3 November 2011

DOS & DONTS when pitching your presentation !!

The dos and don'ts of communication skills and presentation skills when pitching your idea to the rest of the audience!!

- Smile
- Be positive
- Be confident
- Eye Contact to everyone ( moving the eye around )
- Keep on track on what you are saying
- Give out information in detail so it keep the audience informed of what you going to do and how youre going to achieve it
 - Be proffessional about it think about it being a job and why you should have that job - obviously giving your idea opinion about what you are going to do .
- Should be struckted and flow nicely
-Humor - so it makes the audience feel at ease with you
- Speak nice and clear when your talking
- Capture the audiences attention, make them interested in your pitch - communicating with them so for e.g pictures , maps , flowing slides that smooth of after each other .
- Keep to the key points of your pitch when showing your presentation and progress that when giving your pitch to an audience .
-Maybe give out handouts of what your going to be talking about in your pitch so the audience get a rough idea of what your going to be talking about .
-Maybe a questonnaire maybe good to find out what people liked about your presentation so the pros and cons of it and what they thought overall of the presentation.
- Keep the audience interested in your subject when giving your pitch
- Use pictures , diagrams , locations pictures which could help with your pitch backed up evidence!!
- Keep the presentstion formal
- Make it good when pitching your idea and work together .

- Don't be stupid about it
- Don't blag on about something if you dont need to
- Don't hide away so for e.g don't have the paper up against your face because the audience won't be able to hear you of what you are saying .
-So don't lack in effort - so try your best to give a good presentation
- Don't look at the board when speaking to the audience
- Don't just read of the paper - thats not really good to do
- Don't make it one words when speaking...   a lack of effort not really good can come across boring if your not communicating with your audience .
- Don't make it boring - put effort into it
- Don't put too much on your powerpoint just keep it to the key points
- Don't be nervous ( well try not to be which out nerves can get the better of us !!
- Don't lack in confidence - as you can do it
- Don't make the audience fall asleep - boring , for e.g bland pitches, which will not make the audience feel interested in the subject of what your trying to get across .
- Don't look full eyed on someone as that canbe scary
- Don't mumble in what your saying
- Don't move around when speaking to the audience
- Don't be annoying so for e.g a pen tapping on the table can be irritating ... people do that when there nervous or do something else
- Don't swear
-Don't look down on the floor when giving your pitch - look up

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