30 October 2011

research background material !!


- This chart of a pictogram shows overall key performance during the year .

-  Green pictogram shows the number of children protected using safeguarding by the result of the CEOP activity . It shows a total overall of 1,38 children were protected by using the safeguard . It shows 2006 - 2007 wasnt that good as people may have not of heard of it so thats may be why they had a low rating of 76 .

Blue pictogram shows the number of arrests made shown by an agency and deyployment with the CEOP resouceres to help them over make there arrest . In 2010 -2011 the highly rated of arrest was 153 but overall 1,644 which is an outstanding result which they are detertermined to arrest those people who are wreckless . In 2006 - 2007 there a low rate of 83. This could be they didnt have the resources as they did now with more forceful laws put into place.

Purple Pictogram - shows the development of police in the CEOP who are now officially trained to keep young people from any harm at all on line . They also developed child sex abuse courses on how to deal with people in these delicate situations . The very highly rated of them all of out standing rating of 2,84 with an verall of 13,342 in 2010 -2011 . A low rating of 1,457 which is still statley high but has lowered quite a bit .

Red Pictogram - shows 394 of a high risk overall of sex offenders and neteworks that have been distrupted and dismantled .

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