9 October 2011

Childrens Drama Assignment Part One

The TV drama I have chosen to do is Arthur as it relates to children from the ages of 4 - 8 year olds. The TV programme is broadcasted on CBBC channel daily from 3:40 pm just in time for the children to watch. The episode I looked at was Binky Vs Binky one of the series of Arthur .I watched this episode; it is just like an ongoing of young children of what you would expect in real life today. Arthur and his friends are these types of animals but there human beings inside and they face emotions, stories which explore issues with real children today. In The TV series at the start of the programme they have their adventures of finding out what there hidden talent is or something there proud of so for e.g. its Brain’s collection of the blue's records. This is a group that he likes. In General life today there will be kids who are proud of something or even something they enjoy. For Buster he enjoys eating pizza well as the crusts. This relates to his own identity as well as Brain (character I spoken about before) this identifies who they are as a person so for e.g. music you can be influenced by that person, favourite foods, the way you act these are all relate to children, different children will like other things and are good at something different to another person. They may be good at other things but this is big thing of identity of who you are as a person and what makes you.





The form of the content of this episode is that the characters are a big role for this children’s TV programme as they are animals but there human beings as they think like a child, they have emotions which can emotionally tell if they’re upset and can tell a story within this episode. They are all friends that are very close with each other just like friends are today, they have their daily interactions with each other friends and family just like you would today .If you have any brothers or sisters you would interact with each other as they live in the family home together. This programme shows a good point of view from a comedy, comical bit of fun way and provides kids with a positive example of how to resolve the conflicts between brothers, sisters, friends, or even your family. The show in general “Arthur “also emphasizes reading through characters involving topics related to reading which will help some young kids to understand reading a lot better and for them to become more confident with reading. The stated goal of the Arthur show is to help foster an interest in reading and writing, and to encourage young kids with their positive social skills. The characters and many of the events and situations in the show are inspired by real people and events experienced by Marc Brown and his family. - (This is in general episode of Arthur.)

You can tell it’s a children dram by animation of characters being animals and being well educated programme of a story that relates to drama. The TV programme interacts with family friends so basically what happens on daily basics of school life and growing up. The series I watched today was basically about kid (Binky being bullied by one of the other players on the other soccer team in this case bullies like you would get someone who nasty to young children today. It’s also about talents not knowing your good at something till someone else recognizes his talent which he enjoys and overcomes he’s fears of competition so battling against someone.
The setting of this episode is 11 Binky Vs Binky is set on a football field, his house and at the worlds end bike course so three different setting but it tells a story from beginning middle and end. The structure of this layout is that you have your friends that you hang out with, so things you do together as there good friends with each other. Then you have these nasty people just like bullies just like you will have in today at schools that pick on you so for e.g. the colour of your hair, your ability so you may not be as good as the other children, some people have different abilities to others and they may have an disability which some kids pick on them because there very vulnerable people and there not like other kids.

The colours are very bright in a children’s drama which appeals to younger kids; calm bright colours are used as it's a friendlier happy vibe you get from this. Binky is on the pitch he got the ball than he’s inner self tells him to shoot already; he gets distracted by his inner person. You get a vibe that he doesn’t feel like he can do it because he doesn't believe he can, he will think people will laugh at him as football probably isn’t he’s strong point. When it comes to the real game and may think people will think he’s stupid. When Binky practises he’s good at it but when it comes to the a real game playing in front of loads of people then he feels he's under pressure. It's like that for kid’s today they work hard in practise but when it comes to an actual game then that’s when the pressure starts this shows a lot of emotions at this time it’s about competing that Binky Didn't like competing against someone else. But in real life kids think that the other competitor is better than them but they can't think like that they just have to believe in themselves that they can do it .This again relates to kids as when they play something they think they can't do it but if they try and give it ago they may just like it, it's about giving things a try and blacking everything out and just believe you can do it.
Then someone notices his real talents as he was riding his bike up a hill and the man was slowing down and Binky was shooting ahead with full’s of energy. The man said that he should enter the competition; he thinks he got a natural talent for it. He just didn’t realize what he was good at as it was right under his nose. He entered the competition then his inner self was saying he can’t do it but he got distracted by listing to him. Then Vance Lead Strong an athlete said he should ignore everyone else and try to do his best. Binky fell over and he thought that he had lost but he didn’t, he did it he won the race as he believed that he could do it. He was proud as he’s never won a race before until now. This Relating to kids in general they shouldn’t listen to the back of the head if they want to do something they should go for it and believe in themselves more.

The camera angles they use is variety of shots in Binky vs Binkey they use shots like long angle shot so this gives you a full angle of what is in the background of the enviroment they are in . You get shots like close ups so you can see their facial expression which can show their emotions, you get also shots of long shots so you can see Binky is talking with the use of him getting changed in his bedroom. You also get an overshoulder view of binky talking to his friend. You get a use of close up of the food that Buster enjoys then it zooms out quite sharply to behind shot . You get mid shot of Binky talking without having his feet or legs shown , it just focous on the dialoguge in that scene.They used low angle view of capturing the person, this gives height to person with giving in speed in the motion of the action. You get the use of a high angle of Binky riding into the dirt yard so this shot makes it smaller but into a wider shot.You get a shot of close up of the bikes going by so you get the fast motion coming of the wheels. You have the use of long shots as well of him at the end of the race of him winning the race. Also you had some transitions in there to with the use of side away in a diagonal transition and floating type transitions to make it fun and to turn into the next chapter .

How ever with Tracy Beaker programe of the new girl: you get shots of the same shot angles but a different variety of shots .The  use of angles as well with the use of close ups showing feelings emotions , so their facial emontions of Tracy Beaker , Justine ,. You have a long shot of the three girls in the bathroom so this shows you the eviroment there in by realting to their props they are using. You have this low angle of the new girl who has been admitted to the home because her mom was in a terrible accident. You have the mid shots to capture the detail in their facial expression as well which then in the background  of the new girl in her room and the blonde girl. So the main focus will be that one shot of the close up frame within that scene. You get long shots as well to capture the background so the enviroment there in which relates to what there talking about with the use of actions put into it . You have alot of use of mid shots in this programe of where Tracy and Justine are arguing about the littles things, you get view of the shot with the background and it shows the detail of whats happening . You have long shots as well showing you the eviroment with showing more of the action of Tracy and Justine arguing again of Tracy not doing the dancing properly .Then you have a shot which pans over so from the bed nicely moving to Jenny who comes into the room that works nicely . You have another shot of a girl whos coming running down the steps you get a shot of her feet so this shows like the fast pacing of her feet into action. You have a shot of Tracy Beaker which the camera slowly moving in then it flashes over to Sam ( the new girl) who is talking about her mum how she misses her and you have a shot of Tracy which is mid shot of her telling  Sam how she misses her mom as well and that her mum is a popstar and how everything will be okeay. As Sam leaves , You have a high shot of Tracy from a window who feels really down that she just mader a new friend and now she has to leave as her mum is feeling alot better  This angle gives a high angle of the interior of the building as it gazes up. Then you have shot from behind as Tracy looking down from the outside, then you have mid shot of Sam coming ino the bedroom to say her goodbyes . You have a mid shot of them saying there goodbyes to one another then close up of them two having their picture taken then of the flash then it runs to credits .





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