29 October 2011

background material - poll

How often do you scan your computer from viruses ?
Daily0% (0)
Once a week50% (1)
once a month70% (2)

on these different polls i have asked different people to fill out these pools and on my surveys to find out what they know about internet saftey really it can be quite interesting to see .

Here this shows that 50% scan there computer daily and some other people do it once a month of a rating of 70% . I think you should scan your computer once a week or even twice a weel because your computer might be find for a day or two but once it reaches a week or two it will have some trojans or may have viruses when you go onto a website which you don't think has but it may do. Especially dowloading music can cause viruses so you just got be careful and scan your computer regulary .

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