29 October 2011

Resarch background material !! - internet


For my first Secondary research I have looked at Network safety for young children. The sources that link into this online network safety information it has different keywords to what relates to keep young children safe online. So for e.g. Reporting a concern , anti bullying ,guidance on helping children and young people safe online, about the network safety so a bit of background of who they are , how they can help to resolve situations online , how do they work , what is safe guarding so how do they protect their children online from harmful things , Team members of network safety ,key facts and it gives you help and advice for you as adult to protect your children and etc .

The key information as below I have discovered is that the safety network helps protect children and young people online with giving them information and advice to help keep children today protected online. So whether this may be cyber bullying, grooming, chatting online dating site you think they are who they say there are but there not, and etc. Network safety is website that is jointly managed by the NSPCC, Children England and Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), and was created as a result of the Government’s Staying Safe action plan.

Working together??

Network Safety work together by providing information on the website ensuring about network safety on keep your children safe with the different aspects of the keywords like I said before helping keeping young people safe. There’s also this pack are they safe pack with a DVD ensuring the use of the guide for practical advice on how to keep children safe and show the DVD to staff, parents/carers and children. Working closely with, but independent of the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

Working closely with the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) and other people to develop community sector of network safety.

What is safe guarding??

Protecting children from maltreatment, to foster professional excellence in the field of child abuse and neglect.

Preventing impairment of children’s health or development

Ensuring that children are growing up in good circumstances, good consistence of safety and health.


Almost one third of children experience some form of bullying by their peers.1

7 per cent of children suffer serious physical abuse at the hands of their parents and carers.1

52 per cent of one-year-olds are hit weekly, or more frequently, by their parents.3

25 per cent of all rape victims are under 16 years old.

Anti Bullying

Can occur whether you’re a young person or even a child, it doesn't matter what who you are people can pick on the vulnerable people. Its action can be progressed as teasing but then there another form of it it's when your being harassment in assault way. You can be bullied by verbal by nasty things coming out there mouth that low person life which I think they are especially when bullying someone. Or it can be physical being abusive to someone. Sexual and racial harassment are forms of ant bullying too. Someone who is white can pick on another person who is black just because their skin is different but I think out of order who cares if there not white there still human beings at the end of the day . Sexual harassment someone can force someone else in doing something they don't want to do by being forceful on that person this can be caused of rape ( which I said above 25 percent are young people aged 16 are rape victims which is shockful of a young person doing that to someone else is displicitable . Another form of anti bulling can be self harm so getting a compass and digging it into their skin of someone spreading rumours about someone can cause a great cause of stress.  

About the team network safety brings a lot of variety of how to keep young people protected when online. They ensure that the children in your care are as safe as possible. One of the team members of safe Network (Head) is a guy called Simon Massey who had joined the team in March 2011 as safety network, but then after that he became successful in that part of head safety network and got a great 2 year funding from the department of education which has brought vast changes in the team. Overall his management was taking into action of responsibility for the safe network which oversee as he produced new service plans ,report back to DFE and he had now manage any child protection concerns which some adults may ask to keep their children from harm .

Most people today whether there an adult or young person will have a social networking site for e.g. facebook, twitter, msn and etc. But some young people don’t think that the internet can be identified as a risk online. Everyone socializes with their friends on facebook or msn whatever it will be, but sometimes they don’t realize what there setting is on what I mean is there profile accessible to public so everyone or if it’s just friends. Half the time people have it as public so people can access your information without you knowing who it is. That person with your details can find you straight easily with the use of the internet or saying that he’s a friend of yours by emailing your friend or something then that be it. So he will have your address and likely everything else school, phone number. So it's a good idea to have your profile as friends so people you know can see your information. But only add them if you know them truly. I know most people that just accept people who they don't know which I find strange really because if u don't know them why add them like so best to have your setting on friends and accept people you only know. The internet with dating social networking sites can be a very dangerous online so you have to be careful and put some protection on your laptop so you don’t get viruses as well that’s a good idea to.

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