7 November 2011

Group - Writing a report on children drinking from a young age !!

In our groups we had to write a report to the class on our chosen topic which we were giving . We had to decide on who was going to be  the researcher and who was going to be witnessess. Andrew chose to be the researcher , so he had to research more into our topic which was about children drinking from a young age and me and Georgie was the witnessess. What we had to do is think of being a character so for e.g  a doctor who shares her own opinion about children drinking with all the key facts  and why it's bad for children from a young age drinking . This is what Georgie character was being a doctor and giving her own opinion on the subject . Me I was a mum who has a 12 year old son who lets her child drink from a very young age who gives her own opinion on why she doesn't think it's wrong to giver her child alcohol .

This is what I said :

"Hi i'm Stacey Mckenzie , I am a mum and I do buy alcohol for my 12 year old son." " I don't let him go out side on the streets drinking , I just let him drink at home where he's not bothering anyone". "I don't think theres anything wrong with that as long as he's not causing trouble." "Children drinking in my eyes is okeay because there not harming anyone around them if there just sat at home drinking."  "My child Danny is not a bad kid , hes a normal boy who enjoys life and is extremely active." " But he does have his moments but doesn't everyone"? "So a drink makes him calm down and he is soon back to himself ." "Danny has about three cans of beer a week, Which isn't that bad I think.""You may think I am a bad parent giving my son alcohol" . "But at the end of they day he's not harming anyone around him just having quiet few drinks only during the week which is hardely a crime" . I'm a good mum to my kid and I love him to bits and I would never put him at risk as he's my own flesh and blood ."

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