15 December 2011

childrens drama - characters , problems occured , storyline

what we tried to create!! - storyline !!
Is bacially about a group of pirates who are looking for treasure and they hear like these sobbing noises of someone crying for help . Then there very anxious of what is coming from the woods. They go into the woods and find a boy who is sobbing . Then they find out why he is crying because Kenni (Adam) who was very mean to his friends . So the pirates strike a deal if he helps them out the pirates they will help them  him out .So pirates ask Kenni to be a nicer a person and to be nice to his friends. Then Shannon (Shipmate) gives the device to Kenni to let him to change back the past and undo the things he wish he never done . So bascially the pirates are helping kids to become a better person to others so friends and how being mean to someone doesn't get you anywhere in life. So being nice is the best way forward . So it lets kids know whats the right thing to do instead of doing the wrong thing which can upset people .

The Chracters !!- who did what !!
We had Adam as Kenni as the lost boy who is a bit sarcastic and bit cocky ...That suited him well for that character ha ha . Kieran was the Captian so he was the main character as he was in charge , can be quite strict as he is the Captian of course .You have Claudia and Shannon , Claudia was Joe who was quite keen and loves animals and Shannon was Shipmate the proffessional pirate who likes to earn rewards and can be quite mean if you push his buttons . The director was me and Georgie was like assitant to help with set / props, getting characters ready . The camera work was me , we all took part in the editing so we all had an input to that .

Problems occured!!  Well when the childrens drama was due in problems did happen with the computer we were using.  The E drive it wouldn't let us insert our footage for a strange reason but then I sorted it out . Then it was taking forever to copy into the E drive probably because we had alot of footage it was copying then it was saying 35mins left ...Then we thought nearly done but then it said 80mins left to go so that was really confussing how it went down and then went back up weird !!! .. So this took 2 hours but it still hasn't copied into the E drive so we just all sat there waiting for it to hurry up but it didn't look like it was it was doing anything, it  was taking forever for some reason. So that wasted about 2 hours, we could of gotten it all nearly done- edited for a rough cut but we didn't because it was taking forever for it to copy .... So we just went home in the end after doing nothing really stupid computer arrgh !!  The audio levels because in some parts it was quite quiet and you couldn't hear what they were saying . We wern't very organised with our clips as on the E drive the files were everywhere , it was so confusing to find out which file was ares what we were using. I did say to put in the folder but noone really listen do they . So that was a night mare trying to find out what clips we wanted to use and some of the footage wasn't there . When I was filming I did get claudia out of shot a bit she was so close tothe ege , and also with having the three of the pirates in shot I did cut of Shannon and Kirean a bit . I didn't mean to but I was trying to un tighting the handle as it was stiff , so that was probably why it looked bad ha ha .

The day to get it done well due in !!
On friday 9th December problems occured with editing, the computer kept freezing , premire pro kept coming up with not responding. But with some of the footage we had it was edited but it was missing parts out so it may of been confusing of what the storyline is ... So Georgie came up with an idea of just putting in a story of telling it without the footage as were mssing bits of it so it gives you that idea of whats happening . But then Georgie thought of getting a video clip of youtube a pirates ship to put at the start with an open sequence of the story. So we were all looking for a pirates ship for most of the lesson but we couln't find one that was suitable ... But in the end we did that took some time then we converted it to a video clip but then it was in a audio clip not a video clip. So then we had to download it again but then it wouldn't insert into premire pro for some reason .... Then it reached to the end of the lesson we were no where done .... So in the end we didn't use the youtube clip or intertitles in the end we just left it as were running out of time. I thought to stay behind to get everything  done , the others had work , and drama thing to go to... So I stayed behind . Then this turns out as a disaster...I was editing on premire pro ,then the computer kept crashing and not responding again ..... so that took some time for that to sort it's way out .... Then I wanted to import back in the file again , then it wouldn't come up for some strange reason , then I renamed the file but it wouldn't open in premire pro so I was getting really annoyed . On the computer there are so many files of ours it's so confusing to find out which one is ours because we've refilmed so many times its all there all the old footage on screen with all muddled up . But I've told to put it into a folder but noone listens to me so yea . The file kept saying can't open or something then I was like what so I renamed it again it opened then it would say failure .... This was taking forever to do to open it up bout 3 hours to do .... So i've just been trying to fix the computer during those hours because it kept crashing so files were lost , it wasn't responding then it would'nt insert so I don't know .... Then in the end it worked after 3hours so that really annoyed me. I hate computers prefer laptops so much easier to use and don't crash as much as the pcs . Then I was sorting the files out as there all muddled up , then I couldn't find the footage that I wanted .... Well I'm not surprised really as the files were everywhere not in a folder ..... So I  found some of the footage but It's not what I wanted for the shot after. We're nowhere near finished so I was just annoyed if I had one of my group member there It probably would of been done but they had to go to work and stuff .... I was just so tired after , and really stressed out..... I didn't even get anywhere so that was pointless staying behind really .

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