17 October 2011

To open a celtx programme you first need to click on the start button which is on the bottom left hand side of the screen. When you have clicked on this you need to click on all programs and click on the celtx programme and it will give you the option of celtx or celtx safe mode. You need to click on celtx mode and not the safe mode one becaue the safe mode version can restrict you on some of the things that celtx will let you do. When you have done this it will come up with the main screen of the celtx programme. On the left hand side it will say project template and you need to click on film and then it will come up with the main screen for you to now start writing your script.

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  1. Thank you. You seem to be the only person on the internet who knows what the difference is between the regular and the safe mode.