18 October 2011

Review of Tracey Beaker

     Tracy Beaker Review
There is always a risk factor when adults play children but Sarah Churm carries off Tracy Beaker with just the right blend of deliciously bad behaviour and underlying vulnerability. Beaker fans gave it the thumbs-up at Nottingham, where the spotting of Jacqueline Wilson in the first night audience caused as much excitement as the play itself.

It has an exploratory feel and lacks confidence at first in terms of the musical numbers - a vehicle both for the fun elements of Tracy’s fantasy world and for expressing the often painful emotions of the kids in the care home. The numbers break in rather self-consciously but the music is redeemed by the end with a mischievous soprano from Gemma Page as the social worker, Elaine the Pain and an assured and lovely performance from Alice Redmond as Cam, Tracy’s would-be mum.

Tracy’s famous scream, tantrums and fights, her enforced sessions in the Quiet Room and her manipulation of her friends - very convincingly played by Ryan O’Donnell as the gentle Peter, Jessica Martin as Louise and Suzie McGrath as Justine - are vividly brought to life on a set reflecting the institutional nature of the care home and the funky illustrations of the books.

There are delightful cameos of droopy foster parents. Recurring fantasy motifs include a giant heart-shaped chocolate box on legs and highlights include Tracy eating worms and trying to charm in a Shirley Temple outfit. But there are very moving moments too, which in not shirking the gritty reality of the books, cut to the quick.

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I like the TV program, the story of Tracey beaker...

I like the TV program, the story of Tracey beaker because she is a fantabulous actor and she tells such a good story! I also love how she is very cheeky as well! The only character I don’t like is ... JUSTINE!!!!!! 'Coz she is always horrible to Tracey beaker and always blames her for everything! But please can it be on the TV at least 3 times a day!! Thank you clojoe

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It's really good because it's like what would happen in...

It's really good because it's like what would happen in real life so it gets to the children and it makes them think about their life. I don't think there are any bad points but that's just my opinion.

I sometimes watch Tracy Becker on TV. I like the way...

I sometimes watch Tracy Becker on TV. I like the way the program makes us think about emotions that we have, like when we are angry and stressed or lose control of ourselves. I am very impressed with her films she's done I think she is a very bright girl who expresses herself well.


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Hey guys if u haven’t watched Tracey Beaker already you should do. Tracey Beaker is a great TV Programme for children. It shows you a great ideal of emotions, children being like what you would expect today, conflict between friends and I would say family, being neglected from her family and it shows signs of bad behaviour which kids can have their tantrums now and then  or even when they don’t get their own way this sends across a message of interacting kids today to show them how society is today with family and friends. Tracy Beaker can be a bit of a rebel, she can cause conflict with her social workers and the children too. Tracy Beaker relates to children today in society on the way she acts , she is an amazing actress on how she comes across with these different emotions when were upset , angry , stressed out with someone or losing control. This makes us think of how are emotions are as well how it interacts with are behaviour and other people . Tracy Beaker is a bit of a fantasy world with its animation bit of where she is thinking of what she would do if someone asked her so for e.g if she wants to find her mum this is just an example. It gives you that imagination of a child thinking in their heads of how they would overcome this problem so it shows clear understanding of kids today in the way they think. Where you have the care home with all these children in it makes you feel sorry for them, and how very painful it is do that to your kids. When you seem them in there you just want to take them home with you as there in this care home where there parents have neglected them. It runs emotions through you and from an adult point of view it will make you think that’s a bad idea sending your own kids to a place like this , sometimes parents can’t cope with their  own children but they love them and they may think that’s extremely bad place to put your own kids in. A place where they feel unwanted and not love anymore but sometimes it’s for the best to do so in extreme circumstances but the environment there have to overtake may be too much for children to handle as there are still vulnerable to themselves .

 She was her mum to be. This relationship with Tracy Beaker was that she looked up to Cam like a mother figure, as there relationship was pretty strong , they had their girlie chats if Tracy had ever had a problem about something or feeling upset. Tracy would confide in her. It was just such a loving daughter mother feel with the friendly, loveliness vibe you got from their characters.

The characters that star in this TV programme wouldn’t be the same without them as they all bring full enhancing, drama series of a girl called Tracy Beaker you need a character like Tracy for people to watch a series like this with her tantrums , her stroppiness that she bring's to the cameras , friendships , mischief , what she up to next sort of thing . The characters play as good as role as they can get. There’s always one left causing trouble so for e.g Justine that causes trouble for Tracy and then it’s where the revenge starts to role in. This hatred relationship but it interacts with kids at home where’s there's always one that causes trouble (bully that picks on the vulnerable kids or just like doing it for a bit of fun. The care homes reflects on what the people are like as a character it makes it institutional of the care home. As it is like where you have certain days where you can see your parents and when you can spend a few hours with them and then you have to bring them straight back so a bit like institution in way.

The series of Tracy Beaker shows a way on how it can influence a person by watching this and they reflect on who they are like as a person and how they act with different people whether it is there family brothers and sister friends , teachers anyone really and they might think to themselves on who they are. Whether if there a nice person or if there nasty , malicious person in life today . It might make them a better person so nicer person by watching this TV series show. I would say anyone can watch this really as it for all ages it can comes across with great TV production with this entire dilemma happening in a TV series like this. It makes us as a person think twice on how this affects our lives today, whether it is being a bully it interacts with kids in general today. It may have a big affect on them of how being a bully isn’t nice or whether it’s being neglected by your family the ones that you thought they loved you.But they do but they may thought it best for now and then when you perform it a much better matter and start to be good they will think about taking you back into the family. But it takes time you’ll have to prove that you are willing to change for your sake and people around you. It will be benefictual in the end, whether you turn out to be a better boy or girl, then things will be taken into en count.

  Overall Tracy Beaker is a good programme, you must watch it if you haven’t as it will help you and show emotions of young people and older people on how that reflects them as a character just like in kids today. It will show you have interactions will other people in your life especially when with family and friends. You are different people to them and the way you act towards your family will be maybe different when you are with your friends. It will show how relationships are important and how they stick together as friends when they help each other out when it comes difficult and problems occur when missing home or anything like that. There will be times when something happens just like kids today if they do something and then the parent gets really mad or thinks there’s something going on. All this occurs in life today ,if you’re a child or a parent but you just have to cope at the end of the day and be the parent to their best of their ability to manage all of this. It’s ideal for parents to watch and kids, teenagers as everyone has high emotions and low emotions going on. it's just like being at school in away having your group of friends then you have one group that doesn't like you and they pick on the other kids. So it brings all this what happens today in childhood. It’s a great series to watch so go ahead and watch it!!! You may even learn something from it !!

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