30 October 2011

background material - of a video I watched online writing my own views of it =)

Here I have watched a video about internet safety!!

This is a programme I watched on the think u know website but I got the link through you tube. This video is intently good as it shows and tells you about online and someone finding this girl on the internet who finds out where she goes to school at .This programme tells you what not to do and how someone can easily find out who you are and where you live by giving out small little detail on your profile whether it’s facebook, msn and even my space etc. It shows that internet can be dangerous site with the information that you have put onto your profile without realizing that someone (everyone can see it).

At the start of the programme you have this guy who is bit weird I think but he’s just atypical lad. He loves to go onto the internet and talk to his friends on this social networking site to find out what people are up to their hobbies and etc. He has this one girl on his phone where he has all the information about her, name, age, where she lives, school pictures of herself hobbies and allot more etc.  Then you have the guy at Jades school just hiding away as he sees her friends walking across the road to somewhere. But she doesn’t know he’s there and she probably doesn’t know that the whole world can see her profile online. This can be very dangerous so it’s best to sort out your settings and put it on friends, so only your friends can see the not the whole world. He has this picture that he got from her boyfriends profile of her. So it’s best to pictures on that you don’t what other people see well if it’s something you wouldn’t show ya mum and dad for that matter. He went onto her profile to see her pictures there was loads on there so there’s no password or settings on there so anyone can see. He clicked on her profile where it had all her information on her email address, home address. He went onto Google maps and typed in the postcode and he got a whole view of where she lives. It’s best not to do that putting your post code on because any one can find out where you live.  He snooping around again without her realizing and he knows where she’s going and what she’s going to do which is hang out at the shops for 15 minutes. So you think no one knows what you’re up to but with the internet you can find all sorts with the right research put into it so just be very careful and be aware of your surroundings. If you have friends on your friends list and you don’t really know them it would be a good idea to delete them as you think they may be your friend but they’re not. So don’t add people you don’t know. The guy we finally got his name is Justin he had Jades number and he dialled her number and she answered but by looking at her face she looked a bit wary, not happy when her phone rang. The guy Justin talking so nicely “Hey its Justine remember me sweetheart “, then he asked her “did you do what I asked”?    Then she got something out of her bag it was a memory stick which he asked her to bit in a bush. She was not happy at all; she seemed worried what could be on that memory stick? It’s something of hers that she has been forced into bringing the memory stick to Justine. You can see she’s not happy with it but she did what he said because if she didn’t he probably would get angry so she just did it to keep him happy. Probably she didn’t want to cause any trouble with this guy who she has been talking to online.  He finally picked up the memory stick its got picture of her but more revealing ones. He finally gets in and put on the laptop and inserts the memory stick in to view these pictures. He’s grooming at young girl who is sick in the head. Poor jade is so upset and you can see he wants this to end, and she properly wishes she never gave him the memory stick. Soon after she did the right thing and she realized she had to do something she had to make this stop Justin knew everything about her. She didn’t know that anyone could see her profile like I said at top. She wanted to look good for her friends and her boyfriend. She didn’t know anyone could find information about her and to be her friend which obviously he wasn’t. She soon put her settings on friends so that none else can see her profile except from her friends.  On the left hand side on msn she pressed the report abuse button which if you’re getting any abuse from someone you don’t know or someone’s cyber bullying you. You can press on this to make everything stop.

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