5 November 2011

who publishes reviews !!

Reviews !!

- zoo
- nut
- kerrang
- Games
- The empire

-The sun
-The times
-The mail

- Youtube
- Ebay
- Argos

- Food
- Yellow pages (website)

- App Store

The sun is for a wide audience as people read newspapers everyday !!
The telegraph , The mail , Express and The times are written by jounalists so someone who writes stuff which they can be bias .
The internet - everyoneone can write reviews
DVDs can be postitive !!
Magazines can be written by  a person journalist who writes magazines and also be from wide audience of what people think of a  film by getting their own opinion about it or even from a guys perspective as there more into games - get reviews of people who play games !!
Products can be positive/negative

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