18 October 2011

Agent Representation

Agent Representation is a person who finds out about jobs available for the writer to take part in and is a highly profit. With working with other buisness and signing up to different contracts for the writer . The representation works with the agent , they use a programe called celtex to adjustify the margins and layout which is bascially does for you with the use of headings. The structure of the layout is very important of laying the script in aproper script layout with the use of a three structure of headings , characters , emotions and the brief snyopsis of what is happening so dialogue being put into action. When shooting a production the camera angles are very important for the agents. The writer can use interesting words in there script writing to precude with the agents to intrieve them with there use of  words . Agents look at clients with potential and dedication in there work to procced in a carrer that there willing to progress into. The agents know what there talking about as they know how buissness works in the industrry. Agents will give them advice to ensure that there potenial is put into consideration. They will work with the clients , they will try and get them contracts with other company and to reperesent them as a person to show what each individual script writer can offer in the industry which has been very successful with all the editors , TV writers , directors and etc.The agent representation will have some of the comission , with half the profit as they are working along side with the writer. and they can be reliable some of the agents but some you cannot trust.

Also - Literary agent is who represents a person who is a writer to get there work publish to different companys so for e.g publishers to see if there work can be procede to a final outcome of publishing and also for a tv producer to see if there talent can be scripted to write a script for further TV companys if they can progress there writing skills in a actual brodcasting episode where it could be quite interestesting writing scrips for the characters of who there character might be .

So why is a agent lietary benefictual ??
. You can to send them the manuscrips  through to agents publishing houses , 80% approx .
. Having a lietary agent is benefictual to have as they give writing time to help you to get your script to proffesional standard.
. They are very effacious to have and very productive to have too.
. They know how to hand your work into the right hands whether it is to get it publish or to a tv   sustainable producer as they will know the standards of the industry and who will know who will accept your work and who they will know who will be a wate of time for the authour or the script writer .
. Compentant literay agent know the industry really well , they know the language of the contracts and the pitfulls of the industry. But they know how to get the best deal whethar it is a script writer or for a TV producer.
. A good writers agency will help you , give you advice and to give you support if they don't think it's up to scratch or it needs to be tweet a bit.

Why it may not be a good to have a Literary Agent
. Some authors, writers may like to be there own person when writing , so for e.g there freedom of writing something how they want to without having an agent telling them how to perform a matter so in this case writing they may not like having someone helping them.
. Literary agents do have 15% commising if the author or script writer have there work sold throug there agent .
. Some agents are dishonest and may not have your best interest at heart .
. You might find with some agents they may be lazy and dont do anything for your book script . But when it comes down to the mauscript they may refuse you to take other measures when promoting it . But you have to be careful of who you sign up to this may cause problems later on during youre life writing career when finding at agent best fitted for you so you have to be careful and aware of the agent .

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