18 October 2011

The story is being told by the characters themselves. In this case the story had started by Arthur as it showed a flashback of Binky of him doing sports, but he didn’t like the competitive side of it as you could see of course. There isn’t really a narrative side to it it’s just the characters themselves putting this piece of how young kids life interact with family and friends and pressing out a bit to achieve their goal. However this does relate to another form of children's drama Tracy Beaker as it tells a story of Tracy Beakers life of how Tracy interacts with her friends or even classed as enemies in the care home and how people interact with other people too. It also achieves how the kids in the care home how they become closer as they live their night and day. Every kid in their has their group of friends which they may have the same interest or have alot in common with each other. The Tracy Beaker programme tells a story in similar way to Arthur programme as it both relates to the characters so their personality coming across to us in telling a story with interactions with friends and then having like these stereotype of an evil character who ruins that persons life for the other kids.You can see how it starts and how it may end with happy ending thats what you would expect. Tracy she has this highly imagination images which are colourful of how a child may think in their own brains of how to overcome situations in contrast with the Arthur programe I looked at with Binky having this image in his head of his innerself telling him what to do , this kinda relates to Tracy of how she thinks to deal with situations , but with Binky his inner feeling telling him what do to make him win the race. 

 But then Binky soon starts taking up a sport of cycling which he didn’t realize was a sport until he found out that a famous sport athlete Vance Leg strong had won the loop italia 4 times he got influenced by him and he tried out the cycling course he enjoyed it as he practise and practised . He soon wins the race even thou he didn’t think he did. But the characters in this are very strong and helping and providing kids with social skills and helping them out by a TV programme is quite good. The characters can give across information to kids who watch this.However relating to actual childrens drama Tracy Beaker is a bit like this as it does influence us with the different people involved we learn something from them about their character or even taking away something from it of like how the people watchingthis may think on how they are. The characters in Arthur have some form of the characters in Tracy Beaker, the characters are very strong characters in the parts they play . You can kinda guess how they are going to be on screen with the character who they are you will get some sort of feel what they are going be to like. With Tracy Beaker it does support a big part of how kids act today , them as a person which does relate too kids in how there behaviour interfers with the people around them. In comparision with Arthur and Tracey Beaker programes they are form of people young kids and older kids who relate to childrens life today. The programes of these two show a great way of what a teenge life is all about and kids life too. It shows a good understanding of these programes of what is likely to happen, and how to resolve situations in life today if they get into a situation so it realtes to kids . It's a good way to present this in programe as it shows a bright colourful images with all these characters playing people that you would expect to have in school. These two programes I think show how to be a nicer person and not to be nasty as being nasty doesn't get you anywhere in life. Whether it is having this steryotype of a nasty person who pick on the vulerbable people and don't think they can do anything this relates to Arthur and Tracy Beaker.It may make them think of how their behavoiour reflects on other people and who they are. It may also make the person watching this think that they are one of those type characters and may think that it's not acceptable way to act like this , being bully to the vulerable people . In Arthur it showed who aspect of emotions this relates to Tracy Beaker ,as it shows different emotions at they have younger kids and older kids in the care home,with Arthur it has kids in it they both share emotions in the same form.

 It shows a good understanding for kids to learn in animated version. They always a have a sister in it so Arthurs sister can be brat and course she can cause trouble my making things worst just like she did when Binky finished practise of the cycling and B.I.W was like” I don’t think Buster likes competitions” but Buster was willing to put that aside he now thought he can be completive that he will take part in the competition. The clothes they wear jeans and t-shirt, PE kit just like when you’re at school. Backpacks identity’s they are children as they go to school. The way they act is just like 4year olds – 8 year olds. In relation to Tracy Beaker theres always one that causes trouble for the innocent people just B.I.W who causes trouble for Binky with putting him down , this runs through emotions which we feel aslo with Tracy beaker we see emotions who swam through with a girl called Tracy Beaker causes trouble for the less vulerable person who she dislikes . This realates to narrative side because both of these children dramas tell a story with an older person picking on the younger kids because there not good at something and there better sort of thing. Then these problems always get resolve in the end with them making up so does relate to each other .Tracy Beaker has got this competitve side to her where if she doesn't like the person she will do her best to make that persons life hell by ruining things for that person or Justine for that matter. , In comparsion it's like that at the start of Binky playing football picking on him saying things to him in nasty form of way as hes not the strongest player on the team so it relates to the same thing older people picking on the vulerable people .

 A generic aspect of being a kid is there mood but everyone has a tantrum of a young age, this progress of their character so for e.g. Binky at the start of playing football he got distracted wasn’t focusing on what he was doing , they got really angry towards B.I W s she was saying “shoot” but she meant to the goal not to her. Binky got really annoyed but anyone would be a bit angry if they weren’t playing a good game or they weren’t focusing on their surroundings. This happens, if you’re out of touch. Things happen during children’s life you’re not going to agree on same things may disagree. It’s about growing up and things that occur when you’re a kid at school, with friends and family just like in this children’s drama series. This definatley relates to programe Tracy Beaker as it does create a atmosphere with all the different moodswings within the different characters which  reflects of on other people thats what makes really good to watch and sometimes intense . Tracy Beaker certainly does have a tantrum when she doesn't get her own way, then she starts move on to someonelse and takes it out on them by giving them grief . Everyone childrens drama does send highly emotions and feel of touch of the characters in both of the childrens drama thats what makes it good to watch as it makes us feel as an audience who watches it with the tension which builds up of a fight which definaley will act in Tracy Beaker. Arthur and Tracy Beaker you have these characters they do have there different interactions with friends , enemies , and family like Cam, Arthurs friends , family they both have different interactions with each other . As they both have their own group of friends who they get on with there both have different things they like but have the same interest in and hang around with  their friends this relates to both of the tv programes I have looked at .


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