18 October 2011


Censorship -
Is where a person authroizes a film so for e.g the age rating for a film. They censorship a film with an 18  certificiate as it is appropiate for an adult including violence , drugs , sex and etc as the material is suitable for that age rating. It wouldn't be appropiate for children ( young children to watch it). As the material will be disturbing for young kids to watch so thats why they censor it for films with the right material in that age range.So a U is suitable for anyone as the material is suitable for anyone so for e.g cartoons , fantasy lands , like Sherk where as its funny where it has these creatures which is suitable for young children well anyone in that age range as U stands for 'Universal', and allows anyone to watch the film, with no restrictions whatsoever.I think censorship is a good way to have like the material symbol of what the age rating is ... It gives you an idea of by looking a the cover of a film with the right age rating for it ..... It's good to know this  because some of the material might not be suitable for children so it's good to put it into an 18 rating because that what you would expect which may have some distubing scenes , nudity , violence and ect. With the other films PG and U there great films for young kids and everyone can watch them which is very ideal for children to watch these sort of animation funny cartoon disney characters which are good films to watch and are quite funny which everyone can enjoy  a good disney film .The adult of a young child can look at the age rating of the dvd and can look at this to see if it is appopoiate for there child to watch it will sa yon the back of what the content includes which is good to know. Some people may not like certain films , or it has flashing light which some people can't watch so it's good to know that.

Also copying a picture needs a writers approval so bascially the person who has written this has to censor it to make sure nothing has been said untrue about that person or mis leading to the audience who read this.Some people who write things in articles in magazines can ruin that persons reputation so the publication is always reviewed before publishing. Picture approval is always the right giving to that individual so maybe pictures taken of that person and they can choose which photos they want published and the ones not too be .  So the company have to respect that persons opinion.Some photos maybe inapproppiate so the photos have be censored because young children could see them well see things they shouldn't see .So that's why the material is censored in the right adult magazines as it will be suitable for older people .  Some of the material can be quite explict, and can be very disturbing for young kids to see . So they put the right images in a magazine that is suitable with the right sort of context in the right  older magazines.

Internet censorship
is the control of  the information that is on the internet, so it protects young children of that information which may be unsuitable content as well including pornography which is not right for a young kid to see that as it may put images in there head. So the internet censorships this with contents like these so harmful sites , it trys to controls the nations access to the information . So you could say this is kinda of a parent tool but there is a software product on the consumer market that can limit the block access . Censorship have a different name to web filter which is called censorware . Censorware does the same job of blocking websites that may be unapproppiate for young kids to see , so you can use this which the user using this is being censored by this . The person censoring this so websites online they are stopping someone else from viewing this site which may not be appropiate for there kids to see. Which is good I think for an adult doing this because it stops kids from getting onto to sites that they don't really need to know about or can be disturbing , disgusting if its ponography who would want there kid to see that ..... So it's great to do this to keep their children protected from material lke this which can be seen on the internet .

-  Pro

- Good point is that it doesn't show material that is unappropriate withing the age rating certificates .

- It is copyrighted so people who want to copy it wont be able to as it has that c symbol atthe botton of the dvd case .

- It censors the right material so for e.g 18 it has scenes where it has censored it in appropiate manner

-  Promotes Good mortals

- Prevents harmful information

- Censors the right material in adult magazines that are suitable for that age range .

- Censors the material on theinternet with internet filters adults use to protect their children.


- Freedom of speech is violated

 - Freedom of the press

- Prevents the spread of ideas and knowledge .

- Bias Belifs (ignorace )

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