17 October 2011

When writing your script there are several tools that you can use to help you write your script and format it in the appropriate way. One of the tools you can use is scene heading and this is what you would click on when you were writing your scene heading for example scene 1 interior office building day etc. Also there is action which is where you would write what action is going on in the scene such as what the character is doing for example the character might be walking out the room. Another tool is Character which is where you would write the characters name every time that they have some dialogue in the scene so that the actors know when it is their turn to speak. Another tool is dialogue which is where you would write the dialogue that the actors are going to say in each scene. Also you can use parenthetical which is where you write how you want actors to say their dialogue and celtx will automatically put this in brackets for you. An example of this would be (sarcastically) or something along those lines. Another tool you could use is shot which is where you would write what type of shot you want at that particular moment. Also when you use celtx you can use a tool called pagination which is where celtx will number the pages making it easier for your actors to find the right page without having to count each individual page.

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