30 October 2011

background material - survey !!

Here I have used a website called zoomerang to create my own survey on internet saftey . I used this site to display in the right apporpiate manner which it gives a proffessional look with the boxes and the outline of it to make it look like actual survey . The questions i asked was about the internet in genral and internet saftey really . I Wanted to find out about if people have protection on there computer , if they run daily scans, about there settings on there social netwoking site. I have used this website to create a survey online which can help me with the right layout for a survey . I have asked questions on internet saftey which is the topic i chosen to do.This is the website I used to help me set out the survey in a proper look (proffessional.)t a big thing ,what they use the internet for, and reasonable questions about th internet really .

http://app.zoomerang.com/Home/MySurveys.aspx - Here shows my layout of my survey !!


Here shows my results of my survey that has been put into action =)

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