30 October 2011

background material - doing a survey on internet saftey

http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22DLU7N5 - this shows i have created my own questions I have setted it up to ask people to answer my survey .


Here I have used a website called zoomerang to create my own survey on internet saftey . I used this site to display in the right apporpiate manner which it gives a proffessional look with the boxes and the outline of it to make it look like actual survey . The questions i asked was about the internet in genral and internet saftey really . I Wanted to find out about if people have protection on there computer , if they run daily scans, about here settings on there social netwoking site that a big thing ,what they use the internet for, and reasonable questions about th internet really .

http://app.zoomerang.com/Home/MyPolls.aspx  - This shows the data that has been analysed from my qualative data .... Here it shows the results of people who  have asnwerd my survey .....

This link shows to my results of how many people answered my survey aboutinternet saftey .
It shows that 90% of people do have protection which is a very good thing to have to keep your laptop running smmothley and helps to not get viruses . 10% said they don't know which is a bit erm yea probably they don't have any on there laptop which they should have to protect there computer from harmful things like viruses .

It shows 100% that protecting yourself online is inportant which it is when usingthe internet .

90% says that people do use facebook , which isn't a surprise as facebook is one of the top social networking site which people use to talk to there friends and that . People use it everyday as it's coming popular and fast growing networkig sites around .  10% for msn which isnt as high as facebook . MSN can be proper boring well I think it is.

90% has there settings on friends which is pretty good as it stops the whole world from seeing your profile . 10 % has it on friends of friends which isnt too bad bad but if you don't know them I would have it on friends which you know who youre friends are and you actually know them .

100% says they don't give out information of themselves which is a good thing as you don't want someone to stalk you or anything especially if you don't know them .

50% says they do talk to people  they don't know on social networking sites and the other 50% do talk to people they do know on socil networking sites so that's quite interesting to find out 50 / 50 .

70% says that people do use the internet a day and some people use it regulary which is 30 %

40 % of people use the internet for browsing , 20% use it for homework so this shows not many people proberly do there homework , 30% for dowloading musicwhich people are doing quite a bit dowloading new songs and the other 10% is for shopping which they can do online .

67% of people says the internet  can be dangerous ,and 33% no they don't think it's dangerous .

Some people stated why the internet can be dangerous bygiving their opinion below:

it can be dangerous especially on dating sites when you think you know who youre talking to but it turns out to be someone else. 

cuz people can hack you things

Because you can't always trust who you are talking to or what sites you go on.

there could be pedos

As there is alot of contact abillity for anyone to use, and there is a lack of regulation.
It can be because you don't know who your talking to people may have fake accounts or impersonate other people

because there are lots of people on the internet wanting to bad things

It is because there are many webistes that do not have any protection for example chat rooms!!

Some people can hack your computer threw the internet, get all your detail's etc...

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