18 October 2011


Copyright protects written work so for e.g. publishing a book selling it to book store or, artist work without anyone taking it and saying it’s there. So that’s why the little copyright symbol is at the bottom with saying who has written it with their name at the bottom. You should only copy the work if the copyright owner has given you permission to do so.  A copy right can have one more copyright to it so for e.g. an artists album has a number of songs on it with the album artwork with the individual songs have to be copyrighted so more than one can be copyrighted. The album artwork can be protected with registering in to the trade mark.

TV and film copyright
When working in the TV /film industry, the production of this whether it is screen play or music they will have to obtain the rights if they produce their production on TV or film will then have to ask permission to use their work in a production . You will not have to infringe the copyright meaning that you will not have to ask the owner to get your production broadcasted meaning if you have made a recording of a TV programme within your own home as you have already have permission within the TV rights.  Films do not have to be original but they will not be new copyright works if they have been copied from existing films. Broadcasts do not have to be original, but there will be no copyright, if, or to the extent that, they infringe copyright in another broadcast.

Copyright can include :
Peoples work so there artistic work ,drawings , paintings ,this can be protected by the owner who has created this design so the artist . There work will be protected , as some people publish their work online so maybe in an art gallery which will have the imprint of the copyright symbol in the bottom left hand side. So this protects their work from someone else saying its theres . It will also have the name of the person who created the design so people know who actually did do it. Some people say it's there pice of work when it's not .... So thats why it has the copyright symbol so noone else can take the credit for it .  

Copyright also applies to any thearticial performances , this may include opera , musicals , and plays etc . So for e.g in a musical if they were recording a part of it , the team have worked on a routine which then it had been the choreograph this can be copyrighted . The muscial it has been fully protected of routine , actors , performace as any film or production would be. If you wanted to do a copy of a musical or play out there then you would have to ask for permission. With copyright if you do want to use someone elses work then you have to ask permission to do so .... They may not allow you to do so if it's there work if they have produced  it they may not like the idea of someoneelse taking there idea and enforcing it into a different piece .



Benefits of Copyright

. It allows you to protects your work from implicit material without something saying its there’s without asking permission or even using it. 

. Copyright lets you well gives you the rights to take action if someone is using your work.

. Copyright relegated rights

-          Sell the copyright but maintain the moral rights

-          You can license your work for the use of others but by owneshiping it with your name and the copyright symbol.   

-          Object if your work is being distorted or mutilated.

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