27 November 2011

Research - into Avatar !!

The research I have looked into is how they actually made the characters and their costume of a living unknown creature, how they created the world of Pandora , how they made the creatures , how long it took for them to do and my own opinion about the movie .

 What they did was : they made the skin which they mixed to create the affects of the skin which was a piece of rubber which they use to age the skin to turn it into this specie with the additional features so the eyes, mouth , ears. The  Nazi avatar is twice as big as a normal human being , they eyes of Nazi is twice as big too and is spaced further apart from each other . The Nazi have longer necks , different shape ears , they have different bones and structures so for e.g their 3 handed hands . They also wear these bodysuits with all the wires attached to them . But they have a camera on top which captures their emotions , movemments ,facial expressions which is computer generated into the system and you can actually see how it will actually look in the movie by looking on the lcd screen to see what it will look like .

How they did this ?
The CGI characters where this body suit , they use the rubber which is their skin so translucent skin which behaves in the same way as a normal human being skin , they put blue make up on them with like the dots and spots and etc with White face paint . The emotions they showned were all caught on camera which they had attached to them with their body suit they were wearing . The emotions they showed would capture it onto their camera which they would show the computer of their animation specie of them as avatar of their facial emotion expression.

How long did it take for them to make avatar ?

It took them 12 years for them to make avatar , due to getting the right equipment to fetch up James Camerons creation and ideas because he wanted to make avatar into a 3d animation movie but they didn't have the right equipment to do so . But now they have the high definition cameras which can capture the scenes in 3d . But as you can see it was well worth the wait . High definition cameras to film in 3d animation movie now .

How did they create the Pandora ??
They created the Pandora by getting material and sawing it down , by creating the space of the army base of their area . They did use the green screen for parts of it to create the Pandora set so for eg they would use like props so like the helicopter of it flying with the use of the green screen . For these scenes they needed use a virtual camera which captures these scenes The best purpose of using this type of camera it to get the best part of the action with the use of different height angles .

They had to have training done to fly the helicopter,  some of them didn't know how to fly it ,the use of weapons they needed training involve because they didn't know how to use them, one of the team had to show them how to use them properly.

 They used special effects to create the bombing and the fire with the big explosives to make it seem so real . They also created the set with all the trees for like the forest set area .For the creatures they used these wire modle of creating it into a creature . The director uses this to create the creature actually flying with moving it around on set . The system will recognize it IN the computer system . Then it's all computer generated in to the system you can actually see what it will look like on the lcd screen. They did use the actors to create the movement of how the creature will move in the movie . The actors would have to do all the flip backs in the right timing to get it right.  It did take time to do all this with allot of training and creating the idea how they were going to proceed to do this . They also used a manual operating gimble which the actors can balance on to get the right balance and the movements of the creature flying just like in the moving with the CGI actors on the top .

What I liked about avatar is that is was really good , how they created the characters so avatars is really cool how they made them twice as big into this avatar well (9 foot tall) .  The make up is so cool ,  the blue make up . Jake is a normal person which goes into this world with becoming a Nazi avatar. The Pandora is really good how they created it with the use of green screen and having all the props , set props and making the base of army. It's so good how they made it into animation of it and how they created these characters in the computer and generated them as real avatar in the world of Pandora .  How they created the creatures in avatar as well as the actors like actually flying in the world of Pandora was extremely good, then which is generated into the computer which picks up their emotions is really good as you can see see their facial epressions and emotins on screen , you can see what it will actually look like which is really good . No wonder why it took 12 years to fil but it was worth waiting for with the 3d cameras which are so cool . Making into an animation and hows it's all computer generated it's so cool how they do it . James Camerons creation was good I liked the ideas that he brought to our screens it was a very creative idea of what he came up with .

I did like the story line of Jake taking over his brothers footsteps of taking the mission of Pandora after his brother been killed . Then Jake turning into this Nazi avatar really tall compared to a human which was brill and their tails are pretty cool . Then Jake enters the world of Pandora , of this whole new experience of living the Nazi life . Jake falls in love with another Nazi avatar called  Neytiri they get an army together to save their world as Conal Quarich makes his move in bombing and destroying the world of Pandora the epic battle takes amends which Jake and Neytiri try and save it which they do in the end but the world of Pandora is still ruined by the army taking forceful action . This shows a good epic battle of how Jake overcomes how he is going to save the world of Pandora , he falls in love which is always good and he saves Pandora . The special effects were really cool how they made it so real just like in an action pack movie with the bombing , distruption , battling was really goo for this type of film .

Why is it so popular ??
. Of it's visual technique
. The wild life ,
. The landscape ,
. The colours ,
The creatures ,
. Mind blowing
. Characters are good and bad compelling  which makes it good for an action pack animation movie .
. Its good that it's a love story .
Plus its a war story as well with all the disasters happening .
People think it's a good story line that James Cameron came up with .
. Good soundtrack of James Horner .
. James Cameron won award at the Hollywood awards -  golden globe award for the best dramatic picture and best director .






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