9 October 2011

script annotation !!

1. Compare with other shows

2. Very  Dynamic opening scenesto grab audiences attentions - Crate a question for the viewer for e.g mystery
- Create ENIGMA

3. Establish main character - Engage the character

4. Tv Visual medium - show then tell.
Subject meaning the word unerneath !!

This shows example of Script we did in class of changing the context a bit to make it better script .

                                                                         Dave , you're twenty minutes late !
                                                           Sorry I'm Late . I get very stressed with being at
                                                           work all the time .
                                                                     And what about the scar under your chin?

                                                                 Oh this thing? It's nothing.

                                                                   You're so quiet nd withdrawn all the time.

                                                                      DAVE EXITS

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