20 November 2011

Task 3 - Documentary Script Proposal !!

Documentary on Internet Safety -  On about how to protect yourself online how these problems of  the internet can be used in the wrong the manner. This documentary will tell you how to keep safe online with giving you information how to do so and how to stay safe online !!

Duration: 30 mins

Format: Documentary

Documentary is basically about an ongoing of Internet safety within the use of young people of how the internet can be misleading, dangerous, which you may have children using the internet and you might want to know how to protect your kids from danger and why your young kids shouldn’t give out information about themselfs to much online. Statistics data of online resources realting to internet saftey. Also a police from the CEOP Peter Davies of how they protect young children from dangerous sources or even people who can be harmful to young children and giving their view of how they protect their community environment with facts on CEOP police with figures that they can relate too. The documentary will give  Give you advice on anti bullying and overcoming any problems or if know you know of anyone that is being bullied online . Showing peoples own views of what they think of the internet as whole .


Will include a voice over of me what my documentary is about then introducing Pete Davies. After him  I will talk about his main role of a CEOP. I will show visual facts of how young children are protected in the safe guard in the result of  a CEOP. It will show how the result of how many arrest they have made in 2011-2012. It will also show results of how high the CEOP are trained with all the potential they put into their job,how they get people off the streets and how they protect the environment.  I will have key facts of people well teenagers that do use social networking sites, some use it for talking to friends but some people use it for another reason dating sites which can be used in the wrong form. Also with facts from children experiencing some form of bullying whether that is violence, or physical form of bullying with extreme with showing facts of the statement. Also form  of people hacking into people’s accounts and how to overcome these situations as people don't know how to resolve these problems so it be good for them to know. Content will include primary research that I did overtake by myself with my own research of finding out of what people think of how it is important to keep safe online just general questions related to internet safety and having their own opinion shared that can be different to other people, this will be sign of  a visual with diagrams .

Into -Structure!!

First structure of my documentary will be: having an opening sequence of my title Internet safety with images of that relating to keeping safe online in a four way grid with the title in the middle; so I will have the main writing in bold so it’s like the main focus of the documentary. At the start I will have a voice over of me introducing what my documentary is about and introducing my interviewee.  I will use my research background information of Pete Davies (CEOP) if I did  an interview  with him in person it would be a straight eyed view of him with the camera with cutaways. Cutaways are always good to explore a person's life in what he does that be good to show that. I would have his name at the bottom of the screen, then I’d ask him a few questions on of What is a CEOP what do they do to help the environment and how they keep young children safe, how he became a police CEOP of what that actually  involves, a bit of background on him and what his responsibilities are within the job.

 I will show the statistics of the job role of a CEOP with the job on how it protects young children in the safe guard of their responsibility of keeping young children safe within the environment. The number of arrest that have been made within the safeguard locking up people , so who have been caught or who have been wreck less with their lives also showing the statistics data with a blank page have a title of what is safeguarding because some people don’t know what it is and what’s it about? It be good for people to know what it is, with the facts coming up after with facts of bullying with percentage of adults and young people being fully physical abuse or has been in a extreme count of bullying in difficult circumstances.  I will use the  research background information about the CBBC about keeping safe info this can be headed with a title in bold capital letters across the middle of the page with the five rules but individual come up on screen with bold writing, but with pictures of each statement so it’s clear and very understanding of what not to do!

The next scene can be with my own primary research of other peoples opinion on how they keep safe online whether they think it is important to keep safe online or not, if they protect themselves online when it comes to social networking or online shopping and using statistics data; the data can be put in a graph of other peoples opinion about this and then it can pop up on screen with a slide affect with all the figures coming up just like it's being projected on a screen or note board type of way. The information on hackers  I will use on how to overcome someone getting into your account with key points in bold. this will be coming up on the screen where it is transitioned with the slides down with  a white background.

Then for the next scene we can have a Facebook site up with an interaction of  how to protect yourself and put your settings on friends not public, with it showing you how to do this and then blur it in the background.  I think this be good because some people may not know how to do this so it shows you a visual look on how to do this.Then the key points of why it is so important to keep protected online, and how to report something if you are being bullied; this will have a image of how to do it and this can be done with a slide away transition. I will have it so it is bullet pointed of the good points for people to keep protected and how to report stuff on these types of circumstances. Having these key facts of the social networking sites of people who don't know who they are really talking to, I think it will be quite interesting for people to see the figures of these personal information giving to someone they don't know ;It may make them think twice of doing so when watching this documentary .If  I was interviewing these people I will have a close up of the people talking about their own views of the internet. Close ups are good for getting the real feel in peoples expression to capture the facial emotions. Thanks for watching that comes in from the back with a smiley face zoomed in.


In conclusion I think overall of the information I have researched into is pretty big with a lot of research, with primary and secondary research into the subject Internet Safety.  I think this will sustain a documentary, as it has the key facts on Internet safety, statistics , background info on a man working as a CEOP police, info on Internet how to stay safe online, with using qualitative research with peoples opinion on how they feel about keeping safe be good to hear and how to keep protected online. I will add transitions to the documentary to give it that fun factor to it. Overall I think the information will come across to people with the use of key information, diagrams, statistics data that will help people today with keeping safe online today. Hopefully it will help people think twice about talking to people  who they don't know and to be careful in what they say especially on your profile.  It will help people what to do if there in a difficult situation or if there being bullied it will give the information how to do something about giving advice, support for people out there and how to be protected and how to stay safe online .

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