20 November 2011

A new Production Diary =/

So now apparently we are re filming and starting from scratch now =/. I kind of see why because the day we filmed at Lee on Solent the weather was pretty bad especially with that wind. When you went back over the footage you couldn’t hear what we were saying, it was really bad. But I did sort out the sounding for it by sorting out the audio levels out by making it lower ,which I thought was alright the footage to be honest with you. We had some good cut a ways I got told and it was good. But the rest of them didn’t think so. When I got back to college due with not being well. I had found out that the editing had gone, so i don't know if it was my group or not or if someonelse been on it and ruined it.  I spent my time on that. I did do most of the editing ha ha I enjoy editing ha ha . It was all disrupted with other stuff which they obviously had mucked it up by pressing buttons as they don't really know how to use adobe premier. But I did show them how to but I don't think they were that interested in learning so no offence though. But the editing was all gone , but last time I was in the editing on premire was all there so I don't know. They discussed about starting a new children’s drama,

Starting again!!

They approached be about doing a new children’s drama by scraping the old one which they already did. They were telling me there new idea of still being pirates but getting rid of the aliens from our children’s drama. So basically it’s about these pirates who are looking for treasure but they hear someone in the forest and the pirate go into the forest and goes and investigates the noises from the bushes. Then one of the pirates finds it’s a boy who has got lost in the woods but he has runaway because he has been horrible to his friends. Then the child wants us to help him and the child wishes that he can turn back time to undo this mess of his. Then the pirates helps him out with his situation and tells him that he’s got to be nice not horrible so it relates to children of how being nice to people gets you somewhere in life. But being horrible is not really nice to be that person. So the boy gives the pirates these sweets that are kinda like treasure. The pirates give the boy this device which makes you change the past well undo things that you want to change. So the boy helps them out by the boy being a nicer person and giving them the treasure and then the pirates will help the boy out as he goes back in time and the pirates end back on the beach.

The only thing I worry about is that we haven't got long to get all the filming done now by redoing it all and then we got editing to do which may take a little bit of time. People think editing is so simple but when you think about it okeay it is easy but when you have to put all of the footage on well finding it first on the hard drive, then renaming the files, then putting it into order, then cutaway bits, then put the sound (audio) but finding the right audio which will work with our children’s drama. Also doing a sequence title so it's just going to be a bit like rushing it to get it done. Problems occur when editing like the computer freezing all the time, footage, then using after affects I can see it all going wrong in a way. I just wished that they didn’t get rid of my editing bit of the old drama we could have used that and progressed with it.

The characters!! - Settings!!

I'm still a pirate but I’m now going to be Shipmate, Instead of Georgia being the captain Parrotless we have Claudia now as the Captain are told well instructions from the Captain. The Captain can get fire headed easily and annoyed if the pirates’ aren’t doing what they We still have awaiting replies from Georgie friend to be one of the actors Joe as one of the pirates who a bit loving warmth to animals he sees along the way within his character. The setting where were filming is now at Netley Beach. Then we have Kenny as the lost boy but I don’t who that is yet so.... but his character where he’s quite a spud boy who can be a bit funny in what he says. He is a lost boy and he is upset as he has been horrible to all of his friends’ just feels really down but soon cherks up!!

Problems did occur for this =/
. We arranged to film on the day wen we arranged , but then my group wanted me to pick up the camera in the morning and not meet them till half twelve . They were not going to come up in because they were going to take the morning off , but that's bit unfair when I had to come in early they just take morning off, it doesn't work like that so yea . But then they did come in in the end after a while of txts . Then things did happen in the group , with people having a go like at me as i was the bad guy but i wasn't in the wrong though so I Don't know how that worked . Then they went of filming , but I didn't know about it so that was messed up a bit so yea . I had everything with me to go and shoot but problems occured in that bit. So then the group was a bit off for bit . But then we sorted it out with each other but were all good now so yea =)

Editing !!
I looked at the footage they did over at Netley , It was good but it just had the same shot (mid shot for each which doesn't really look that good . It's better to use a variety of shots because it looks so much better and interesting to watch . I like the first shot of them on the beach as it was long shot of the beach in the background, it gives that nice scale shot of the background and them in shot. The next shot I thought was really good of Kirean , Claudia , Shannon where they have used adobe after effects to create the affect of them struggling with the map with the the flashing striking affects of them moving that was good with the affect they used . They had mid shot of them arrving on the beach dancing in a form of way which was funny , Kirean who starred in was a good actor I thought very good . Then you had a shot of them hearing something in the woods that they nay need their help, then you have the captian talking "the only thing thats goingto help me go on around here is helping me find by treasure. I used a Dip to white transition here, I thought it looked alright."Then they had a mid shot of them hearing something in the woods , then another mid shot of them in the woods being anxious of the help noises coming from the woods. Then you have another mid shot of Kenni who cracks up jokes on the pirates. Then him saying hes run away from his freinds because hes been horrible to them . Then you have another mid shot ofthe pirates telling him he should be niceto his freinds . Then you have Shipmate handing Kenni the device this is an overshouldr view but then a mid shot of kenni having the device. The transition I put in was a dissolve type thing of when Shipmate is giving the device to him so I thought a dissolve affect be good of it appearing in his hand . Then you have the 3 pirates saying something can't remember now this is a mid shot again then it dips to black at the end which I put in as they were heading back to the beach .  I did sort out al lthe audio levels because in some parts it was quite quiet and you couldn't hear what they were saying .They did use like a eerie sound for the forest to create the feeling of the uknown of whats in the foreset which was good to use for the forest scene .

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