- Preconceptions!!

- Random

- Controversial

- Flashing Images

- Something different

- Breaking Boundaries and Rules

- Do anything you want

- Weird

- Visual tricks

- Optical Illusions / effects !!

Silk Screening Equipment + Process when it the print room !!

Squeegee - A squeegee is used for when we want to push the acrylic on the mesh screen all the way up. We want to use the squeegee in one motion making sure it goes all the way up with a simple flow so it covers the whole of the mesh screen. You have to put a bit of pressure on this so the acrylic actually goes on nicely. With these you can get a round or a flat squeegee which will turn out as an alternative process.

Mesh screen we use for when we are screen printing our design from our a image so Positive film. The mesh screens are a bit like tights as they are transparent so there see through you can see your design coming through when you wash it off.When we pick up a mesh screen we can get different sizes but we want to get the right squeegee for our mesh screen so we get an equal outcome when spreading the acrylic onto the mesh screen.  Here as you can see with this image the emulsion has worked and you can see the white outline of the image which will work well once the acrylic is onto it as the mesh has tiny holes on it to allow the paint to go through . 

Step 1 - Silk screen with my design on with using the light box to expose my image onto the silk screen . You get a piece of paper or any types of material really and you place it underneath the mesh screen , so you can screen onto either paper or fabric. You have to get it in the right position so preferably in the middle ...

Step 2 - You can use tape to mark up your margins so everything stays in proportion. Also use masking tape inside the mesh screen so the ink if wet doesn't ooze up through the silk screen and leave marks in the design . 

Step 3 - You decide on the right squeegee that fits your mesh screen . Here the image next to this  he has got the wrong squeegee as you can see he has missed of a bit of the top bit where he has went over it it gone all slogey the ink to make it wonky and run down so always best to get the right one =) 

Step 4 -  You use the palette knife to place the medium (ink) at the top of the mesh screen so a fair bit which will will cover the image. You spread across the top which you even it across, so you cover the whole of the image . when your using the squeegee to press it down with pressure in one downwards movement without taking it off the paper. 

Step 5 - Using the squeegee you coat it downwards in one slow movement which should cover the entire image . Firmly press the squeegee and ink it together and pull it downwards to you. Tilt the squeegee at a 60 - angle .

Step 6 - Once you done that you should have a finish outcome on the paper or material you have used. You use the palette knife to put back any excess of the medium you have used back into the pot . 
Step 8 - Carefully move the wet print to the drying rack to dry. We don't hang our work up on pegs because the ink would drip and get everywhere . 

Step 9 - Pull of the packaging tape and throw it away  !!

Step 10 - You wash your mesh screen with a  use of a sponge to clean of the medium so you can do another outcome with a different medium so you don't have the ink stick to it so it would dry out . You sponge both front and back of the screen removing traces of the Medium (ink) .... Wash squeegee and palette knife too.

The light box!!  - The light box we use when we want to expose our image onto the mesh screen for screen printing. 
Screen printing is the most versatile printing process . It can be used to print on paper , fabrics etc . Silk screening printing was first adapted by graphic artist in the 1930's and popularized by pop artist Andy Warhol in the 1960's.
Step 1 - We have to get an our image ready that we are going to use for the silk screening process.
Step 2 - We have to clean the glass.

Step 3 close the lid
Step 4 - Heat it up by pressing on button by turning the dial

  Step 5 -When it's heated up we place our  acetate Image (positive film) onto the glass 

Step 6- We put our ready mesh screen on top of our positive film facing the green emulsion side on top so we can see it .
Step 7 - Then we lock it with the two key locks on each side of the light box make sure it locked properly.
Step 8 -  We turn the dial onto on, then we press vacuum button on the box we wait till it's flat for the tubes to get ready the vacuum sucks all the air out which might be underneath the mesh board. The vacuum will keep the mesh board from moving so if anything did move underneath the board the board will not move as the vacuum sucks all the air out. You wait until it's gone solid ready for the cooking of the mesh screen -This is a quick process, the ultraviolet light underneath you will see at the bottom of the light box and this exposes the image onto the mesh board.  

Step 9 - 240 light unit then click onto the start button hold on to the other circle button  for 5 secs for the process to be put it to action. If you don't hold it for 5 secs then your mesh screen will be halfed baked. This will cook the mesh screen so you have to wait till it's done . If you take it out before it will be half cooked so it won't be much point in using in for silk screening then you'd have to do it again then that is a pain to do to start over again.

Step 10 - Too wait till the light unit has gone down and finished .

Step 11 After turn of vacuum - unlock it and lift the lid 
step 12 - Take over to the water bath

Step 13 - Put apron on so you don't get wet .

Step 10 - Get the jet wash and spray all over the mesh screen till you see the white emulsion coming through . 

Jet wash!! – You use the jet wash when after using the light box you take it to the water bath. You put your mesh screen into the sink bit and wash it down with the jet wash. You want a bit of pressure with the water to get all the excess of the image. You will start seeing your design coming through also use a cloth to rub it to get rid of the excess too.   

Material!!- Paper for screening our design on to a piece of paper so we can see what our outcome will look in a clear view. You can also use parcel tape as well known for packaging so the post office use this. It is is quite good to use as it’s allot thicker. It’s good to try out with different materials when screening your design.~ parcel paper

Acrylic paint!! – We use this to mix up the ink we get a matte shine finish onto our mesh screen.
Acrylic – (medium) however does mix with the emulsion in the big white pot. You can use a plastic container to mix it up in.  
Screen printing emulsion – medium = paper - this is for paper as it is water based ... So the emulsion  for our screens we use is photosensitive emulsion which this allows our mesh screen to be baked .  

Fabric screen printing which works with clothes so it will come of easily in the wash.  High quality so it can go into the wash easily. It’s not used for paper!! As it is transparent….. This will dry allot faster.
If you get it on your hands you must wash it off quickly !!  

Paint (medium) we use this to ink up our image , we can use all sorts of different colors to try out giving you a different outcome . Not a good idea to use white acrylic as it's not really worth using and plus it will dry so fast it will stick to the mesh screen not good =/ .So best not to use this one !!

Palette Knife we use to put the acrylic on to the mesh board and also can get rid of any excess or if you put too much on the board you can easily put it back in the pot. 

Scissors!! – You use to cut things out on paper or on any fabric you want to cut out .

Scoop!! – You use this when you’re inking up the silk screen. You have your mesh screen facing forwards so you have more space to move into. You get the right size scooper to match your mesh screen. You tilt the scooper onto the board and you wait for the wave has gone onto the mesh screen (green azocol). After the acrylic (ink) has gone onto the mesh screen you move all the ink up slowly with the scooper with applying pressure to it. There you will have your coated ink all done but it does take a while for it to dry before using it.

Big board – is used when screen printing a t-shirt, we use our mesh board then put the big board onto the table so we don’t get any ink on the table. You would need to put newspaper onto it so when your silk screening your image onto a t-shirt you will have to get something to hold the mesh screen onto a angle so that it’s not flat on the surface as the acyclic will leak through to the other side of the t-shirt and will start to drip when holding it up. Also it’s a good idea to put a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so when you come to silk screen it won’t move and it won’t go onto the other side of the t-shirt.

Newspaper always good to put down so you don't get it all over the desk , because if you did it doesn't come off ... Best to put it down so it doesn't get everywhere ... 


 Light box is used when you want to trace an image onto paper or tracing paper instead of drawing it out yourself can be allot easier and quicker.

Hazard Cone – So when near the water bath there can be water everyone on the floor as the floor in the printing room are titles so the water can be very slippery so put the hazard cone on the floor where the water is Also use the mop to soak up the water and put it down the drain near the sink to get rid of the water.
  Paper Towel – to wipe down the sides and to also dry of your mesh screen after you have used the hose to wash it down.
Drying Rack – is where we leave our work to dry .

Peparing For a Silk Screen !!

Step 1 - Put a apron on to protect your clothes

Step 2 - Get a mesh screen 

Step 3 - Choose the size of screen you want 

Step 4 - Get a clean mesh screen not dirty (no specs in it ) because it will give you a poor outcome

Step 5 - Get the right size scooper to match your Mesh screen 

Step 6 - Apply the Alzocol to the mesh screen 
 don't put to much of it on the scooper you don't need loads !!

Step 7 - The Azocol is more of a light green how ever it won't work because it needs to be a turqouise colour !! This is photosensitive so won't come out of your clothes so be careful...

Step 8 - Make sure the alycilic is even - The porportion along the troth 

Step 9 - Watch the wave (phototsensitive azolocol)you use the wave to coat it 

Step 10 - You will need a friend to hold the scooper so hold it firm !!

Step 11 - You need to push the mesh board against your foot

Step 12 - Mesh screen  has to face the front

Step 13 - A friend puts the scooper against the screen and starts from the bottom of the printable area - Make a wave!!

Step 14 - A wave is a Azocol it tilts the scooper and slowly push it up P.S Don't make it drip and apply pressure all the way to the top Don't movie it to slow because you won't get it even  so apply pressure !!

Step 15 - Tilt the scooper  back so it doesn't drip and so it doesn't go over it, save ink !! 

Step 16 - Then once it's done you put the screen into the dark cuboard because you don't want the light to get on to it it make the ink dry and plus it is photosensitive  It takes a while for it to dry!!

Other essentials that you will need!! :

1. Penicl - You will need a pencil to draw your things onto paper or for any further outcome drawings.

2 . Rubber - For rubbing things out if it looks a bit weird if you have made a mistake . Best not use this rubber because once you've drawn it you may have to rub it out . With a plastic rubber it will spudge a bit and could get onto your clothes . Putty rubber is best used for when rubbing out a piece work and it's good for smudging in / shading an effect especially with charchol you get a good effect

Pen to draw things with instead of a pencil to add finer detail to your drawings . 

3. Finer liner - Is always good when you want outline your work to make it stand out even more by making it bolder 

3 . Journal - Is used when you want to put your work into your journal . You can use it to annotate your work with your findings and outcomes of your developent of your work . You can explain what you did , and how you did it , what tools you have used. So bascially a detail development document of stages of your work .

Acetate Paper we use this to screen our design onto mesh screen - it is see through you be able to see the dark outline in black and white ... This will work for positive film ... This is one of the easy methods of doing this as it's alot quicker because you can easily change bits on Photoshop making it look more darker or lighter shade of threshold colour . Then you can print it off =) 

                                                                Health and Safety !!

1 . Do not eat or drink in the print room - You could easily spill a drink on someone's work and don't think they will be too pleased if you did . Then it can ruin there work then there have to do it again =/ not good .

2 .Put the bags and coats at the back of the classroom so it's not in the way when your working and plus so you don't rip over anyone's coats or bags .

3 .  Don't mess about with scissors or pallet knifes as this can be very dangerous especially if your running with a pair of scissors .

4. Don't get photosensitive emulision on your hands because it can irritate your skin and it's not a good idea so wash  off quickley .

5. Don't mess with the jet wash due to high pressure the water can spray out fast . You can easily get someone wet which don't think there be impressed by. Also it can get all over someones work , and all over the floor so someone could slip and hurt themselves . 

Always wear an apron in the print room so you don't get any medium (ink )on your or any other substances on your clothes especially if your wearing brand new clothes. It be best idea to wear an apron so you don't ruin your clothes and it will protect you as well . 

7 Don't run in the work place can be dangerous you could hurt yourself .

     8 . Clean the work area afterwards after you have made a mess !!


9 . When using the big light box when it is vaccum away don't open the lid of it as that can be very dangerous as the ultraviolent light is preety bright so it could blind you . At the botom is the black shutters as well which opens when the vaccum is in ammence aka the glass will start flying out making you blind and you can gets cuts everywhere on your face so best not to do (open it) leave it until the count down has finished(lighting unit which counts down it will stop once that is done you can unlock it and then remove your mesh screen . It should of expose your image. =)