17 November 2011

Interview - DOS and DONTS !!

Notes-Interview Techniques

-How important is it to have a good interview techniques and why?
-Later on within the media course we will be needing interview techniques to
          do our FMP (Final Major Project).
        -Applying for Uni or Job requires a interview, to create a good impression
          of yourself.

NOTEIf you done a interview with someone before they would become a contact for life. That's if you created a good impression.

Do-Speak clearly
-Be interested in what your interviewee is saying.
-Have good posture
-Keep eye contact
-Keep topic relevant.
-Do background research.
-Have confidence

Don't-Don't look at the camera
-Don't be aggressive-use foul language
-Don't make assumption about your interviewee
-Don't have hidden agender
-Don't mumble
-Don't fidget

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