20 November 2011

Drama Script Proposal !!


Title of my drama  - My true love that
wasn't meant to be!!

Drama – Mini Series!!

Duration - 30 x 30mins

- Premise

Is basically about a girl called Jade who is at school and she has a secret admire who she has met online (well it's not made out how it was supposed to be.) The admirer of a guy aged 18 called Justine and he's from London. Justine goes on his facebook and he starts to browse for girls in London. He finds this one girl who he has took a shine to and finds her really interesting and very pretty. He finds out all of her information of where she lives, her hobbies, phone number, school and etc. He starts to follow her everyday move with finding out as much information on her profile of who she is .With my other research background material there's a bit about anti bullying so I can show these characters in a drama series of someone being bullied online through social networking sites. This can be as above a girl called Jade who gets bullied by this boy Justine who makes her have sex with him. Justine is very forceful and aggressive to her .He Will ruin her and make people her (friends) hate her if she doesn't do what he says. Jade is not up for having sex with him but will she do what he says or not or will she deal with this situation in the appropriate matter and do what is right for her sake??


The Synopsis of my drama Characters so far: The characters in my drama will be a guy called Justin who is 18 years of age and he has dark hair. He lives in London the biggest city ever with all the danger happening. Justin has his own flat and lives on his own due to his family didn't want him living under the same roof as them. As Justin is a very bad temped boy who hangs around with the wrong crowds ,he is very violent towards people if he doesn't get what he wants and he's just not a nice kid to hang around with. The clothes he wears are hoodies tracki bottoms so that relates to what his character is like from above. His violence and angry ness takes over the better of him and he’s done something that can't be forgotten.  Jade who is 15 years of age, she lives in London as well but hates it there ,she wishes she could move to the countryside. She lives with her mum and dad but her mum and dad aren't home as much as they live a busy life with their jobs so there always home late. Jade is lovely girl, she is very outgoing, always smiling and is always out with her friends. The clothes jade wears are jeans and a t-shirt, so she’s just normal girl but doesn't belong in London. Jade goes to secondary school in London where she enjoys school seeing her friends, and learning new stuff.

Uncle Robert - is Jades uncle who helps her through this difficult situation of her meeting someone of the internet who she hasn't met before. It also is a very distressful upset of what happened to her. Her uncle is so understanding and is a great comfort to her and he has a great connection with her niece just like she was his daughter. Uncle Robert is tall, brown hair, wears casual clothes, and lives round the corner from Jade. He works at  the corner shop at the weekends but he doesn’t earn enough.

Also Starring a CEOP police who is called Pete Davies who works as CEOP and he protects children online from the child exploitation protection policy. Pete is a very hard working man; he enjoys his job to help protecting young children out there from danger and to keep them safe as possible. He has dark hair, very strong, big boned in his late 30 s. He works around and outside the London area as CEOP with protecting the environment. Pete Davies has lots of experiences in this type of work and strategic policing roles so he knows how to do his job properly. He has the responsibility of keeping danger away and making lives shine by keeping children, kids safe from harmful things or even people for that matter. He helps out Jade through her toughest situation ever he is so understanding and he supports her in every way and he listens to what she has to say. 


The narrative side:

       During the day- sunny mid day - Justin - Is a very bad tempted lad, and he can be very violent when he doesn't get what he wants. He messages this girl so Jade who he takes a shine to. They have been talking for about 3 weeks now but still they don't know each other that well. One day Justin asks Jade if she wants to meet up. Jade's a bit unsure about this is he really who he say he is; So Jade asks her Uncle Robert to check it out, but Jade's uncle was like no you shouldn't meet up with him as he could be lying about who is and I don't want you to get hurt. But Jade was determined to meet up with him and no one else could stop her.

 Jade was getting ready to meet him all dulled up, then they met up in a local park in London there was hardly any people there. Uncle Robert was just round the corner making him disguised away in the bushes just for back up. Jade was feeling really nervous and you can see it in her face, she was shaking like a leaf.  Then that moment occurred someone was walking up to the park he looked young , he was wearing a hoodie , tracki bottoms and he had dark hair, that was the moment Jade knew it was him . He didn't lie about who he was he was actually who he said he was really nice , funny , caring and he brought her presents he was so lovely!! .

But then 2 weeks later it all changed - He was talking to Jade differently on facebook he seemed a bit of with Jade. He wanted her to come round, she did she was wearing a mini skirt, low top, loads of makeup.Ding dong on the door!! - There he was standing there . he took Jade's coat, he said to Jade to go in the other room which was his bedroom. He said he wouldn’t be long, 10 mins later he was there in the door way he came inside the room. He locked the door, this is when Jade knew what was going to happen next.

At night – Justine’s  flat  - The next bit of the scene is where he is very forceful towards her, pushing her down on the bed asking her to take off her clothes, shouting at her but Jade was like "No let me go please” He's very violent towards her now this is now reflecting on him now who he really is. She is screaming help! help!! Now he forces her to take her clothes off now ,he’s being very abusive to her now and calling her nasty names. You can see how she’s upset she is and she is crying with full of tears for him to let her go. But he didn’t stop!! He wouldn’t let go  Jade couldn't get out what could she do her life was over!!

The next part Justin goes to the bathroom he’s left the key on the unit,she had to get out of there before the worst could happen; she makes a run for it out the front door and she legs it home crying with tears running down her face. She can't believe what just happened to her, she looked in the mirror she saw what he had done to her. The door bell rang several times; she didn’t want to open it she thought it was Justin coming back for what he started. She slowly moved to the door still in fluds of tears shaking. Then she stopped the banging on the door was getting louder and louder ,she thought  she should open it or not. But she soon recognised the voice it was her Uncle Robert  who was at the door to see if she wanted anything .Jade thought it was Justin but she could tell it was her uncle as he was shouting through the letter box. She felt so relieved it was her uncle Robert she opened the door and her uncle  was very shocked to see her niece battered to death, her face badly bruised. She rushed to her uncle and gave him a big hug that she’s so glad he’s here.

Uncle Robert is like “Right I’m of to go down to his flat where does he live?”.... But Jade was like “No please don’t Uncle Robert "I don’t want to make matters worse”.“He can’t get away with this Jade!” “Have you seen how badly he’s hurt you”. She asked her uncle to sit down and she told him what happened that he did rape her and she asked him to stop but he wouldn’t let go and more in detailed This is when uncle Robert is fuming, angry and disgusted at what this guy has done to her niece.  Jade told her uncle that thought "he was the nicest guy ever; he told me he loved me he brought me presents and he told me how pretty I was he so lovely". Uncle Robert says "But now Jade this has taught you a lesson about meeting someone online I told you not to meet up with him didn’t I but you was adequate to meet him. This is why you don’t meet anyone of the internet, because you got to be careful of the information you give out on your profile. You got remember that you don’t know who your friends are because any of them they could give out more information onto someone else who you don't know." "You don't know what they will do with your phone number if you give out your number without realizing so you got to be careful".  Uncle Robert says "You want to think about twice when writing up your statues because anyone could follow you there without realizing that someone watching you; so should put a little information on your profile so you don't get any stalkers on the loose; or even if your writing on your wall about something or someone would you want your mum , dad or anyone else seeing it if no then don't post it up because your profile could be seen by everyone so it may be a public so everyone sees what you’re doing and who you are .”

The final chapter!!

She realized she had to do something she had to make this stop Justin knew everything about her. She didn't know that anyone could see her profile. She wanted to look good for her friends. She didn't know anyone could find information about her and to be her friend which obviously he wasn't. She soon put her settings on friends so that none else can see her profile except from her friends. On the left hand side on msn she pressed the report abuse button which if your getting  abused from someone you don’t know or someone’s cyber bullying you, you can press on this to make everything stop that what Jade did she did it. The CEOP police Pete Davies came to my house they wanted Jade to make a statement about it she did she told him exactly what happened what he did to her , she showed him her marks what he has done to her . Jade said  "Pete was so understanding she said he helped me get through this and he told me I had made the right choice". He arrested the guy Justin ,she saw him being arrested . Justine was like let me go I haven’t done anything get off” She felt so much better now he’s locked up and now she has stopped it from happening to any young girls out there.

Production Style

The production will be very realistic to TV dramas today but with more explicit of  the material. The format for my drama will be  in standard screen play for television. You need to present it in a high standard look. I will use different camera techniques so for e.g in my 3 piece sample script - I would use camera shots like mid shot of Justine and Jade where you see the physical and tense situation here. I will use close ups as well to capture the characters emotions this be really good to see because it will show guys who are rapists the pain in what they are causing to these young girls who are innocent and so you can get a real feel of the situation. There be a lot of mid shots and close ups in the bedroom stage.Image can be colour or even saturated into black and white so you get that gritty look on the situation of creating tension in the drama. In the second part script so this is where we are introduced to Jade's uncle who comforts her.I will use long shots so you get the feel of the room with showing detail in the background . I may zoom in on this slowly to give me a mid shot so I can focus more on the upper body with listing to the conversation they are having . I will use over shoulder shots so you can see who is talking at what point where Uncle Robert is listing to her niece and helping her in what to do. On the 3rd part script I will use camera angles such as long shot of Jade talking to the officer and then maybe have the camera panning towards on the character who is talking. I may also use over shoulder shot there most common when we see a conversation is being taken place. I will have a shot of Uncle Robert where he is sitting on the other side of the room so a mid shot . 

   The music elements will be quite in a soft tone but I don't think there be any music in this 3 sample script because I don't need audio in the main focus scenes of the script. The music  in the full script will die down when there is tense moments so this be where Jade is running for her life as she escapes from Justin's bedroom and  then the music will pick itself up again. There be soundtrack of happy moments of a scene where we see Jade talking to Justine over the internet as she is so excited about meeting him later that day; The music for this will be pop /dance music  this be where we see her getting ready to go out to meet her mystery guy.When we see her making her way to the park the music so the pace starts to  picks up as she is slowly walking up to the park; the music will be a bit more dramatic  when we see him  walking towards her , the music stops there with a bang when we see him next to her and then there is silence.When she actually meets him  they start talking  and the soundtrack builds up  to  happy music in a pop style. With Jade running from Justine’s house we can have fast editing moving quickly here  I think that be quite good with the camera tracking her movements. Then with her in the house of when the front door goes we could have a black out of lightning affects of striking noises with building up tension to when she answers the door. Also where the  phone is ringing nonstop it  gives that spooky feel of the unknown so it creates an enigma here. I will use a close up of the phone ringing and I will use a mid shot of Jade in tense mode. I will use a panning in shot where the door bell goes so the camera will slowly zoom in to the door, this creates an enigma to. I can can have a nice mid shot of her and her uncle talking and  I will use over shoulder views as well  When we see Jade talking to the ceop this can be done in few shots because you don't want it to drag on. At the end of Justin being arrested we can fast shot paces that flow nicely after each other but in slow capture way action way.I may have a sound effect of a camera going of so it's like someone is taking a picture of this but in slow motion . 

How will it link into professional standards for a a script writer!!

I would say my script does meet the expectations of what a script writer is all about. I was quite imaginative about my idea, I did think about how I would put it into a final piece of a script .  The BBC are looking for scriptwriters who can write in detail and how a script writer can be creative with their ideas with producing it even further to a final script; I think my script shows these elements of what a script writer is looking for. My script can be useful because it has a well thought  out structure/content of my story. I have put a lot of detail in my script , so you can get the visual outlook and feel of this on how it will look in a drama series. The team of readers do look at how you have build your characters on how they will impact in their role in a series like these. The team of readers  will look at how  professional your script is. They will have a look to see how you have came up with the ideas for the roles of your characters, they will look at who you have chosen to play the characters.  The characters they will need to show a strong outcome in your drama. You want the characters to link in well with finding the right actress/actress for the job . The readers team what to read something and think yea that's really good , hopefully if they read my script will make them chose it . 

The characters in my script is is a guy called Justin you can  probably can relate this character in  society today with people being stereotypical in the way they look; In this case we have Justin he is the antagonist in my script he wears tacky bottoms  and he wears a hoodie. When thinking of this character you would think that he is a bad guy with the whole clothes look because we would associate him of being a dangerous source. Then you have a young girl called Jade she is very popular at school , she is a nice girl who has been put into this situation but she soon does the right thing on telling the ceop police on what has happened to her and then you have her uncle who is around a lot as her dad is working a lot. Jade's uncle is always there for her , she can easily talk to him about anything so they have a great connection there. The characters in my script they can relate to my story line today in society of  what does happen in the world online. Hopefully the team of readers will think if they did see this I have put a lot of thought into my story and as well as the characters, camera angles etc . 

I have used actors/actresses from harry potter film so Malfoy , I have chosen him because in the harry potter films he brings this horrible , mean and I get what I want character. I thought he be well suited for this role to play Justine ass he can be mean manipulated character. I chosen Selena Gomez for the young girl Jade She pretty girl and she is young as well so I thought she could bring her acting side into this drama series. I did find an actual Ceop officer so I thought it be good because he has a lot of experience in dealing with  young girls like Jade who have been in a similar situation like hers , so I thought it be good to use someone professional in my drama.  My script relates to internet problems today as many young teenagers meet people online who they don't really know.The young girls are then put into a difficult situation , they don't know what to do when there put into a difficult situation like this. The young girls i'm sure would be distressed, hurt and upset on why they have been chosen for this outrageous thing into have sex. Some guys don't listen and they pressurize the young girls into having sex when they don't want to .Hopefully the team of readers will think my characters work well in my actors/actresses. If you explain why on your chosen actors then they will think you have thought in depth on what kind of characters you want to create which it shows I have done . 

 I think the team readers will look at this and think yes they will use it because it shows a a huge impact on the characters I have created. I have linked them well in the actors/actress who I want them to play. My script can relate to young people who have been in a situation like this and hopefully by showing a drama like this , the team readers will think this can help with people to show them that they can do something about this if they have been in a potion like this . Hopefully it will make them think twice so the ( antagonist) guys in society today, who have done this to young girls and hopefully it will make them think on their actions they have perused towards the young girls. I would hope it will make them more aware of what they are doing and how upsetting it is by a guy raping a girl.  It be good for the guy to see how distressful , hurt , upsetting it is by them seeing the real them on hurting young girls. I would hope it will make them stop doing this by seeing the true visual aspect of what a guy has done. The team readers will look at the correct format you have got it it and the write format of script so slug lines so the heading of the exterior , characters , dialogue and the description and camera angles . I have put all these things in except from the camera angles but the the description is in detail in what you do see in the scene . 

The BBC wants you to be as creative as you can as there is a lot of planning involve for writing on a script . You have to think about the environment , characters , story line , music , camera shots and more. The BBC have a website for anyone  if they are thinking about a career  in script writing .  If the If the person wants to be a scriptwriter and they  have the writers form of their own ideas which they just want to get out and they can send them their script. The BBC writers room website they can help with structure on how they can meet professional standards of becoming a scriptwriter. On the BBC writers room they have a writing process for them to help  them with the elements of what is expected of you when becoming a script writer . It can be a stressful thing of creating drafts , the ideas of developing it into a further final script. 

 I would say my script relates  to young people aged 15 - 18. You would see this happening more in this age rage of a young girl being put into this situation because there more vulnerable at this stage and the some guys get a thrill out of this by picking on these sort of people which I personally think is wrong . I have developed my idea further throughout my script on the content of the story and structure of how things happen , occur , and how situations like these can be sorted out.  I would say this drama would be shown after the after the water shed I would say eleven . I say this because the material in this story is very explicit in some scenes , they can be upsetting , distressful and disturbing to watch for young kids to watch; that's why we have the watershed so scenes like these are shown a lot later on after the 9pm watershed .  

How the script room works!!

They look for the best writes who have a development in their writing skills , this will show in their writing . They look a t the script to find out more on the story line and the characters . They look at person script and think they have a lot to deliver with the imaginative they have put into a a script . The BBC look at if they have real potential in the media industry of getting their work out there and broadcasted . If they think the script is worth publishing they will send it to the BBC department . The scrip needs to be strong so it meets high standards in what you are creating , it needs to have that strong visual aspect to it. They want to see your best draft of your script and then that can be showed to them . They are always wanting to find new form of scrips so something that hasn't been shown yet . I don't think anything of my script has been shown of TV not like the way I have created it in , I would say mine is different in a form of way with it's strong visual aspect look of the whole production . The BBC writers room will get professional standard people in to read the scrips. If your script is accepted in the second look of a another person they will notify the director for a full feedback in what they think of the script .



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