30 October 2011

background iformation material - statistics


Here it shows that facebook is the popular social networking site ever as it has 51.05 % in 2010 . So the other social networking site are not as popurlar as facebook as everyone has there family and friends on their. It's the highly updated web site to stay in contact with friends and family .

Here face book had 400 million users and by 2011 it has 630 million users now, as everyone socilases with there friends on there and check messages and wall posts and etc .


Younger people so aged 16 -18 are more likely to meet someone of the internet. Older people will use the internet more in extent then children which they may only use once a week or something . Laptops are hugely part of our lives whether it'talking to friends, downloading musuc , watching films online and researching etc . It plays a huge impact on us. Via the Internet, children can for instance stay in touch with their friends or meet new friends. Two out of three young people say they meet friends on the Internet, for example on chat sites or online  dating sites,computer games sites at least once a week. Meeting friends on the Internet is also more common among the older children especially when talking to someone they havent met before . which by this graph it shows that older people of higly rated 85% meet people of dating sites online .

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