20 November 2011

Bad ponts of an interview !!

The interview I have watched is super bad this interview went terribly wrong!!

Bad Points :!!
 - Michael (Evan in the film) was stuttering in what he was saying not good
- Michael (Evan in the film) was fidgeting with his hands- this can show that he was nervous

- The interviewer (Egar Wright) was going of subject, he was talking about another film which had nothing to do with their movie.

- The interviewer (Egar Wright) was being negative about them with saying "what you going to do when your life is over in about 3 months?" - That is out of order why would you say that about someone’s career .

- The interviewee(Egar Wright) is using bad language now as the interviewer is making assumption about their life no wonder he is getting annoyed.

- But you SHOULDN'T use bad language in an interview it doesn't set a good example for the audience who may be watching this.

- One of the interviewee (Jonah) Seth in the film is setting a bad example of them as a person and their movie .

- People may think different of (Jonah) Seth in the fim in what they thought before.

- Now the interviewer (Egnar Wright) is making a remark of him being skinny and how other people can be funny in the film then him .This is out of order making a remark of him and comparing him to someone else that is wrong to ask and plus that is bit personal info there and way out of line .

- The interviewer (Egnar Wright) is now laughing at them and think it’s funny upsetting them and making sly comments about them You shouldn't do this it makes the interviewer seemed to be a nasty evil guy who taking the piss out of them and their characters in the movie . They should not being doing this as he has no right in saying this at all.

- Now one of the interviewees same one (Jonah) Seth in the film is using fowl language now to knock the interviewer out, he’s trying to sell the movie and he’s being an idiot and ruin things for them and laughing at both of them in their faces (the interviewer). That is not nice at all!! Joe has just hit the interviewer guy =/ and he has just walked out because he’s getting fed up with him now and making assumptions about him not being attracted. That is way over the mark saying that to someone it makes them feel shit about themselves and especially making that very opinionated of him !!

The other guy Seth in the film  doesn't seem that confident he doesn't know what to say to the interviewer he’s not giving him eye contact he’s looking away like he’s in his own little world.

 The interviewer (EgnarWright) seems like he wants to make their life hell when doing this interview, it’s like he wants to ruin them.

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