9 October 2011

ideas for our children drama i came up with !!

Children dress up as pirates , then they go onto this ship to this island, they get comfronted by the pirates !!! arrgh

Another idea would be we were entertainers ( i know this isnt a childrens drama but just idea in genrall ) that nteract with the kids at home. So being funny,singing, dancing , being stupid but having fun with the kids at home.

Another idea is three kids go into the woods, they want to find the treasure. They walk through the woods and they hear this screeching sound, plus they hear twigs falling of the trees. They soon then realize its a bear and there absouletly terrified at this point, petrified in fact. But as soon as she talks to the bear, there no more alarmed by the bear and the bear soon becomes the childrens friend and he helps them find the treasure. Idea of this to have a flashback ofthe children when they were alot younger burry in something for e.g pictues , jewellery . Now they want to come back to what they did bury when they were little.

Another idea is three kids are playing tennis, then the ball gets adubted by the aliens. The children have to find out a way to get the ball back by doing missions for the aliens .

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